Warner: These Corrupt Senators Want To ‘Cheat The American Public From The Results Of Our Election’

Warner: These Corrupt Senators Want To ‘Cheat The American Public From The Results Of Our Election’ 1


Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner expresses his concern over his 12 colleagues who say they will challenge the Electoral College certification. Aired on 1/4/2021.
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Warner: These Corrupt Senators Want To ‘Cheat The American Public From The Results Of Our Election’

46 Comments on "Warner: These Corrupt Senators Want To ‘Cheat The American Public From The Results Of Our Election’"

  1. Some of those retrumplicans were sworn in just yesterday. They took an oath, already planning to not keep it. Why bother.

  2. tRump has failed again in Georgia. Crazy.

  3. McConnell has been re-elected by the Kentucky voter. If you know anyone in Georgia and can help with getting the votes for Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock tomorrow January 5th, 2021! this is a the way to diminish the influence of Senator McConnell in the Senate! Pass the information out! Thanks!

  4. All so someone on tape breaking the law can stay president? America has died.. you had a good run but democracy never lasts

  5. Trump’s “audacity”. But, what about the audacity of all who let Trump off the hook from the impeachment? They’re just as guilty.


  7. We must remember the dirty dozen and end their political careers. We deserve way better.

  8. From England – wishing our American friends well at this difficult time.

  9. He should be convicted and his supporters, these are crimes and it´s time to do something about the corruption….enough is enough

  10. Donald Trump should be arrested when he arrives in Georgia!

  11. Its not “cheating”. Its sedition and its a criminal act. People need to stop acting like this is some kind of little game.
    Prison time for the GOP.


  13. those senators must be removed from office immediately and brought up on charges

  14. Trump, January 21: Lock him up!

  15. They should be ejected from the senate just like last time when this happened to Lincoln

  16. They all should be prosecuted for collaboration with a traitor.

  17. McConnell has supported the Russian invasion every step of the way. He’s a Putin puppet

  18. Diane Knowles | January 4, 2021 at 9:57 PM | Reply

    They need to be removed from office just like they did to the ones back when Lincoln was about to be sworn in

  19. This is stupidity justice is dead corrupt incompetent government runs wild

  20. The 12 Republicans Losers who took that Oath SHAME ON THEM

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