Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: December 2 | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: December 2 | MSNBC


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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: December 2 | MSNBC


  1. So the elderly don’t really matter to these people. Imagine what these people would have though about slavery had they been around a couple hundred years ago

    1. @James Thomas I agree with every word you’ve written. There is so much work to do & all we hear is Trump crying lies about himself & the cowards who support him are to lazy to care or recognise that because of Trump America is the current laughing stock across the World. “Let’s collect food for America” “Let’s make a charity record for America” People want to start a collect fake tan for Trump drive. The USA is comedy gold.

    2. @Michael Stephen No! USA not comedy gold only that guy. You guys can bring it back, your real comedy good miss it, cannot wait till back on your feet, but , don’t forget what has happened this year, an awakening keep it up, then, world will be better.

    3. Now, prepare for some genius to tell you that the Democrats were the party, of slavery, completely ignoring that the 1960s ever happened.
      Because this is what Trump supporters ALWAYS say when you bring up slavery.

  2. You’d think some politician would be willing to lose their job; they’re ho-hum about all these other people who are telling the truth and losing their job. What terrible people.

    1. I am waiting for jan 20, 2021 when the clown car drives out of the white house into the hands of fed marshals. There will be the trumps and the rest of his clown posse will just keep coming from the car. talk about the greatest show.

    1. Donald. You are the Maga King. No go and have Cletus pay you $200 for a birthday shoutout like Carole Baskin

  3. I just took a moment to imagine an echo chamber of Trump supporters and decided that I’d prefer to listen to a bag of cats.

    1. ​@darlene harris There are two things that would make commenting on YouTube videos worthwhile.
      First would be captcha,
      Second would be to completely remove comments.

    1. Well, you had an illiterate president in the White House which you thought was a stable genius, what does that say about your country and your people?.

    2. @F. Carlos Del Mundo for the record, there is exactly one person who thought Trump is a stable genius. I can guarantee that it isn’t the original commenter.
      As for our country and people, we have just as many stupid people as any other country. Our stupid people are just allowed to own guns and they like to be loud.

    3. More pieces to the puzzle: 1) Montana Physician, Dr. Annie Bukacek
      discusses how Covid-19 death certificate protocol from CDC were
      rewritten in late March, 2020

      2) May 18/20 Collin County Commissioners discuss new, “questionable”
      protocol to write up Covid cases: Go to the 34th minute mark and listen
      to their discussion:​

      3) Study reveals 42% of healthy people have 19 or more living viruses:
      “The Blood DNA virome in 8000 humans”: So, the presence of viral
      material does not indicate ‘infectious disease’ or sickness.

      4) Examining data Covid-19 has relatively no effect on deaths in US:
      and here is the data discussed in detail:

      5) PCR tests are completely inaccurate and therefore any lock-downs or
      mask-wearing based on inaccurate and unreliable data is “unlawful”

      6) Another interview with Virologist/Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (in
      the medical field for 50 years).

      7) Doctors unite to protest inaccurate data, inappropriate Covid
      measures, and manipulation by C.D.C.

      8) The dangers of the Deep State’s Great Re-set:

      9) The Corbett Report criticizes the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global
      RESET’. James Corbett talks about the downside of a technocracy/socialism by Globalists Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Bill Gates

    4. @Oracle Of Delphi Agree with most of your sentiment, but it’s hard to argue that we don’t have more dumbasses here than abroad.

  4. The republican party is full of Stooges. From Moe to Larry to Shemp to Curly to….

    Um, we”re going to need more Stooges. A LOT more.

  5. The Republicans of the extreme right, have caused far to much damage by there actions,and are foolish idiots,

  6. Trump and the Republicans administration think they only represent Republicans only!!
    Biden will be President too ALL Americans.

    1. They don’t even represent the average Republicans who voted for them. They have no loyalty, no sense of responsibility.

  7. people are still sending him money to fight the fraud, 120 million so far, he can spends it as he pleases, and it is still coming in. Why would he concede

  8. Of course, They do not believe, as long part of the population believes, they have standing… Pure Evil!

  9. America doesn’t have enough veterans around to remind the populace of what’s worth fighting for…AND IT AIN’T BONESPURS.

  10. “If yоu саn’t tаke сare of yоur siсk in the соuntry, fоrget it, it’s аll оver.”
    ― The Dоnаld @ Lаrry King Livе, Оctоber 1999

    1. We need only consider the source of this comment made on Larry King Live. We should have been able to take care of this sick man, the opportunities were only minimally considered. Impeached, not formally diagnosed.

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