Warren On Trump Impeachment, Buttigieg's 'Wine Cave' Fundraiser, And More | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Warren On Trump Impeachment, Buttigieg’s ‘Wine Cave’ Fundraiser, And More | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


After a fiery debate where Warren traded shots with multiple candidates and Pres. Trump himself, she joins NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard to react. Aired on 12/19/19.
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Warren On Trump Impeachment, Buttigieg's 'Wine Cave' Fundraiser, And More | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @cat nerp – This is more important:

      Senate 2020 – 53 (R), 47 (D)
      Likely flips: AL will go (R), CO and ME will go (D)
      Democrats need 2+WH, or 3 for majority, and not lose any other seats.
      Best targets for Dems: AZ, NC, and IA.

    2. Trump is the #1 individual to be REMOVED from office. Followed by wm. f. barr, MOSCOW-mitc & pompeo. VOTE BLUE and FLIP the Senate !

  1. Warren is spot on about thinking it is crazy we can work with the current carnation of Republicans, it ain’t going to happen. Does anyone really believe Republicans sit around and wonder how to reach out to Dems? Don’t think so.

    1. @Kevin Mcneil Nice try but I am your parent and I would rather pay for a healthy and educated electorate than give free stuff to Bezos and Wilbur Ross.

  2. Someone put Vaughn Hillyard out on an assignment while he’s still too wet behind the ears. He knows NOTHING about listening. The person he is interviewing seems to be irrelevant to his reason for being in front of a camera. MSNBC reporters rock! Will one of you please teach the boy about the 4th Estate and who he serves?

  3. Make my healthcare $25-50 a month, don’t deny my coverage and I’d be glad to pay it, every month. That’s $50-100, every 2 policy holders. It beats free plans and overall contributes to the system.

    1. This true. Money to pay lobbyists does not come from thin air, it comes from profits of products and services we have purchased – thus it is our money, being used against us.

  4. Out with Buttigieg and Biden! Out with the whole GOP! Grassroots, anti-corruption, morality based politics today!!!

    1. Private Private

      I’m all in for Joe Biden along with most of the African American community. That doesn’t mean we still can’t have grassroots and Warren’s anti corruption bill. If she can get that passed as a senator I’m sure Joe would sign it.

    1. You don’t know french reporters. Macron’s friends own the medias. When they interview a leftist politician, they try to destabilize him, sometimes its just a lapidation. At least, Warren can talk.

  5. There’s a reason why the adage, “Money is the root of all evil” resonates with everyone. It’s because it’s true. And it has no place in our politics. We need to be as adamant about overturning the Citizens United decision as conservatives are committed to overturning Roe v. Wade.

  6. I am so proud of Elizabeth Warren. She gave great answers to a very annoying and condescending reporter. Go Warren 2020!!! This old veteran(USA & USN) is with you.

  7. Elizabeth is quite correct in saying that it is the power of people’s votes that will win the next election. Any attempt to match the Republican Party dollar for dollar is a total waste of time and is destined to failure. Put simply our totally corrupt political finance system has put our democracy up for sale to the highest bidder for some time. Any vestige of fairness, any pretense of democratic process that still existed was totally erased by the the disastrous Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision which literally gave big money interests the right to buy members of Congress as well as the Presidency itself. Big money, in other words, is in total control when it comes to campaign funding and the blank checks at this point can be filled in with either Republican Party or Democratic Party as the Payee. Because whoever signs those checks will be beholden to the Big Money interests that issue them. Anyone who thinks that the way to bring democracy back to America is to court the favor of Big Money in order to secure political funding is either totally stupid, totally corrupt, or both! Hate to be the bearer of bad news folks but Santa and the Tooth Fairy are fantasy characters from children’s books. The way to restore democracy to America is win the vote of the average American who is being thrown under the bus by a corrupt corporate economy with the aid of bought and paid for politicians. Any attempt to bring about meaningful change in America via securing a huge campaign budget from Big Money is the worst sort of folly and plays right into the hands of the very power structure that has been and is continuing to destroy our country.

  8. Impeached! Lovin’ it!! 3 million more voted against Donny diapers. Today we got a little something back, a permanent stain on a giant POS.

  9. Ms. Elizabeth Warren, it will never happen; this Country was built on Blood and Corruption they will not never ever give it up

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