Warren: Democrats’ Spending Plan Is ‘A Lot Of Money’ But Necessary 1

Warren: Democrats’ Spending Plan Is ‘A Lot Of Money’ But Necessary


NBC News' Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill as Senate Democrats meet with President Biden to discuss the proposed spending plan. 
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  1. What was not allowed to move in the Obama years, the ignoring by the Dumpus Admin of the needs of American Infrastructure, now the money is desparately needed. Look at McConnells Kentucky with water that no one can drink! ( and Mitch doesn’t care) Cancun Cruzs Texas with a failing Power Grid.(Teddy cares even less than Mitch) it will be alot of money needed

    1. @ Wilfried Hölscher

      Obama, did what he wanted to do”
      Look it all up.

      The Green Deal under his Terms; that all went Bankrupt overnight.

      Drone’s two Hospitals killing Hundreds of innocent people”

      Armed East Libya, and they went killing thousands of innocent people while saying thank you Obama”

      Also, don’t forget about: Operation Fast and Furious“ he and he alone against the words of others not to” let guns of all kinds into Mexico, as well the City-streets.

      I can keep going if you, like.

      Obama, just like Hillary, and Biden and Harris all made out like bandits with our money.

  2. Unlike Republicans spending trillions on tax breaks for top 1 percent. This may help people who need it.

    1. @ Joe Veitch

      I like to know how much of that do you, believe is for the taxpayers? Or Nonworking class” or for investments that’s all tied to their own family multi million dollar businesses?

    2. @ Lisa Johnson

      Will never be; this bill just like the last one they passed was full of pork” just to cover their own as well family and friends Business: as well fixing their own lands and property overseas.

      Just like the ever so-called meetings and senate trials
      All used the take more money from the taxpayers.
      Giving themselves as well family and friends raises.

    3. @Lost Key don’t worry…the way the fed has been printing up money for the last 10 years, this country will be bankrupt soon.
      Why do you think the rich are so interested in space exploration?

    4. @ Lisa Johnson

      Yes, they’re looking to control the space, just like China” and it’s now who will claim the stars first” now with this Easy going Office with China, in their pockets it’s going be a fun and horrible ride.

      Take care and stay safe and healthy.

  3. Why is it always trillions for war, trillions for Wall St when we see it does not work? It’s time for trillions for America!

    1. Trillions for war? Trillions for Wall Street? That sounds a little exaggerated. Plus, what is spent on those things does work.

    2. @Eric Wood Neta Crawford, chair of the political science department at Boston University, in her Costs of War project, estimated the long term cost of the Iraq War for the United States at $1.922 trillion.

      According to the US Department of Defense, the total military expenditure in Afghanistan (from October 2001 until September 2019) had reached $778 billion.
      In addition, the US state department – along with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and other government agencies – spent $44bn on reconstruction projects.
      That brings the total cost – based on official data – to $822bn between 2001 and 2019, but it doesn’t include any spending in Pakistan, which the US uses as a base for Afghan-related operations.
      According to a Brown University study in 2019, which has looked at war spending in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, the US had spent around $978bn (their estimate also includes money allocated for the 2020 fiscal year).

      Tell me how wars don’t cost trillions again, I’ll wait.

  4. It is only 4 times what the USA spends in defense EVERY year. The difference is that this is a one-off and does not increase every year.

    1. What the f…,just keep on spending ,or keep on printing it.your kids and there kids will be paying for this.what I take that back you probably live in your parents basement,and dont have a job.

  5. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green where are my daughters karee and Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren.

  6. That would be alot of money if given to another country, but, to make your own country “great again”, it’s pennies.

    1. You took the MAGA slogan, actually Hitler’s slogan, turned it upside down to meet the needs of the US. Bravo!

  7. They have to raise social security, disability and veterans to at least poverty level because what they have been giving people is a disgrace.

  8. Sorry fiscal conservatives, republicans, and business types. The spending is needed. But think of the (hopefully honest) government contracts!

  9. Yeah we’ll see how necessary this is when when businesses start pulling out and we start losing jobs then you’ll have a real coup on your hands

  10. Clearly, anyone thinking this is a good idea that will turn out well has NO CLUE what Fiat currency is.

  11. All spending needs to drop this level of money spending is going to throw America deeper into a hole of debt. When I say all spending needs to drop I am also including military spending. Keep up and we will eventually be buying bread with wheelbarrows.

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