1. You make the person in a vehicle fear for their safety, and they are going to plough through you. Just because you are protesting doesn’t give you unlimited rights.

  2. So the van was stop 🛑 by protesters so they jump in front of the van to stop ✋ it ? If so I would not stop so they jump in front of a moving car and expected not to get hit.

  3. If this were unedited footage it would have spoke for its self. Why do we get 45 seconds of freeze frame and captions?

  4. It’s not real. 3 still photos in a row.
    No video except of a car driving down an empty rd.
    Easy peasy to fool fools

  5. I am offended by the background of music you chose for this clip. Where do I officially registered my offended feelings complaint?

  6. stupid video… couldn’t read the titling at the end because there were ads for other videos in they. How about wait till the content is done before advertising the next thing.

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