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  1. I really hope the RNC convention is just like Donnie’s Tulsa rally.
    A lot of empty seats and people creatively trolling him online!

    1. wish for as many Trump supporters jammed in the building as possible…they need to have beach balls bouncing around the room..people crowd surfing and everyone should get a free bottle of bubbles they will all blow at the same time when Trump gets on stage to celebrate his majesty….We need lady’s sitting on men’s shoulders screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs…We need those same lady’s trying to throw their underwear on stage…
      We need t-shirt cannons blasting all over the place…We need to create a form that tells Trump supporters if they write down their address they will receive a Make America Great Again hat and Underwear. tell them Some lucky supporters will receive a pillow with Trumps picture filled with Hydroxy pills- Then only give them one pen….
      We need people tooting on birthday horns and screaming in little mega phones…
      Perhaps even have a special kazoo group playing the National Anthem as people join in with their free Trump kazoo…We need to make sure that air conditioner is not working and every person in that building is sweating like crazy…
      We need only one bathroom for the entire family reunion..I mean Trump rally….
      I think you get the idea..😁

    2. @mophodgmail I actually like giving them a bonus from time to time..
      I am guessing they as well are saving up for their kids college…🤔😁Plus the stupid 💩 they say is funny

  2. DeSantis is absolutely incompetent to deal with the pandemic in Florida as well as being highly ignorant of the facts and should resign 🧐🤔

    1. @KALDOUT WNZ “The more we protest” Please continue the protests and riots. Let the American people see who, “normal ppl,” really are.

    2. @Peter Bills For a brief moment forgot how easy it is for some ppl to take a comment completely out of context. Allow me to explain sprout; The topic of discussion is conducting a convention in the midst of a pandemic. My thought is . . . why protest ie DISAGREE, OBJECT, etc. Let them carry on.

    3. I agree any Governor following Trump thru this has the blood of Americans on their hands now.
      Crazy Idea:
      Perhaps if we had a person that could be in charge of the entire Country.
      You know like a boss that does not let his managers run a company.
      Especially in a time of crisis.
      Our Country should think of something like that 🤔

    4. @KALDOUT WNZ As many people as possible shoved in a non air conditioned convention center all blowing bubbles at the same time

    5. @Elmosweed The visual you present is about as serious as some ppl take this pandemic. There is absolutely no convincing them otherwise. Tragic, and senseless..

    1. @Serai3 Don’t know why you say this. This is serious. I just need to know what he is doing that is so bad?

    2. @stray fiftynine how about NOT disbanding the pandemic response team just because it had Obama’s name on it?! How about not sending our PPE to freaking China?! How about NOT appointing Jared Kushner to head his response team, you know, because he has never even held a freaking government position much less handled ed a freaking pandemic?! You cannot be do dumb as to think that’s all a job well done. If you do, you are indeed a useless moron.

    3. @Fred Nielson What should he have done? Pandemics happened. It came from china. Aren’t they responsible for the pandemic. What and how did he surrender to the pandemic. He closed the country when the experts said he didn’t need to. Economy was going great till it hit. wasn’t it? He is trying to open us back up. Is that bad?

    4. @Gloominusdm Why are you calling me names. I am just asking. It is like your are mad at me or something. Why?

  3. Trump can’t walk a dog let alone leading America’s deadliest pandemic.

    Worst President in US history.

  4. I don’t think Trump is trying to win this election. It looks like he’s had enough. I’m not saying he’s going to lose, but I am saying I don’t think he really cares if he does.

    1. He’s setting it all up so when he loses he can play the victim card and blame it on his imaginary vote-by-mail fraud. I would love to see him convicted of at least one of his major crimes – how about the one Roger Stone is keeping? Any crime will do. Oh, and it’s time to restructure the powers of the presidency, to avoid the abuse we’ve seen over the past 4 years. He thinks his “authority is total” and in many ways he’s right.

    2. Except for one thing, Jason. If he loses, he will lose everything and possibly wind up in prison which makes him a desperate and dangerous man capable of doing whatever it takes to stay in power. We must be prepared for that eventuality –he either simply calls the results invalid and refuses to leave or he uses the chaos of the pandemic and civic unrest in the streets to cancel elections to simply stay in office. I sure hope someone has a plan for either eventuality. To say it can’t happen is foolish. No one has been able to stop him yet.

  5. We need to move forward Trump needs to be kicked out of office but we can only do that if we vote

    1. @Peter Bills vote to make sure it happens. Repugs will do anything to win. I’m tired of all the winning that the Buffon said would happen 🤡🤡

    2. T R U M P 2020 ******* //////// T R U M P 2020 ******* //////// T R U M P 2020 ******* ////////

    3. @Steve Fitts nah what if another pandemic comes in Trump would just play golf and blame other people

  6. Trump is a dark cloud on American democracy and civility. There is no silver lining, only poison in this cloud.

    1. @Sean Molloy He managed to recognise an elephant in a cognative test so he must be above 12, ignores a major pandemic so must be below 30

  7. Covid 19 is salivating for the gathering in Jacksonville. MAGA – Many Are Getting Afflicted.

    1. T R U M P 2020 ******* //////// T R U M P 2020 ******* //////// T R U M P 2020 ******* ////////

    2. RazielBorn: Funny thing about power ; when you have it the world is your oyster. When you don’t, the world looks right thru you. Who’s going to feel sorry enough for a loser like Trump to take him in? All his relationships are based on transactions and without the power of the Presidency he cannot transact with anyone. I don’t think he will be allowed to keep the billions of dollars he has made off the American taxpayers and that’s basically all the real money he has. The rest was a myth he created to keep himself afloat when his papa’s money ran out and the bankruptcies made him financial poison to everyone but the criminals who used him to launder their wealth. Now even his brand is toxic.

  8. Oranges poranges doesn’t care if all the poor and middle class die. It would make a small portion of our fellow Americans very happy.

    1. @Sandy Allen I agree but, they were in control of our money before this and they’ll be in control after this.

    2. @Steve Fitts I hope I’m right there at the pearly gates to see your face as you desend. Bless your soul!

    3. trump said during the recession that he loved it, when people lost everything they had, he said people like him buy it up for cheap.

  9. Jobless Americans to Ivanka Trump: “Find something new”. I’d start looking now if I were you.

    1. @CherBear well if they did anything against the government they can go by by. If the justice dept becomes loyal again hopefully the entire crime family goes i can hope atleast.i would even go to church again if that works

  10. He HAS to have people there to adore him. Well, he just might be killing off all of his supporters…..???????hummmmmm

    1. Half are prob already gone..or don’t vote anyway..i think the trolls are just having too much fun being trolls to

    1. Unfortunately my niece is there.
      He/they are just adding salt to the wound
      Endangering more lives.
      It is insane.
      Why still no Nationalized testing and tracing.
      No production of P.P.E.

    2. @Kimberly Morris I have cousins that recently moved there to help their parents who are in their mid eighties..then this crap even worse..desantos is a useless tool..and trump is his master

  11. 140 000 deaths AT LEAST
    70 000 new cases TODAY
    Republicans STILL heard screaming about 4 Americans murdered in Bengahzi.

    1. It keeps their ignorant base triggers and they know it. Four years of investigations seven hundred and fifty million dollars spent and they still couldn’t prove a thing, oh yeah and let’s don’t forget Hillary’s e-mails. What a waste of breath they are.

  12. **maybe Ivanka could borrow melania’s,””, I REALLY DON’T CARE,, DO YOU””, JACKET… The trumps have really never cared,, about working class Americans….**

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