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  1. America is

    23 in education.
    37 in healthcare.
    52 in gender equality.
    No high speed train.
    Highest number of homeless people.
    Highest number of incarcerated people.
    78% of people live paycheck to paycheck.

    Stock market is not economy of Americans, where 90% of money belongs to top 10% of population, it’s wallet of the rich!

    Let’s talk like adults, instead of name calling!

    I have left ample of proof on my playlist, if you like to check…

    Let’s make our country better…

    1. Don Hardcastle Fox doesn’t supply legit statistics. But all they have to do is convince YOU. Which they’ve done.

    2. Don Hardcastle You ought to worry about the voters, not some rich dude scoring on his name.
      Hunter’s not going to vote your guy out—we are.🇺🇸😎

    3. @hanna maria I’ve noticed that the SAME miserable, selfish pos that BAN women from exposing their breast in public to feed their babies, like trump, who finds it “disgusting “, are the ones who think being made to cover their POSSIBLY germ ridden face holes, is an egregious affront to their freedom, and “unnatural “….gtfo!

    4. @We are all connected Jesus Christ WEPT woman!!!
      Calm the fcuk down!
      Breastfeeding is the LEAST of the worries of a Trump supporters!

      Most Republicans feel you should be able to go topless….. 😉

    1. @xeon22that’s where it ended, to be sure! However, where did it start? The Steele dossier?
      How did that come about?

      Documents show funding came from the “Hillary for America” campaign and the DNC……………
      You’re burnt Joe…

    2. @Don Hardcastle what I find interesting is that he was Really great friends and close to the orange POTUS 🐷 family and especially Ivanka .. SO explain that 1….

    3. @Don Hardcastle I have done no research into what you are ‘alleging’ so I will not comment on that but if the Rule of Law as we know it is destroyed it will be too late for the NAYSAYERS in the country to say, ‘Oh I didn’t know…’!

    1. @Warm Violet
      Wrong. Fauci, though not perfect is out only hope. The problem is possible such as yourself who revise to believe science and instead, listen to a tv character who was wrongly given the most important job in the world.

    2. @Warm Violet womp womp womp
      Lookie there what a good parrot you are.
      Seems noone taught you critical thinking skills.

  2. Are Republicans getting tired yet of picking up the presidential rattle and putting it back in the pram.

    1. @Jeremiah Bachmann The military will not go with Trump. They will go by the Constitution. They take their pledge seriously.

    1. I feel like we are all on a gigantic bus watching a drunken Trump swerve all over the road endanger our lives with a smile on his face.

    2. @Marisa Dalla Valle But Pelosi makes sense, stays on task, speaks clearly, and honors her oath of office. Trump cannot hold one thought, slurs his speech, jumps from half an idea to half of another, lies, denies, deflects, has no plan except to blame someone else. Vote and get rid of Trump before we have no country left and the Whitehouse just becomes more of a backdrop for Trump to enrich his businesses and sell products for friends.

    3. @Weber Conservative Nah. It’s more like people need a barf bag when the Orange Fuhrer starts talking.

    1. Joyce Smith To quote an old British comedy film trump will be shouting “Infamy! infamy! they’ve all got it in for me!

    1. President Junk is a 2 headed snake, with his approval of course senile Navarro go after Dr Fauci.

    1. Actually no but it is still shocking and hard to percieve how we got here. There’s a mean spiritness in the country that I’ve never witnessed before

  3. If by some miracle Biden is allowed to take over when he wins the election, we need to do exactly what this evil puppet is doing…but breaking the rules to help the people instead of creating an authoritarian dictatorship.

    1. @Dale white what is it with the toddler rhetoric? Almost as if you haven’t moved on emotionally and intellectually from that phase of your life… Grow up.

  4. The only time I want to hear/read the name Trump after Jan 2021 is when I hear/read he is being handcuffed and led away.


    1. @Marty Baldwin
      Nah it won’t get skewed because the collators like Worldometers will still have the data to collate, actually probably more accurate data because the health services can add in the overall death rates so you can see the true effect of covid19, so far it is looking like the confirmed deaths are only about 50 percent of the total increase in death in the US according to early studies, let me put that in context: You can not be that far out by chance only by policy, yes you can only ever under report by virtue of the nature of the thing but the rest of the west has a typical “at any point” under reporting ratio of 2:1 which then improves as services catch up but never a 1:1 ratio, or even close.

    2. Darth Wheezius Thanks for that information. I always hear about underreporting but not by 50%! Yikes.

    3. @Marty Baldwin
      Those were initial studies which should always be a worse case scenario but it is worth noting that unlike in the UK where samples were taken for testing as and when the system caught up to the outbreak the US was not doing this so many people who died will never be recorded correctly especially as in the beginning the only reported cases were of people tested when alive(still in policy in Florida right now) and US testing was basically non existent. Now where some states have tried to correct numbers, NY for example thus uplifting their reporting places like Florida have restricted their reporting. I am waiting for the next round of studies to be published because I think the overall death rate is the one to look at because when you look at the increase you have to ask “OK I can’t confirm absolutely what these extra deaths were from but what was the new factor in play during this period?”.

    4. I’m hoping they make copies in triplicate and then send them to both while keeping their own records. You know, just in case anyone is contemplating any…shenanigans.

  5. The Trump Administration’s attitude toward the American people is adversarial. His policies and his language aren’t indicative of public service. He’s always looking to punish someone.

    1. That’s what his father taught him to do…many already knew of the Trump family and on how some of their wealth was made/acquired.

      Money talks and BS walks…even when it’s the truth.

  6. They seem to forget that every teacher is also somebody’s child. My child is a 30 yr old teacher and I am worried sick about her. I want her to quit but no luck so far.

    1. Hi, Thumper. I’m a teacher in Houston. We are being forced to return to the classroom in person in early September. I texted my parents today and asked them about me making a will. My mom cried.

    2. I’m a teacher of 32 years I love my kids but I can’t go back to school and teach I resigned so maybe talk to your daughter about teaching online that’s what my kids did for me I think it’s going to work really good at least I know my students are safe and I’m safe until this is over and it’s a new adventure teaching online

    3. Thumper my two grandkids are in college out of state…I don’t want them to go back for fall semester. I feel your pain.

    4. I wish I could retire, but I can’t, I have to go back to school and risk my life: thanks, trump, thanks desantis!

  7. Dr. Fauci is everything dumpy isn’t. That man is a pure soul and all America has right now. If you are with trump you are the problem.

    1. Why hasn’t Congress tried to do anything to stop Trump from stopping information from going to CDC?

      Why haven’t they stopped Trump and sent him to an asylum or jail already!!!

      So much for government check and balances
      When corruption gets out of control!!!!

    2. @s after seeing mary trumps` book on her uncle, maybe congress needs to relook at the 25th Amendment for Trump?

  8. King Trump is more worried about his taxes being shown than people dying from the virus. American Facts people

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