Warren On Whether Sanders Has Released Enough Medical Records: 'He Just Hasn’t' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Warren On Whether Sanders Has Released Enough Medical Records: ‘He Just Hasn’t’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


WATCH: Ali Vitali asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren if Sen. Bernie Sanders has released enough of his medical records and she said, “He just hasn’t. I mean I don’t think that’s a matter of opinion.” Aired on 02/20/20.
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Warren On Whether Sanders Has Released Enough Medical Records: 'He Just Hasn’t' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. It’s pathetic and absurd. Bernie has released three separate and very comprehensive reports, from three separate doctors, all fo whom have stated that he is in perfect health. Not only that, but the famous Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who was once the Surgeon General of the USA, has reviewed Bernie’s medical records and likewise pronounced him to be in extraordinarily good shape. I mean, look… they tried the “Bernie the socialist!” narrative, and it failed. Then they tried the “Bernie is a sexist!” narrative, and it also failed. Now it’s the “Bernie is hiding things from us!” narrative… which will also fail miserably.

  1. “Great debate performance” ? just verbal attack does not help the country. I like to see debate on policy matters.

    1. Left anti pc All they needed on the debate stage was Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Elizabeth (“Robespierre”) Warren has about the same sense of humor as the architect of the Terror.

      She thinks her tongue is the National Razor.

      While sharp, her tongue is thin and brittle. She is full of herself, and her self is as hollow as Trump’s.

    1. Elizabeth Warren should release her last gynecologist medical examination reports , submit her personal doctors reports and the congress doctors report about her health to public … how about Liz , if you demand others to release more than you have , what does that make you ?
      Yeah Liz you should stop listening those Hillary people you hired to run your campaign , its been only down hill in polls from that day for you Liz .
      George Carlin has message for Todd … https://videosift.com/video/George-Carlin-F-Todd?loadcomm=1

  2. Well we got to look at it this way at least Liz can go home and have all the beer she wants with her husband now cuz her days in the Senate are done

    1. @Jon Stone the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991….. education standards here need to be updated for sure, that’s non-debatable

  3. Last night on pres.debate 2/19/20,
    Bloomberg stated in his explanatin on Stop and Frisk “those bunch of people.” Why was this not talked about on todays news circle

  4. *FACT:* Bernie has released more medical and other personal records than ANY of the other candidates. If this is the best attack you have against Bernie, then you have failed miserably once again. Let’s see YOUR medical records, Liz. Every time you attack Bernie, his numbers climb and your numbers plummet. _Bring it on._

  5. He has only released three sets of records from three separate doctors. Is this the “vetting” that is supposed to tank Sanders’ campaign?

  6. To be honest, Elizabeth Warren’s tone was very mild when she “went after Bernie Sanders”. The reporter asked her a question and she answered. “That’s not an option, it’s just a fact.” Was stated very mildly. It was nothing like the way she crushed Bloomberg on the debate stage.

  7. You guys make sick, the media trys to start stuff. The only thing y’all can find on Bernie Sanders, it’s sad that the media trys to take down someone as honest as Bernie Sanders.

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