Warnock Outlines What's At Stake In Republican War On Democracy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Warnock Outlines What’s At Stake In Republican War On Democracy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock talks with Rachel Maddow about the new Georgia voting law and the broader fight to secure voting rights and democracy itself as Republicans across the United States use every means at their disposal to preserve their power. Aired on 03/27/2021.
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Warnock Outlines What's At Stake In Republican War On Democracy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. im starting to think trump was only the symptom….its just going to keep getting worse until we the people revolutionize…………..many will die either way

  1. voting shouldn’t be a test of endurance. its not a triathlon. criminalizing handing out water or food??? ridiculous

    1. @Brent Foster Correct. In addition the Republicans gerrymandered control of Gwinnett County which is overwhelmingly DEMOCRAT.

    2. @TheMysteriousGamers Show me just one Republican who waited more than an hour in line…just one!

    3. Lol if that’s what was actually put in the bill. You’re totally misreading and cherry picking and turning it into what it’s not.

  2. Two felonies for knocking on the governor’s door. That changes things for the Jan 6 insurrectionists. Deaths, destruction of government property, illegal assembly, threats to government officials. Knocking on a door while black and a Democrat?

    1. @Mario Puzo opps my bad grammar queen but can you comprehend or do I need to spell that out for you

    2. Yes…as bad as that dad getting arrested and detained for calling his fourteen year old daughter ‘she’ and then speaking against the court ordering she can start medically transitioning without his consent as a parent…crazy legal system huh…

  3. “There is a power greater than the machinations those people trying to use their office to silence the people.” Hope he is referring to activists and senators not just beliefs and prayers.

    1. He’s speaking of a higher power that lives within us all. David and Goliath is what’s going on here.

  4. Georgia voters should just shut the whole state down on every election day don’t go to work go vote and how fast corporations get behind voting rights

    1. Stop buying their goods. Especially the goods that come from Georgia businesses that support republican government officials. Starve them out. Buy from anywhere else. Your local businesses that you know support democracy and are against voter suppression. Give everyone on line a wagon with water and food. They said they cannot bring it to you. Not that you can’t bring your own. Sue the state’s electoral board for more voting machines to reduce the lines to vote. You attack them where they’ve never been challenged before.

    2. @Big D What they need are lawsuits to challenge the constitutional aspects of this legislation. They need to request a stay based on that fact. And then boycott every republican businesses that supports this amendment. But hit them in their pockets. The big boys may hold out. But the middle and bottom should be made suffer financially. Black people educate yourselves on who you support financially. They rely on the poorest people of the electorate to sustain the top percentage.

  5. As a high income couples that pay our taxes, when choosing places to live we would NEVER live or visit Georgia. What a crap policy from a crap governor!

    1. Georgia is a beautiful state with warm, wonderful people.
      It’s the politicians who are crap.
      If the people of Georgia were as hateful as the politicians in Georgia, these racist rules wouldn’t be put in place, because the politicians would be secure in the knowledge that the people would vote like they want them to.
      I wouldn’t write Georgia off. Look how they came through in the presidential and senatorial elections.

    2. @grannypantsification I appreciate the optimism but that was before they rigged it lmao now we need to see if warnock n oss can win an uphill battle

  6. Warnock is a breath of fresh air. I’m a white ex-Texan 66 yr. old female that lives in CA since 1989; can’t believe this crap is happening! He’s so right! If it’s not happening to you now, it could happen to you – any of you- at any time! Georgia needs to stand up! & fight this! All Americans need to fight this!

    1. @Redskin Ridah Where do you get this sh_t? He is not anti-American and he is not a wife beater either – I researched the incident with his ex-wife – no injuries and no charges. Stop spreading lies.

    2. If the Fascist Scum treated people with equity and justice then people would support them. How many billions of dollars do you need to feel secure? The Scum in power are turning America into Putins Russia.

  7. Voter suppression has been going on for a hundred 25 years. I was in college when the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was made law. The Arc of righteousness is not long it’s unending. When the downtrodden in America finally lose all patience this is not going to end well.

    1. Now the politicians are choosing the politicians and the voters get played. If voters can’t see that, they get what they deserve. Nothing is wrong with democracy. Something is very wrong with the people trying to end it.

    1. She didn’t go there with the intent of getting arrested. She simply went there to talk, and the governor had her arrested. I won’t speculate about his motives, but those deputies were definitely under orders that no one gets through that door. She didn’t go there expecting to be brave, but she left with more dignity in my opinion than was expressed by that vile governor. Yes, she is a hero, in every sense of the word.

  8. Ive been looking at the u.s.a. from the outside for a few years now and seen some unbelievable disgusting actions by the republicans but this is right up there.

    1. @Princess Lea pure racism. Between the way native Americans have been treated, the Chinese railroad builders, slavery (im British so cant say my country’s history’s perfect) in medieval Britain a Knight of the realm’s first duty was to harrass the peasants. Now to be knighted is supposed to be an honour. Its always been a world of the havs and the have nots

    2. @Princess Lea people need to come together and show these RACIST, LYING, CHEATING, REPUGNIKKKANS and their base need to see what the world is seeing. Let’s hope COVID19 decreases their party.

    3. @Jesse Bianchi The current GOP is dying, the fact that their response to loosing is to try and stop people voting is proof of that.They are kept alive by gerrymandering, the apportionment of senators in small states and the electoral college that results in half a dozen states deciding who will be President and the ridiculous filibuster rule. The US is a deeply flawed democracy.

    4. @Hika Reti the gop has given the Nation a wakeup call with their complicity in this treason.
      the enemy is among us.
      never forget, watch each other’s backs and don’t give them another chance.
      it seems we have a bit of rethinking and restructuring ahead..

    1. @Brenda Guzzo I don’t care what people think about me, is better they worry what I think about them. I do my good deed , I pay my taxes, so you have food stamps.

    2. @Edgardo Rosa I worked 38 yearS and now volunteer. How dare you say I am on food stamps. You sound like an immigrant to america with that name. That’s ok we share here!

  9. Reminiscent of the 1960’s when young black peaceful protesters were met with fire hoses and police dogs. We haven’t forgotten.

  10. I want to believe one person / one vote will be fought for in every state. Watching Georgia to see if they will fight this Jim Crow attempt and stay real.


  12. When conservatives realize they can’t win democratically they will not abandon conservatism they will destroy democracy-David Flam speech writer for Bush

    1. The Democrats have called Larry Elder and Candice Owens , Terry Crews, lil waynes , Kayne West, Ice Cube white supremacists

  13. He speaks with such intelligence. A marked contrast from what you hear coming from those on the other side of the aisle.

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