WARNING: Arrest made after DriveTest Centre assault in Kitchener, Ontario

Police say an arrest has been made after what they’re calling a hate-motivated incident in Kitchener.

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  1. I trust the Drive center employee is fired and spends a very long time behind bars. Please bureaucrats and politicians do not deal with this issues your normal way and let the criminal off with a slap on the wrist!!!!!

    1. @Carson what you’re seeing is one side of the story; attacking the woman was wrong. What did the ethnic woman do to cause such a reaction prior to turning on her phone? Open your eyes Carson lol lots of these ppl do this stuff for clout. 🐑🐑🐑

  2. Being rude is not a hate crime.
    If it were, a million immigrants would be charged by now.

    1. @Soda Light wrong. And we’re not settlers, we are pioneers. We built the country. You’re welcome.

  3. Karen’s just like to cause conflict in the community. No person needs to be discriminated against because of their ethnicity or background. We need to have more respect in the community.

    1. @jaundice japlin ha ha ha. So it’s okay to call them hillbillies? I’m not a fan of the concept of a hate crime. There really isn’t a place for that distinction in the legal system. A crime is just a crime. I think you virtue signal is showing. 🤣

    1. The girl switched her story 3 times about racism. and she had a camera in her face DEMANDING she not be racist. I would be mad and angry to if someone falsely accused me and held a camera in my face demanding me to respond to them.

  4. “That’s not on my permission”. Gives you an idea of the intelligence level that we’re dealing with here. Sorry she had to deal with that. Such a joke. Why onlookers don’t stand up to a greater extent is beyond me.

    1. I find it funny that on a video about an actual assault your concern is about a hypothetical event. What do you think that says about your way of thinking?

    2. Even if you did hear about the story it certainly wouldn’t be classified as ‘an act of hate’.

  5. OMG! I’d be angry as well if someone was in my face recording me. I probably would have walked away instead of grabbing her phone and throwing it back at her. Was that the assault with a weapon? So she made an offensive remark. No reason for arrest.

  6. I think it would be more fun to drive around and look for a happy story,i feel bad that the reporter had to cover this.she looks sad.

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