Warrant For Giuliani Search First Sought During Trump Administration | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Warrant For Giuliani Search First Sought During Trump Administration | MTP Daily | MSNBC


The Department of Justice request for search warrant for Giuliani during the Trump administration met with rejection at 'highest level'
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    1. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! yet they never seem to be able to show these things to judges? crazy how that works.

    2. What’s the difference between a Democrat and a pizza?
      A pizza can feed a family of four…

  1. “I met him a couple of times, I wish him well”. Perhaps I give Trump too much credit, we all know that the best he can muster is “person, woman, man, camera, TV”

    1. Trump will inevitably begin his I don’t know him too well when asked about Rudy. That is, of course, only if Hannity ever asks him because getting on any other outlet it would be the first question.

    2. Too bad…Rudi Giuliani was the best mayor New York ever had… You’d think Liberals would show some grattitude for cleaning up their mess, but no, these people are so petty all they want is revenge for being outperformed as usual… Leftism is truly the creed of envy…

    3. @Black Lies Matter You must have had enjoyed his stop and frisk policy. Too bad it never made it to the coke head upper Manhattan. Oh and those jacked up phones he distributed to city workers. A company he had financial interest in.

    1. He’ll get protective and will likely ask for it. Really, any prison they send these traitors to will be far cushier than any of the prisons THEY, esp Rudy, sent people to.

    2. @Black Lies Matter You do know that Guiliani made his name putting away mob bosses. Are you accusing the other commenter of being in the Mafia?

  2. Since he won’t be able to get his high-quality hair dye in prison, he can simply scoop out Doo-dooliani out of the toilet–the same place he’ll be making his wine.

  3. When federal agents raided Rudy’s apartment he was so freaked out his hair dye melted all over his face.

    1. How’s the Mueller investigation going? 
      Quid Pro Quo?
      Impeachment attempt #1?
      Impeachment attempt #2?

    2. @Josef Jerbils
      Did you read that on the Q or decipher it from Alien Crop Circles.

      Better watch out MAGAtard, we’ll send the Shapeshifting Lizard Aliens over with the Chemtrails

  4. Hey remember that time Giuliani did that weird interview where he basically said trump won’t turn on him because he had too much dirt on him? Or how about the other weird interview where he said he would save Ivanka but Jared was on his own? I always wondered why he said that.

    1. I haven’t worn a mask since this scamdemic started and my State stopped masking months ago! Ha, ha! SUCKER!!! You’ve been fooled!

    1. Too bad our justice system is too corrupt to prosecute Joe Biden for using a Chinese biological attack to steal the election… Our government is truly corrupt beyond repair…

    2. Biden didn’t steal an election and China didn’t use Covid as a biological weapon to steal the election.

  5. Since he was aware of an attempt to get a search warrant months ago, If he has any brains there will be nothing to find.

  6. It is truly a shame. Giullani’s ‘Leadership’ book was a such a huge blueprint when i started out in my career to see it all come to this is very sad tbh

  7. CRYSTAL BALL — But your Honor, how can I defend myself when they took my stuff? Oh that… that’s not mine!

  8. Stay tuned for the Hollywood Blockbuster “From Hero to Zero in 4 Years” coming to your TV this summer.

    1. 9.8 million viewers for the Academy Awards this year… Down 75% in three years… Hollywood is dead…

    2. @Justin Credible I’ve been waiting for four years for Mueller to put Trump in prison… Don’t hold your breath…

  9. Somewhere deep in the ocean, the Kraken is putting on a tux, getting ready for its big day to finally be released!

  10. Friendly reminder that Rudy was the head of Cybersecurity firm when he had to go to the Apple store because he had mistakenly locked himself out of his own phone!

  11. Upon finding out that his apartment was raided Rudi immediately called The four seasons landscaping and parking lot attorneys! He wants to be well represented at his trial!

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