Warren apologizes after perceived slight against Harris in interview

A local Boston radio interview with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) infuriated many in Vice President Kamala Harris' circle. To them, it's the latest snub of the vice president by a fellow Democrat. CNN senior reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere has more. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. @Chuck Taylor Bwwwahaha. Another cheesy one liner? On free public social media. Ah well. Senator Warren still extremely powerful. In affecting your existence. For decades to come. Im good. 🤣🤣

    2. ​@Alpha Omega Elizabeth Warren applied to Penn and Harvard, she checked the box claiming she was Native American, So you and Pocahontas can take a ……….lol

  1. Warren, so, just politics.

    Anyone ever asks them to be their “running mate”, just say no.

    Ships go up and ships go down. Certain creatures always seem to be in a constant state of fight or flight, in these kinds of conditions.

  2. I think they both need to apologize to us as the American people step down and walk away gracefully

  3. I know a group of people (not extreme either way) that refused to vote for POTUS because they couldn’t imagine her as POTUS if something happened to Joe…I’m also one of those people…he would do himself well if he got rid of her and put a more reasonable partner in our WH…she was a horrible pick…he had much better choices and I believe he picked her because of her relationship./friendship with Beau

  4. I have NO problem with Kamala. It seems to me that the only “problem” is that she’s a woman in a position of extreme power, and many people are uncomfortable with that.

    1. @Jeremy Allen WOW!!!

      In Hamlet, there is a line: “The lady doth protest TOO much!”

      I made a simple comment without anger or accusation; you respond with seething scorn and insults that were totally unnecessary. Foaming at the mouth like that, outs you as having no defensible position! If you have to attack anyone like that without provocation, it just shows you have no leg to stand on.

      Go to your room and play with your toys.

  5. Conservative women: gdp, economy, employment, opportunity
    *democrat women:* I’m a 1/1000 native American weeeeeeee RACISM

    1. Name one bill that a conservative (let alone a conservative woman) in congress that addresses employment, or economis issues in any defensible way. What they care about is restricting voting, denying healthcare, rewriting history, & defending insurectionists.

  6. This is one lady that gives me the Creeps
    but I have to agree with her here. She knows exactly what she meant.

  7. The commentator implies that she hasn’t called back because she is angry. Perhaps she is distracted by something and it has nothing to do with the Senator. I admire both women.

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