Wash Post: NRA Group Holding Gun Auctions In Schools | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Wash Post: NRA Group Holding Gun Auctions In Schools | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


A new Washington Post reveals the controversial practice of gun shows being held in schools, Washington Post Reporter Beth Reinard joins Stephanie Ruhle to break down the shocking story and who the “Friends of the NRA” are. Aired on 11/05/19.
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Wash Post: NRA Group Holding Gun Auctions In Schools | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. Ok NRA and republicans what in that is Well Regulated ?
      Well Regulated is in 2nd amendment , not to mention that it actually give no rights to OWN arms only KEEP them as part of state militia .
      3rd amendment is talking about owing things , so its clear what they were meaning when writing the 2nd .

    2. @Pete Lind the supreme court has already debunked you argument mate…
      regulated meant something different in 1791.
      it certainly didnt mean gaining permission from the federal government to own a gun.
      you people are grasping at straws lol.

    3. @UK violent crime rate is 2x higher than USA’s rate
      As your NIC you comment is wrong , well regulated meant well regulated , thats why SCOTUS have ruled nearly always for states points , when it has come to firearm regulations .(ban of full automatics , silencers without special permits a.s.o)
      … and its over 50 times more likely you get shot in USA than in UK , USA gun violence number out rank even some war zones and from top 10 most violent countries 7 are in American continents , USA , Mexico , Brazil , Honduras , Guatemala , Columbia , Venezuela and all violence there done with guns sold in Texas USA … rest 3 are where USA has troops , Afghanistan , Iraq , Yemen … USA is the cause of most violence on this planet .

    1. @Victor Raygada sigh, the manhood argument is so lame. you do realize women own guns right?
      also mass shootings are incredibly rare, school shootings are even rarer.
      a child has almost 0 chance of being killed in a school shooting. the 2018 overall mass shooting homicide rate was 0.02 our of 100k people. it was 85 homicides in a country of 330m people.
      for comparison, 600 people are beaten to death with bare hands every year…
      the constant media coverage of these events fool people into thinking they are a common thing when statistically they are not.

  1. I can’t think of anything more inappropriate, given the circumstances. But then, I don’t live in the USA. No doubt they think it’s perfectly normal.

    1. Martha Soledad, That Picture Brian Gardener uses is William Tecumseh Sherman one of the most effective generals in the American Civil War. (Also arguably the most intimidating picture of the man who many historians call “the first modern general”.)

      Are you another garden variety pro citizen disarmament and pro slavery Democrat?

    2. @Tony Madrigal the constitution doesn’t outline the right to drink alcohol.
      the comparison is foolish and you know it.
      one is literally a poison and the other is a tool for hunting and self defense.
      an 18 year old can go join the military and is trusted firing belt fed machine guns, tanks, missiles etc. they can obviously be trusted to own a semi auto rifle. i was running around the woods hunting squirrels with my .22 semi auto rifle at age 12 and i never hurt anyone. with proper parenting you can be responsible at a young age. 18 is certainly old enough to own a gun.

  2. That’s just tone deaf. I support 2A, but this is a case of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

    1. Yes, friends and family in an open carry state. Anecdotal, but it doesn’t make it any less impactful.

    2. @Roald Shakleton so basically authoritarian snowflakes that dont like freedom of assembly in certain locations? people already have their opinions, seeing a charity raffle at a school isnt going to make someone become anti gun suddenly.

    3. @UK violent crime rate is 2x higher than USA’s rate Did you not read the article about how this NRA school raffle was reported? Parents from the school complained. Do some research on your own. You sound like a two-year old asking, “Why?”.

    4. Roald Shakleton, Wrong some parents from the school complained.
      Probably recent transplants from high crime authoritarian “blue” infested zones.
      But don’t expect the reporter to tell you that even if they know.

  3. So, can we also raffle ‘adult cinematography’ at the door of churches … with ‘hands-on’ demonstration?

    1. Sarah Lee, Perhaps right after you explain how private property and public property are legally equivalent moron.

  4. I grew up in a rural area where almost everyone learned to shoot a rifle. But, if any of us brought a gun to school, they were suspended. This is insane. We had ag science and livestock at school, but never, ever guns.

    1. Maybe Chicago should encourage gun ownership. Maybe, just maybe, it will drastically reduce gun violence.

      Works great for us in the red states……….

    2. By that logic, shouldn’t neighboring red states have a much higher crime rate than Chicago? But they don’t, funny how that works.

    1. Creator, Correction Liberty trumps everything cowardly authoritarian.
      Apparently Liberty is not for you.
      You should never be here.

  5. “C’mon, kiddies..!! Come get your very own AR-15..!!! You too can be just like Dylan Klebold..!!!”

    1. they are scared because of constant media fear mongering.
      thats why the charity funds go to educating kids on firearms safety.
      i really dont get it, one day anti gun people scream we need gun safety training but other days they are against it…

    1. M X, You idiots already forced the lgbt clubs funded by out of state activists into schools.
      These gun shows have probably been there for decades.

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