1. This system of policing is ineffective. Police needs to be disbanded and recreated.
      Look at the data and crimes stats… we are at a record high murders in Toronto… this style of policing is outdated and ineffective… DEFUND!

    1. They dont drop out, they are often having trophies on stands with plaques on walls, credentials in frames on display, and that’s what makes studying sociopaths so creepy even from a rural run down fixer upper sort’ve safe distance..

    2. Earthlings testosterone is the problem (males inferiority complex resentment). – Send Women-Police-Officers to deal with ‘street-stuff’ and cops-violence will never occure anymore (solved issue). male-Cops aren’t really useful at anything in that domain (best reassign them to municipality garbage collection services).

  1. That happens. I was 13 and tiny and without provocation, when i heard a running sound getting louder behind me as i stood still with a sore leg from a 10 day old leg surgery previously released from sick kids hospital in toronto, then i saw stars..clubbed and kicked, and the 5 of them all got away with it. The meanest sociopath in the bunch of em tried to get me to sign a false statement. If i wasnt so afraid at the time, i would’ve lawyered up, my neighbors friends and family saw the scars after what happened in east york’s 55 division area.

    1. Everyone i know from age 13 would say it happened, though my sociopathic right wing older brother who broke my nose at 17 and repeatedly punched me in the face at age 7 while in my bedroom as he kept whispering shut up to me at the same time, he’d probably say that he doesnt remember 5 cops clubbing and kicking me at age 13, and he would say that he wasn’t ripping me off for more than half my parkinsons/ms painful variant disability pension income for years until i moved 4 hours away from toronto to a rural rundown fixer upper. Times change eh.

  2. Maybe Mr Singh needs to have a breathalyzer test before entering parliament? Just saying. See Atlanta video showing Mr Brooks failing breathalyzer, refusing to lie down after being injected with 50000 volts right before police officer, as police is trailing Mr Brooks, exchanges taser from right to left hand proceeds to unholster sidearm (as he’s running mind you) and fire at Mr Brooks before Mr Brooks shot Police officer.

  3. We are in a new world now…. – where cameras act as credible witnesses and police can now no longer ‘get away’ with their abuses and crimes!

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