Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: August 4th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: August 4th | MSNBC

Watch highlights of Tuesday's All In with Chris Hayes

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    1. @Liz Pedano Except Trump is all but broke. Living off money grifted from his cult members and huge foreign bank loans that are coming due soon.

  1. Trump loves tyrants; Americans don’t know what it is to live under a tyrant. the tyrant and a few psychopaths are the only beneficiaries; forget about rights, you gave those away

    1. @David Hale EXACTLY! Mask mandate tomorrow at 5am but tonight I will party maskless–Dc mayor. Mayor Lightfoot—same thing.
      Pelosi–Mask mandate in the house—unless you are taking pics with standing in very close proximity to a newly sworn in member, standing side by side, no distance.
      Texas Democrats abdicate their job, fly maskless on a plane, catch COVID, then call for universal masking. (Is this real life?)

    2. @David Hale yes everybody who wants to work get vaccinated if you don’t like it to bad. Ignorant people deserve what they get hope your family coworkers and friends need to know what you decide for their safety.

    1. I just bought Alexander Vindman’s book Here Right Matters. He’s been doing great interviews on various networks some of which include his family. You can immediately see where the Vindman children get their awesome work ethic. I’m surprised the Biden Administration hasn’t scooped up both Eugene & Alexander to work in this administration. They’d both be great assets.

    2. Keep in mind.. How many others did not report their being asked for votes?
      Like how many here are what they claim to be?
      Now that would be a more “Perfect ” picture of the scenario in question, No?

    3. @Linda Armstrong yes, I don’t understand why they weren’t offered prominent positions in the Biden administration. Maybe Col. Vindman chose to remain retired instead.

  2. Do you think that a random group of black people could demand a recount of votes and take them back to their lair and restrict all forms of communication while they do whatever they want with the ballots? How is this even allowed to happen ?

    1. @Mike McIntyre I don’t care about 1933 as the gestopo tactics are being used now in our country and can history be repeating itself as the Marxist elites on the left seem to be using the gestopo tactics handbook

    2. @Noily Pratt Jesus is Antifa see my BLM book The Art of Betrayal by God and the sequel The Book of Judas

    3. Yes, good comparison. And yet black people don’t make such bizarre demands, despite being cheated in elections for 150 years following the Civil War.

  3. Apparently, THEY (Ninja Morons) don’t know what they’re doing. Why would they, since they’ve never audited an election before, anyway? They seem to fall into the category of people who will keep looking for “facts” that will support their already established opinion. Under that criteria they’ll never be finished.

    1. @Mimsy Borogove I was a democrat but I can’t be for tyranny and Marxism I’m a free thinker for freedom and constitutional ammendment rights

    2. @Kay Zee
      I don’t care if you used to be a Chipmunk. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
      Democrats are NOT about tyranny OR Marxism. What party is trying to suppress voting rights? Republicans. What party has been pushing a man who would loved to have become King of America, AKA Trump? Republicans. Republicans have been bullshitting Americans for decades.

    3. @Mimsy Borogove can us ignorant blacks comrade Harris thinks inciting insurrection for 18 months can we vote with as most in the hood have not wore a mask from day one as your more likely to get shot and lost to the streets before the sweet and sour sniffles Chinese virus gets you

  4. They always “have to know” and are just “asking questions” but when you want Trump’s taxes or to even have a record of his meetings with foreign enemies it’s all secret.

    1. @eponymousIme dish what a shot for a bot and show the gestopo your papers for the sweet and sour sniffles

    2. @Adam B Have you noticed of late that many governments are experimenting with various political ideologies. Observe how Communist China after only less than 80 years old is on equal footing with the Super Powers. Rovers on the Moon and Mars. Enjoying their {5 G} incorporated throughout their networks. Credit Card no longer required or appreciated as one example of 5G potentials.
      China pumping out 10 times more highly educated professionals than the USA’s Education & health for-profit capitalist ideology. Observe the turning over of the reigns of the economic leadership to China’s Yuan. Within 10 years…!
      Now see how believable that was…?

  5. It’s all in the grift. These “auditors” are going to keep dragging this out for all the money they can get until the AZ GOP says “enough”

    1. @New Usurname

    2. @david dutra Yep, but it’s not coming from the money that Republican’s are giving the grifter Donald Dump. That money he’s using to support his luxury life style. And they just keep giving him their money. Donald Dump has no conscience and he doesn’t care who he rips off. As long as they keep sending it, he’ll keep taking it.

    3. @SMS
      I’m wondering if they’re gonna put money on his books too. I personally wouldn’t. He didn’t help anyone that got licked up for him…

    4. @david dutra And I’m not going to support him either by buying anything he sales or for that matter, anything anyone sales that represents him or the GQP party. My money will be spent on people and issues that help the American people, not politicians that cause insurrections and bodily harm to those that protect us.

    1. @Janine Anderson as you give your nails a huhhh of exhaust , and polish them on the chest of your shirt. Is there a name for that action.

  6. Yes, a year before the elections, he already claims for rigged, since the beginning he knew that it was impossible for him to win!

    1. @studivan Trump warned them if they cheat in the 2020 election that we will prosecute. Dominion been rigging election since 2012

    2. @studivan Michael Cohen said this in his testimony too, years ago, so did Hillary Clinton in the 2016 debate, so did Mary Trump.

    3. Americans should kiss the floor and thank God that Trump was not elected for a second term. He would have certainly dragged USA to the likes of North Korea and Kim Jong Un, he admires. We should be grateful to our splendid Military and the other forces, according to Gen. Mark Milley, were determined to disobey the Commander-in-Chief’s (Trump) orders for a coup.

  7. The Arizona clown show by Cyber Ninjas is so unprofessional. There’s been absolutely no transparency. The chain of custody has been broken so many times as to be a joke. Bamboo fibers. Please.

    1. @Brian Ward …and then they burned the chickens. It’s all so obvious if you are insane enough to believe it.

    2. Hey. Stop dissin’ clowns by comparing them to the idiots at Cyber Ninjas. Clowns actually train for their profession and have skills!

    1. @Bill Soderholm
      And McGovern would have easily defeated Nixon, rather than losing in a landslide….

    2. @Donna LittleRain
      One correction – Trump is a sell out and traitor. Most of his followers are ignorant, fanatical goobers.

  8. the people of Arizona now have to spend millions to replace all of their voting machines thanks to the republican insurrection audit!.

    1. And a taxpayer of 45 years in Arizona. I want the republicant party to pay for those new machines! We here demand it…

    2. @Gonzo AZ Who are you going to sue? Be more specific, the only thing that was stolen was those machines after the election. Now they are ruined because of the republicant Party.

    3. Is there a way for the repugs in office that initiated this scam…taking hard earned working people’s money for their own unlawful ends???

    4. @Joseph De la torre I really do fear the Republicans will delay replacement of the machines as a way of suppressing the vote. If the Democrats can file lawsuits they should do it now. Also, the Republican legislature’s choice of new machines should be scrutinized as closely as they did this election. How can you trust them after all this to NOT try some additional tricks to win.

    5. I’m wondering if they’ll have the machines calibrated, up and running before they need to be used again…

  9. And when dems tried suing them to stop, the judge said they would have to put a million dollars a day into escrow cuz that’s how much the auditors would lose if they have to wait and it ends up being legit…
    So imagine how much money they’re ACTUALLY making on schedule…

  10. For inciting an insurrection against the United States of America, Agent Orange belongs in an orange jumpsuit.

    1. White supremacists in a powerful authoritative position in the USA.
      History exposes that none have been ever held accountable for their sins to our humanities.
      Why should it be any different now? or plus or minus the Indifferent?=Difference Is it enough to get an orange jumpsuit to match his hairdo?

  11. “Release your report and be prepared to defend any accusations of misdeeds in court.” Who is paying for this “fraud it” I sure hope the tax payers aren’t. Arizona is a laughingstock because of trump’s fake audit. I live in AZ and I can tell you, we’re full of delusional Trumpers. It’s sickening to be honest. And This is the best FFS letter I’ve read in a long time.

  12. Only fraudulent ballots found in Arazona recount were votes for Trump. No wonder they were shocked he lost

  13. They are literally dragging this out while donation’s fill their bank accounts. It is only about the money. Just follow the money.

    1. @EmilyB Bernard wow that just went over your little head didn’t it. Trump and his mafia are using the audit as an excuse to solicit donations for themselves, the money raised is not to pay for the audit at all.

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