1. I’ve shaken swing bridges before and they never collapsed because I live in Canada 😂

      This is bad engineering, the victims aren’t at fault whatsoever.

    1. bridges should be built to withstand human shaking. Why don’t I build your house to the tolerance of this bridge and place 100% of the blame on you when it inevitably crushes you to death?

    1. @Wayne Johnson This bridge is not from the 21st century, I’m afraid. Either you need to complete your initial argument by ending it as “…it was 19th century British India” or accept that you’re raised in a proud racist household.

    2. @Aditya Raj “accept you’re raised in a proud racist household” 😂

      So criticizing another countries infrastructure is racist? 🤡

    3. @Wayne Johnson assuming it’s garbage solely because it was built by Indians is racist, yes. Which you did. Thanks for coming out as a bigot though, just another useless lump we can all safely ignore until you die and are forgotten in your irrelevance.

  1. Armies always break step to prevent bridges like this from collapsing. It looks like they tempted fate by bouncing on the bridge with enough of them in unisom until it broke.

    1. you understand nothing. modern bridge are built to withstand missiles and marching. bridges are meant to be incredibly strong. They should also undergo inspection on a regular basis. Those bridges you are referring to are temporary military logistics bridges.

    1. it does not look they put so much power in the resonant frequency. probably the steel of the cable bridge is very bad quality.

    1. But it is supposed to be designed to withstand strong winds and the elements. If it can’t withstand some bouncing, then the construction isn’t up to par.

  2. They were literally asking the bridge to break lol now they have learned a lesson not to test a structure, especially old ones. Kinda too late tho

  3. If this is how bridges are built in India, can you imagine the structural integrity of their other infrastructures.

    1. I know, considering the bridge was almost 150 years old, massively overloaded with idiots swinging on it then the rest of their infrastructure must be in immaculate condition.

  4. Did you say they shook the bridge ? Purposely? I am not sorry for human stupidity then … They should be charged with mischief and public endangering others life 😤😠

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