Watch 'All In' Highlights: August 26th | MSNBC 1

Watch ‘All In’ Highlights: August 26th | MSNBC


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  1. The automatic & immediate blame game is not an honorable route. Seems the honorable route is a path Trump’s GOP will continue to ignore. Defending against extreme religious zealotry is never easy. We have suffered from these attacks before…it unfortunately comes with the Middle Eastern turf.

    1. Obama admin released 122 from GITMO and this admin blames Trump? THEY love the educated with little intellegence. How bout that traitor Obama “brought home”? The first half white president negotiated with the Taliban but that delusional racist bad orange man was soooo much worse. Wake up and see who is screwing who. Two major schoolings on the constitution speaks volumes for this admins agenda. Borders and Rent. They are an embarrassment to all veterans, except those that served as lawyers right?

    2. @Grateful Fredly Bottom line you 25watt cherrypicker…We’ll compare pathological Donnie’s negatives to Biden’s in 4 years. Trump is one thing and one thing only. An ethics-strapped, pathologically fettered, failure of a man. Most get that. Most always will.

  2. FOLLOW-UP: On 1/6/2021, twice impeached “FORMER GUY’s” tourists attacked “America’s US CAPITOL” during an official joint session of Congress certifying President Biden 2020 valid Presidency of the USA. In addition, “Former Guy” is exponentially and completely responsible for withholding critical “INTELLIGENCE” documentation during the transfer of powers to President Biden, and bears exponentially complete responsibility of all American citizens in Afghanistan presently.

    1. Trump and Pompeo cut a deal with the Taliban in 2020 handing them Afghanistan in 2021. Even Nikki Haley warned them they have made a deal with the devil.

    2. @Lee does it make you feel smarter nit-picking over a word? I teach high school math and managed to understand what was meant by the word “exponentially”, even if it wasn’t used in the literal mathematical context.

    3. @Lee …also, “exponentially” does not necessarily mean it’s increasing. It could be decreasing. Your definition is flawed.

    4. @Heather C I believe you are beating up @Lee for the wrong reason. He was not supporting Trump at all. He was simply supporting proper English usage.

    5. @Shelli Belli Oh, come on! It is better that someone is aware that this is not the word they think it is. Other people for whom English is not their first language might want to know that. As a math teacher, you are well aware of what ‘exponential’ means.

  3. When the dust settles, Joe Biden will be remembered in history books, as the president who did the right thing, irrespective of what his “TV Ratings”, looked like!

    1. @Sandi Harris I think at this point, no one should point fingers!
      More importantly, the multi-trillion dollar futile 20 year war came to an end, one way or the other!
      Sad about the 13 soldiers dead today, hope the rest of the troops get out safely!

    2. Obama Biden got credit for turning Bushes broken economy around. Biden Harris will get credit for cleaning up Trump’s horrendous mess

  4. I don’t think public pressure is enough to stop the gerrymandering in Republican states. The government needs to change the laws to protect the public vote. Will they?

    1. @Sandi Harris 11 Trump associates have now been charged with crimes: Steve Bannon, Tom Barrack, Elliott Broidy, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, George Nader, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone and now Allen Weisselberg. All of which committed criminal acts. All of which are Republicans. Now 9 attorneys that supported Donald Dump lies about the election was stolen are about to loose their license to practice law. Who’s next? Hopefully it’s Donald Dump.

    2. @Sandi Harris The left knew what Trump would do, and not do, as President. That is why they could not believe that Trump secured the nomination, much less won the election. (The facts about the 2016 election are still being investigated. Reference the recent indictment of Tom Barrack.). However, the Dems did not lie about the outcome of the election, and keep up the lie for months and months after the election was certified for the other guy.

    3. @A T Sorry, your delusion has completely befuddled you. The vast, vast majority of gerrymandering cases are against Republicans, not democrats, because Republicans know that, without cheating, they are way less likely to win elections. We have some badly gerrymandered districts here in Michigan, so much so that we passed a law that will establish a citizen’s board to redraw our voting districts.

    4. @Sandi Harris You can say that, but Trump’s deal with the Taliban was what got us into our current Afghanistan situation. Trump and his cronies intentionally created problems inside the workings of government (one example: the postal system; another example: the approval process for visas for the Afghan aides and translators…) to cause problems for our citizens and our current Administration. And then, of course, there is the perpetuation of the big lie about winning the election, which didn’t happen…..

  5. There’s something right now all of us can do, stop calling it “The Right” to vote and start calling it “The Obligation” to vote.

    1. We should not make voting mandatory until we have compulsory education on this subject.
      It’s astounding that we have mandatory classes in some useless subjects, but we don’t’ teach civics, politics, government, and voting.

    2. @L W There should never ever be mandatory voting in a rational society. Of course the LEFT is not rational, the right maybe not much better

    3. Chris this art of impersonation is a image of maintained power of the Big Lie! Please Bring these acting need to be exposed could you please bring this before the press.

    4. @Sandi Harris Well then a fine for not voting and use the money to make more voter education and ease in voting.

  6. Merrick Garland’s DoJ/ Biden / Congress & patriotic Republicans – ALL have a *duty to prevent* a 1933-style Trump cult dictatorship from destroying Democracy.

    1. Nuts to the nth degree, the Trump era is over and Repubs would indeed be worthy of ridicule if they don’t move on, I hope and think they do. Blocking voter integrity though is the EVIL, really EVIL LEFT

  7. All GOP should be named in this lawsuit. Sue them for every penny they hit. Send these criminals to jail

  8. A rigged system reminds of how corporations operate.
    This could be Democrats last chance to push back the corruption. Best not waste it.
    Go Nancy! Go Chuck! Go Dems!
    HR1 – for the people!

  9. I really don’t understand how it’s legal we are supposed to pick our representation… Not the other way around.

  10. Each branch of law enforcement need to join this law suit so should ever members of Congress that was in the Chamber that had to run for their lives.

  11. It seems the public and the victims are willing to hold accountable all responsable for the insurrection on January 6. The government must do the same!

  12. Also remove and arrest Patrick Yost head of police Union who refused to denounce cops and ex cops who joined the Trumpsurrectionists

  13. The recourses Democrats have will be simple: they just have to move into different districts and take them over. Republicans are doing things that they’re going to regret terribly.

  14. “Democracy means you no longer have a country!”
    (Trump and the fascist part of republican party)

  15. Mandate Masks
    I would encourage all teachers in Florida to start a LAWSUIT with OSHA attorneys as their lead.
    After all, the teachers health and safety are involved …. let alone the children…..Florida is a OSHA represented state!!!!!!

  16. GOP gerrymandering. Unbelievable. Our democracy is going through some serious growing pains. If we ALL VOTE. We will survive.

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