Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Election, NBC News Projects | MSNBC 1

Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Election, NBC News Projects | MSNBC


NBC News has projected a win for Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock in the race for one of Georgia's Senate seats, as he defeats GOP Sen. David Perdue. The Senate runoff between Jon Ossoff and incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler remains too close to call. Aired on 1/6/2021.
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Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Election, NBC News Projects | MSNBC


    1. @Xyz Xyz You understand right now that you are rebuking me right now? Am I saying that it’s unwarranted or not christian like to do so? No. Am I attacking you and claiming your not a christian? No. So how can you continue this without being a hypocrite?

    2. @A Testimony Of Truth That’s not how it works. You don’t get to acknowledge your own sin & then judge others. It’s easy to point other peoples flaws out but not easy to accept it when others point out yours.

    3. @Xyz Xyz John 7:24. We are called to judge. Its important to weigh out our judgements and not be hypocritical. If I am ignorant on something and someone points it out… I search for the truth. I expect you to do the same

    4. @Macio Jones if this country cared about people it would reopen and let them return to working for a living rather than relying on government giving them money.

    1. @Test Test I was being drastically sarcastic LOL how y out couldn’t pick that up sarcasm was my point

    2. @Test Test no I wasn’t going to say you can’t type we all have thoughts in our head go to type and phones love to auto correct incorrectly it happens no need to be super defensive

    3. @Sid The sloth dude I’ve lived through this virus in 2 separate countries. It has killed over 1,000,000 people world wide. That isn’t a small death rate.

      I was in wuhan at the time this virus started I’ve physically SEEN trucks full of cremated ashes being hauled away.

      I’ve seen and warned people about this virus for the entire year. This is no “little virus”. Also the spanish flu had a mortality rate of 2.5% and you know how many people that one killed? Over 15 million. Just because it’s a smallish number doesn’t mean it’s not deadly, it means that out of 100 people x amount would die. 7.5% is rediculously high in terms of virus mortality rates

  1. It’s like I said weeks ago, idk why Mcconnell wanting to be the bad guy seemed like a smart idea to him…. then again it’s hard to understand the thoughts of turtles.

    1. @Illegal Eagle Pelosi wanted to wait until after the election. She “made up” for screwing the public for several months by tossing another cent once the public caught her saying that half a cent was fine after saying that a full cent was too little for corporations. Both parties are run by snakes.

  2. Really, after learnt about pandemic Loeffler lied to American people, sold her stock. Surprised me there are still 49% Goergian voted for her.

    1. @Check This Out Mitch McConnells wife is freaking Chinese (Taiwan) and Republicans, every time they get elected keep giving her a secretary government position, Not Democrats, Bush gave her Department of Labor, Trump gave her Department of Transportation,

      SO, do me a favor and drop the “CCP” nonsense when it’s your own party that has been dragging around McConnells CCP sugar momma for the last two decades every chance they get.

      That’s just reality, my own personal thoughts, and I give it to you at no charge. By the way, we seem to be running a surplus recently on safe spaces and coloring books, the left don’t need them anymore, If you’re interested, I’m sure we could get you a great deal!

    2. The power of propaganda. Trump back in the day said that if he would run for president he would run as a republican because their voters r more gullible

    3. What about “classified” is so hard for you to understand? Today’s average American is not intelligent enough to know things in the government. Spouting off classified information is TREASONOUS. Would not have made one bit of difference in the disease stuff if you have known it before it even got here. You are powerless to fight a virus you can’t see. What did you want? Someone to put on a Superman cape and jump in front of it? Stop this stupidity about “she knew it before we did”. SO?


    2. boscoblack: Because everyone who rolls their sleeves up must be some sort of monster. As if election statistics has anything to do with stocks and bonds. Absurd.

    1. I was the sacrifiicial turtle since the beginning. There are many more reptitlians to be dealt with

    1. @My Business Hmm, I didn’t know getting 3,520,000 black votes and then getting 9,000,000 black votes was a little change when 44 million people in America are black.

    1. Back to business as usual and the elite ruling class to run things via their Democrat vehicle. Trump was the closest thing to a 3rd party president was will ever have. The two main parties are both run by the same group and we all fall for it at the polls….

    2. @Red Beard This is true. We need to push hard to repeal Citizen’s United. To audit the Federal Reserve. To work to reverse the income inequality that has grown over the last few decades. This is a win though, progressives are much more likely to do any of this than the Republicans.

    3. @David Schwab they’re both equally as unlikely to do anything other than start foreign wars and cause trouble. Democrats are arguably worse than Republicans, because at least most of the republicans won’t stick their hands in your personal rights like guns and such

    1. @Nonya Biz no that trump came up with the 2k or that there was election fraud. Both are factually incorrect

    2. @Grinch McCONall So tell me something Agent truth, why didn’t democrats pass a bill for $2,000 and let American’s think “Grinch McConnel” was the enemy? It was only until Trump thought to veto the bill did they start talking about $2,000 again.
      Attempt failed!

      Democrats nor Republicans really care about the people. It will be business and lobbyists as usual always. Jeff Bezos got 13 BILLION dollars richer in ONE DAY from this Pandemic… Don’t forget that.

    3. @Michael 534 oh that russian cynicism disinformation campaign isn’t working, champ. The holes that have been exposed will be patched up and democracy will be stronger than it ever was.

    4. @Grinch McCONall Hmm no context in your reply. Then I will take that as you don’t really have a response. Would you like to add some Ad-hominem to end our convo sir?

    1. Do you understand what will happen cause of this? If you do please explain the outcome? Not your $2000 check but what else is coming

    2. @Jasonups5 I understand democracy will be saved and we will get 2,000 dollars from people that actually care about the people. Not con men who want to use it to create Putin style totalitarian rule over the US

    1. @al Rodriguez good for you. Don’t be like Trump supporters – read often and your English will get better.

    2. @Sailing Green Turtle our bad, actual turtles are way cool – beltway swine in an expensive suit pretending to be a turtle is not cool.

    3. Tom Balthis lmao look at any video of trump prior to 2015 and he is pro choice. Such a tool you are, feeble-minded just like your Cheeto you are idolizing.

      Have you no idea what politics for the right are? Do as I say not as I do. As long as bad man who supports women’s right isn’t president, you’re Ok with totally doing away with all rationale and morals?

      Oh you are a fine christian! They could have used that type during the crusades when they were marching through parts of the Middle East cutting the noses and ears off of Muslims. Also pretty sure this is the reason they still hate us today in some parts of the Muslim world.

      It’s hard to get over acts of terrorism or great tragedy, we still talk about WW2 as if it were yesterday. I’ll explain it it simple terms that you may be able to get through the thickness of your skull. You seem like the type to need everything spoon fed to them.

    1. @JRLM Its not a ‘republican vs democrat’ thing in Georgia anymore. Even Trump doesn’t want Loeffer or McConnell. That should tell you something.

  3. Trump: Makes fun of Georgia for counting the votes and making democrats win

    Georgia: *Wanna see me do it again*

  4. I am quietly pleased, even though we live in New Orleans..no matter where the Good Guys are, it’s still a win.

    1. I kept thinking last night who would win the senate election (I had a strong feeling for democrats) when I woke up and saw the Warnock won, I was really happy

  5. Do YOU not know, that “PERDUE” is a French word
    eaning “LOST” – and
    that is what just happened today, january 6th 2021, to DAVID PERDUE in Georgia!

  6. I need to express to all senator’s IT WAS ALL THE NEGATIVE FEELINGS AND B.S. AGAINST DEMOGRACY .that made you loose and PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER.

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