1. Cheap shot Mam:
    Not a tall one, but a big one.

    Also , he hasn’t released only 2019 !!!!
    Has 10 years released otherwise

    1. Too bad. The substance is correct. Instead of getting campaign finance reform, we have another billionaire trying to buy an election with a stealth campaign relying entirely on ads and carefully managed sound bites.

      Meanwhile, he has also used non-disclosure agreements to buy the silence of people who might otherwise expose him for the fraud he is. He’s a former Republican who believes in privileged treatment for the wealthy who can pay for access. He’s Mitch McConnell, except he favors gun control. Thank heaven for small favors (absolutely no pun intended).

      We’ve had enough of this pay-for-play bullshit and a tax code that gives breaks to corporations and the wealthy, and reduces public services like education and health care. Mike Bloomberg is a fraud — same ol’, same ol’.

  2. Wonder if she’s angling for a role with Sanders. She’s paving the way for him sort of like Chris Christie vs. Rubio.

    1. She’s a dirty politician, don’t want her in Bernie’s cabinet. She’s part of the problem, not the solution.

    2. @Sam Adams Nobody is attacking Bernie, least of all Warren. He went into the last debate the front runner and walked out the same. Everybody’s ire was focused on Bloomberg. Bernie has not been challenged over his policies. That’s about to change.

    3. rosalind ganymede
      Warren has made several attacks against Bernie in the past week. I guess if all you watch is the debates you didn’t see it. But she did.

    1. I don’t know I don’t know how much money you make. The better question is “what makes you poor”
      Since that’s the boat the majority of this country is in thanks to greedy rich people allowed to run amok. If they had the same rigid laws for those people/ corporations did they do for the everyday schmuck maybe we would have a better balance in this country and everyone would be able to afford to live comfortably.

    1. @CounterGriefZombies If “White Privilege” is real, why did Warren feel compelled to lie about her race to get into Harvard?…

    1. Buddy Blader i know dude! i hate when i get the bill from the fire station. if only that could be covered by taxes or something

    2. @Nicole El Why do you people always go to comparing social services with socialism? They are not the same thing, but thanks for proving how limited Sanders supporters are in their thinking. FREE PIZZA!!

    3. @Buddy Blader Amarica’s medical system is f*ked up. Someone has to go after all those big companies. They earn lots of money, and ameicans pay a lot of money. You are already having the pizza, just in a high price, highest in the world even. Sanders wants the pizzeria to lower their price.

    4. Buddy Blader social services literally are socialism. and how is medicare for all not a social service? socialism is an extension of capitalism and can’t exist without it so idk why you think they are mutually exclusive? pls decalcify your pineal gland bro

    5. RantKid I didn’t mean they were literally debating over who the best person to fight Bernie is. I meant that a lot of the candidates like Bloomberg made it very clear they wanted to keep a capitalist economy and were fighting over who would be the best to do it without directly attacking Bernie. There’s no need to get worked up over an insignificant YouTube comment.

  3. I love how women can always insult a man’s physicality but if you insult women’s physicality you’re a horrible person, it’s “bodyshaming”

    1. @US American Just like people attacking Trump’s physical appearance it’s really fucked up and I honestly feel bad for him.

    2. @Quantum Mechanic that is the God’s honest truth! Liberal women can call you every name of the book and nobody cares! They are the only group who can get by with it! It’s disgusting!

    3. @Lars Jones Studies have shown that taller men earn more, are more likely to get a promotion, are seen as more trustworthy and get more respect. In addition, a man who is 1.5″ below average is half as likely to have children as a man of average height or better. Insulting a man’s short stature is no different from any other sexist or racist epithet. Likewise, a man’s sexual prowess is largely viewed as an indicator of his worth as a man. If he is desirable to women, he must have great value, and if he is rejected (an incel) it is because he is a failure as a man and has nothing to offer. Calling a man an incel is also no different from any other sexist or racist remark. You make some pretty stupid arguments. You might want to try that self-awareness thing you mentioned.

  4. “Not a tall one” if you asked me to guess who said it I’d say Trump, but Warren used to be professorial, pedagogical. Lost my support.
    Politics made her reveal her true state of nature.

    1. Perhaps you didn’t understand my comment so how can you understand my mind? I didn’t say this was the only reason.

    2. Cooper is right. She can EFFECTIVELY attack the rule of the rich and her past record proves that. Can Bernie say the same? What has he accomplished in that way? Bernie talks the talk, Warren walks the walk. It’s not Bernie who got Wells Fargo and other banking crooks fired. That was Warren.

    1. Kristian Mir Mike Bloomberg isn’t 5‘8, many people who saw him say he is maybe 5‘5-5‘6 at best and he definitely shorter than Warren on the debate stage. Still I thinks it’s a cheap shot to body shame him and if anything helps Bloomberg. Elizabeth Warrens political instincts are notoriously terrible, she lied about being pregnant and the native American thing was just cringy

    2. @Alan Manriquez Both of the parties are guilty for attacking each other physical appearance though but I honestly feel bad for Donald seeing how much he got attacked by the media.

    1. Warren sold her soul to the establishment long ago. I can’t believe Sanders once wanted her to run for president. Thank goodness she didn’t back in 2016 and he did.

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    1. ??? ??? All the dimwits will be destroyed by Trump it’s hilarious watching them run they have absolutely no chance in Hell!!

  5. Liz Warren Before Last Week: “I wont take any money from Super PACs”

    Liz Warren Now: “Asking me to refuse money from Super PACs is sexist” … This woman is the biggest Identity Politics hustler.

    1. @We Fly Ky sorry dude the amount doesn’t matter. She said she wouldn’t take a “Coin” from super PAC and doesn’t want big money in politics.

    2. @We Fly Ky Bloombergs is even better that’s his money he owes no special interests money she now owes $800,000 in favours to that Super-PAC

  6. Warren: “We are going to make this election about democracy.”

    Also Warren: “The candidate with the most votes should not be the nominee.”

    1. Bernie took the same stance in 2016. Now he is changing his tune because he is the front runner. How convenient.

    2. @The Deal YOU GET IT!!!!!! THANK YOU. People are over-simplifying. You can’t have it both ways. Bernie wants it both ways!!

    3. @rosalind ganymedeYes. The fact that he wants it both ways is indicative of how he would be as POTUS. I was too through with him in 2016 when he refused to bow out gracefully when the math wasn’t in his favor. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what his position would be if he didn’t end up with the plurality of pledged delegates and votes right after Super Tuesday? I wouldn’t be surprised if he did because he has already proved that Bernie is all about Bernie.

  7. “…[Bernie] hasn’t been as clear [as Warren]” (about his M4A Plan) — I guess that’s the case, if you have your ears plugged and refuse to educate yourself on Bernie’s policies.

    1. No. He has not been clear. He said it’s impossible to predict. And yet they skewered EW for more details. Bernie’s been given a free pass. Nobody took him seriously. Now they do and he’s about to face the SAME type of scrutiny every other front runner has. Be ready.

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