Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: December 14 | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: December 14 | MSNBC


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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: December 14 | MSNBC


  1. let’s just celebrate the nonsense of Trump not conceiding has come to an end…a new dawn has come and we all should be looking forward!!!

    1. It has come to an end? Gee…must have missed that. Check the constitution. Be quick about it though, before the socialists rewrite it.
      “”It ain’t over till it’s over.””

      It will be a sad day for America for our Founding Fathers….to look down and witness NON-elected Main Stream Media elites being allowed to purloin and becoming enabled to the point of wielding such immense power in determining the governance of the republic they envisioned, held true and hoped and fought….Shameful…smh

  2. I’m a 62 year old and In all my years i have never imagined the pain and suffering of so many let’s hope it gets better soon… democracy has won..stay healthy let’s move on

    1. @Susan Mann

      Could the likes of Senators Romney and Collins leave the GOP and side with the Democrats as Independents?

    1. I heard they were leaving their belongings there.
      Joe will tend to them. He’ll have nothing else to do.
      Save time when they move back in 4yrs.

  3. Georgia, let’s give Biden the support he deserves to make real changes for the poor and working class! *VOTE BLUE!!*

    1. @christina alfonse …..



      …….. I’m actually curious how extremely stupid people like you have made it to the point to give your life savings to satan? Are you ok honey, you may need medical attention

    2. Please vote blue for more abortion clinics and welfare. Vote blue for more illegals to under bid jobs from the black community.

    3. Like how Obama helped the poor–?????—-or how Newsom in Calif has helped the poor?????? HOW MANY KIDS LIVING ON THE STREET HUNGRY??????? THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT PROGRESSIVE ——THEY ARE EVIL—-740 BILLION FOR THE MILITARY—-NOTHING FOR THE COMMON PEOPLE!

  4. Biden has promised to make positive changes to social security and Medicare _including a much needed boost in monthly payments!_

    1. I am hoping that Medicare stops increasing the monthly premium and yearly deductible. Also, I consider it ridiculous that SSA gives us a COLA increase…just to lose it again to the ever increasing Medicare premium.

  5. I will thoroughly enjoy the trumplessness. I hope the msm stops covering him, unless he’s on trial for something.

    1. @breakshot74 We should boycott all news about T**** . Refuse to listen to T**** news unless it is about him going to prison.

  6. This is absolutely insane. These Republicans need to be charged with sedition. They still are trying to overturn the election. Remove them from office for not upholding thete oath.

    1. @don juran
      ABSOLUTELY!! A N Y O N E that incites a rebellion against the LEGALLY APPOINTED GOVERNMENT, just because they don’t like that they loss by a LANDSLIDE!? YES. The Constitution calls for it, as an example of what happens when you try it, even if you lose!!

  7. Democrats must win Georgia’s two Senate seats, to allow Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to meet the expectations of the American people

    1. even though this turned out to match popular vote, I agree the electoral college is outdated and needs to go

    2. The Republicants don’t want the Electrol college to go away. Since the past 6 elections, Democrats have won the popular vote. With out the Electrol college, republicants would never win another election. Fine by me.

  8. It’s so tragic to speculate on the amount of money wasted on these law suits while millions of Americans are struggling to survive with no jobs, no state support and the horror of the pandemic. The only winners were people like Rudi Giliano, Donald Trump et al. You can be sure that they are not hungry tonight. God help America

  9. Watching the Clinton’s cast their vote was so awesome. Revenge is best served very very cold. Just awesome.

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