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  1. Texas needs to be totally locked down. They should recall their Governor & Lieutenant Governor who have completely failed them.

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 STHU & take your 🐂💩 trump supporting fanfool propaganda to a fox news news thread with the rest of the Idiotd where in your “statistics” does it show the facts that trump knew about the virus ahead of time tried to keep it under wraps & blocked early testing in an attempt to help chump trumps RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN even trump admitted this on national TV you are obviously quoting 💩 from Trump yesterday you are that stupid & want any1 to believe anything that this racist impeached fool says when he also told everyone on live TV that everything was going to be ok that this virus would disappear that it was a democrat hoax to keep him down to inject household cleaning products as a virus cure & use drugs that weren’t tested or proven to work you are a trump Fanfool enjoy his FAILURE to get re-elected moron he is the dumbest worst president ever
      DUMP TRUMP 2020!!

    1. Bigotry comes in all shapes and sizes.

      That is why America has anti-discrimination laws.
      But we see how hard it is to get even Employers to follow the laws not to Discriminate against minorities, women, elderly, disabled, etc

      We need to change the Heart and Mind
      By Love and Kindness to one another.


    2. @s Yes. In the late 60s the anti-war love each other mentality was strong. There was no animosity between political parties. We were all Americans standing up for each other. The nation was a better place at the time despite anti-war riots and police brutality. Today the division is killing us.

  2. TrumpCult Republican party has only one wish: a death wish. Trump wants less voters to turn out to be favorable for his chance to be reelected. Those GOP governors want the same. That is why they together object to the mail-in-voting. Because there is a higher chance of the hacking interference. So disgusting. Shame on the TrumpCult republicans.

    1. Noticed your not getting mail delivery daily anymore? Drumpf sabotaging postal service to discourage mail voting.

    1. Remember they said it’s all the blue states were getting sick and all the red state folks believed is was a “hoax”. Now we can ask “How is it a hoax now”. Covid 19 is an unbiased virus. Now it’s their turn to see how 45 and his minions don’t even respect republicans or anyone : )

    2. @Monta Middleton the virus attacks those ignorant fools that believe the virus is a hoax, that refuse to wear masks, that insist on reopening schools and businesses before we should, that believe their religion will protect them, that don’t believe in science….in other words: RED STATES!!!!!!

      VOTE BLUE IN NOVEMBER 2020 !!!

  3. Save America and vote Comrade Trump out of office. Vote out all republicans 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

    1. & let a few HUNDRED THOUSAND more citizens die while you sit back & WAIT to vote!

  4. I was so looking forward to yesterday’s Corona Task Force information yesterday. I was hoping Trump sent his condolences to the families of 144,000 dead Americans from Covid 19. Trump sent his well wishes the a pedophilic woman in prison. Explain this insanity, please???

    1. Whats there to explain?
      You elected a Deranged Animal & you don’t EVER hold him accountable for ANYTHING!!!

      It’s Unbelievable how America ENABLES their Deranged Leader.
      Not ONCE have they imposed Serious consequences for Any of his Actions.
      Hence; your apathy is now costing you your lives! Waiting to vote will
      cost you country HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS more Deaths!
      What you as a Nation has allowed Trump to do to you is ASTOUNDING!


  5. Texas is lacking in true leadership, but tRump certainly begs the cry that AMERICA is dying from lack of any kind of leadership. Acting pres tRump is just that… ACTING for his ratings. He doesn’t give a hoot for a single American life, none of us are safe under tRump’s despicable lack of leadership (all to lift his ‘rating’s and self esteem). SICKENING.

    1. You are spot on but educating Chump bobo honkers with the truth hasn’t worked since he stole the election almost 4 years ago.

  6. Genocide any governor refusing to shut down charge with premeditated nelegence homicide. Have them arrested

    1. I was just thinking the same thing before seeing this post! It seems that the Republican Governors in the south are purging their state of ethnic minorities. If others fall to the disease it’s just collateral damage!

    2. @Peter Bills thought you’d like to know – NY doing pretty good right now .
      40 (pick a number) other states not so good – especially where there are GOP Governors
      They’ll probably go down with Trump
      Would you rather be in NY or Florida right now ?
      Just sayin’…..

    3. The Republican of Texas and other who choose to let peoples die from coronavirus guns, drugs bad food alcohol remember dig ditches for us make them for yourselves fear and hate the houses are falling down oh scientists experts can’t help you

    4. @Peter Bills hey – keep your bs “opinions” in Moscow
      You are not fooling anybody but yourself

    1. Last updated: July 22, 2020, 20:29 GMT

      United States

      Coronavirus Cases:
      145,706 <----- ~ Well Done, Adolf Twitler. 😈

    2. As long as the affected areas are those predominantly populated by democratic voters, this will go on. Do the research and see which areas/zip codes are the most affected and how they vote and you’ll see why this is happening.


      Median Age of Death: 78
      Nearly 50% of Deaths Occurred in Nursing Homes
      99.96% of Fatalities Are in Adults
      U.S. Fatalities Have Fallen 75% Since Mid-April
      Fatality Rate in the United States: 3.7%
      Hospital Stays Nearly Half of the Length in April
      Hospital Mortality Rates Cut in Half Since April
      Nearly 4-Fold Increase in Testing Last 2 Months
      50% More Tests Per Capita Than Europe
      3x More Test Than Rest of Western Hemisphere
      0 Unfulfilled Government Requests for State Needs
      7,000 Medical Military Personnel in TX, AZ, FL, CA
      2 Vaccines in Final Phase Testing This Month
      First Vaccine Ready Will be Available Immediately

      ~ Well Done, Mr. President

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Wow! I mean the virus is real and all, but those numbers look like we’re doing pretty good considering Neil Ferguson predicted we’d have 2.2 million dead in the US by this time. Neil Ferguson not to be confused with Turd Ferguson.

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500
      Last updated: July 22, 2020, 20:43 GMT
      United States
      Coronavirus Cases:
      145,740 <---- Well done, Adolf Twitler.👿

    4. @Peter Bills Trump predicted “down to zero soon” back in Feb. when experts were telling him quite otherwise. Shows what an utterly lame and fake “leader” he is.

  7. trump ordered all hospitals that all number of cases and deaths go to Him. Not to the CDC so he can now manipulate data!

    1. @Julie Dorval Yes, very right. Anyone who has not been in a coma or in MAGA Land know how Trump condemned China for hiding numbers. (SEE: ala ska)

    2. @Julie Dorval That’s how you know what Chump is doing, whoever he’s accusing is what he is doing.

  8. The CT congressman has good insight and practical suggestions. Beto is correct when he says that in TX, they want the poor to do all the dying.

    1. Diabolical way to use a virus. Only Trump and his sick puppets would use a pandemic to weaken a nation to take it over.

    2. The Republicans are loving this. You don’t have to go all the way to Russia, the murderers are right here in America.

  9. Why doesn’t the judge or mayor or whomever is highest in the county put out a statement to stay home and wear masks if you have to go out. Just ignore the governor.

    1. Pedro:
      Maybe U can have Dr Fauci put on the air that everyone in TX should be using there mask to save there lives.

    2. Hi Pedro, Dr. Fauci has stated the importance of wearing a mask, and performing other infection control activities in many videos and “non-White House interviews.” CNN, MSN, NBC, ABC, CBS, independent media outlets, internet sites, etc. interview him often, and regard him as the expert that we should listen to for guidance. The White House occupant ( Donald), has in essence banned him from appearing and speaking during White House press conferences. I wish you and Texans well. We are all in this together! 🙏🏼 #FauciKnowsBest

    1. I’m trying to hear that but all that comes across is the whining of Mrs Donald Jesus Putin and his cult followers!

  10. America, pathetically, you have successfully lowered yourselves to the rank of third world because you elected the most eccentric president the world has ever known

    1. Eccentric is not the first word that comes to mind……ignorant, racist, misogynistic, greedy, narcissistic, arrogant are more accurate. Liberace was eccentric.

    2. BigBad Daddy it must be exhausting to continually defend that incompetent fool pretending to be president

    3. BigBad Daddy if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck. Experience is the best teacher and anyone who has lived under dictatorships and authoritarian governments know exactly what it looks like. And this looks just like it. You know, there’s not much difference between dictatorships and communism.

  11. Epstein and gang made money abusing some young girls, Trump and his gang still want to make more money killing American children. No wonder trump “wishes her [GMaxwell] well”

  12. Ted Cruz is warning people of Un-American Democrats while people are dropping like flies all over Texas!

  13. Forget Covid your own president is attacking your country with federal troops and the world feels for you on both

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