Wasserman: Southern Atlanta Suburbs Helped Indicate Election Trends | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Wasserman: Southern Atlanta Suburbs Helped Indicate Election Trends | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report called both Georgia Senate races on Tuesday evening on Twitter, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss what he saw in the polling that led him to the conclusion before other outlets called the election. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Wasserman: Southern Atlanta Suburbs Helped Indicate Election Trends | Morning Joe | MSNBC



    1. I take back all the awful things I thought about Georgia now if Alabama could learn from Georgia this country will be great

  1. Nah, trump supports know that they will prosper under democrats … It was Obama and Biden who stopped an extreme economic depression.

    1. @Kelvin Blackstein when you make a claim like we had the worst economy under Obama, you really should take a little time to understand what you’re saying to see if its actually true. The information to do so is available to anyone with access to the internet. If you did that you would see that we had higher job growth under Obama than we did under Trump.

      Trends are even more important than snapshots to understand economics. Here’s the most important trends to understand:

      The economy was in free fall when Obama took office and was in robust expansion when he left. The economy was in expansion when Trump took office, and is in a K shaped recovery when he leaves, meaning millions of Americans are now facing unemployment, poverty, homelessness, ie economic devastation.

      I’ll give you a hint: look for job creation, unemployment, GDP, housing starts, but NOT the stock market. The Market is not a good economic indicator.

    1. @Bunkieze K No offense to otherwise harmless Barbie dolls either. But wow is she repulsive. Worse than even DeVos.

    2. @surely you joke, mein failüre OMG! I think you’re right.
      She sounds like a robot programmed to be vile and bigoted. Comparison with Old Betsy and coming in on bottom is scary. And she was the best Brian Kemp could dig up? Wow

    3. @CAtoGA I was thinking more along the lines of “what” is she.
      She even sounds like a robot talking…..
      A robot programmed to be a remarkably greedy and lawless bigot.
      “Radical leftist Warnock” playing on a loop.

    1. BREAKING NEWS: Trump’s Latest Twitter Post:
      They cheated again in Georgia. Totally RIGGED. Votes were counted after midnight. They let the blacks and gays CARPOOL. Still, Pence swore he would do the right thing on the 6th or he is fired. Meltdown in DC on the 6th. Martial Law? Civil War? Nobody has more BUTTHURT. Nobody.

    2. @John F What is happening to mighty America? Leader of the Free World can’t see or accept free thinking of the voters?

    3. @Vijaya Joshi The pathetic orange orangutan is a sniveling crybaby. He’ll be gone in a few days, it can’t come any sooner

  2. Trump sank the Republican party by forcing them to admit – clearly and publicly – that they only care about power and not the people they are supposed to serve. Their hypocrisy and corruption has been put on full display.

    1. @Vijaya Joshi
      As a proud American, I can say that we have a ways to go to be able to “walk with pride”, but, at least we can say that we’re working on it. We have a LOT of harm to undo.

    2. @CommonSense It will happen in time. At least other world leaders will not be intimidated by the bizarre behaviour of look at me attitude of the past. New President will gain the respect world wide for his intellect and not laughed at .

  3. Come on Georgia, put in Ossoff… We’re close to stomping on Mitch McKoopa’s shell and kicking him at his GOP cronies…

  4. The republicans were saying. I dare you black people go out in vote. Well you will learn never dare us to practice our rights. Because that is exactly what we will do. Thanks Georgia. I hope the young people stay involved.

    1. The republicans are now going to fight even harder to keep us from voting. The Dems needs to stop all that through some hard core voting rights acts. Thugs will want to outlaw any absentee ballots. There’s a paper trail and at least 2 signatures, so it’s a whole lot harder for them to scam.

  5. The GOP is finally reaping what they’ve sown. They’ve embraced Trump and his criminality for four years because it helped them politically. Now, they’re married to him, but he’s on a revenge path. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Party!

    1. Now lets see what the cowards can do with that opening, will they embrace the left and keep winning or will they wimp out and lose in 2… I’m going with B)…

  6. Never, ever forget how terrible the era of Trump and McConnell has been. The packing of the courts, including the Supreme Court. The environmental devastation and absolute disregard for the future. The flood of lies. The blatant racism. The criminally incompetent response to the pandemic and all the subsequent deaths, including 30,000 cases directly attributable to Trump’s insane rallies. The loss of jobs. The big tax cut for the rich. The attempted coup and effort to undermine democracy and establish a dictatorship in the “land of the free.” The pardoning of blatant criminals, including those responsible for a massacre of civilians. The sabotaging of USPS. The coordination with Putin and the fawning over other dictators. The alienation of our allies. The way this nation’s reputation was dragged through the mud. The fact that for four years a minority installed a lying con man and malignant narcissist and built an odious cult of personality around him. (And I’m only scratching the surface.)

    1. To be fair, Trump misled them at every step of the way. Somehow, they got behind a rich guy who does to them precisely what they complain about the elites doing to them – shipping jobs overseas, stiffing small businesses, and not paying his share of taxes. Then he spread covid disproportionally among his followers by lying about it, calling it a hoax, minimizing its effects, etc.

  7. I guess all those tweets telling Georgia that their votes don’t count ended up making Georigians think their votes for the republicans wouldn’t matter. Brilliant strategy there, t’rump!

  8. The Kentucky turtle has been sent on his back, flailing in the wind, waiting for a predator to pick him off…

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