Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 29th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 29th | MSNBC

Watch highlights of Thursday's All In with Chris Hayes

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  1. I just wonder if the emergency services from 911 , nurses or doctors will be autorized yo refuse atention to any of the attendees to the meeting….

    1. My heart goes to all hospital workers fr their patience especially after hearing all those stupid reason why they don’t get vaccinated but now in ICU they want any drugs tht can keep them alive

    2. Sadly they should be in high load and case situations, because they made the personal choice not to protect themselves or others. Increasing the risk and load on those medical professionals.

    3. Nope…we gotta give them the same attention as everyone else! I’m in TX but same story diff state…I know I know so wrong!

    4. @David Hale it is great yo be able to have conversations with respect, I still believe that shooting yourself or OD. its a bit different than deciding not to wear a mask or get a shot, you are deciding to risk more than your life…

  2. There’s nothing in the US Constitution to protect citizens from mask mandates. Civic duty should be all it takes to get citizens to wear masks and protect each other and their own loved ones. If think masks don’t prevent the spread of infections, insist that your surgical team not wear them before your next operation.

    1. I tried that tactic last night with angry no-masker Stephanie Wagers. I asked people to consider the trauma and exhaustion of the hospital nurses. She yelled at me, saying that the nurses were Obligated to take care of everyone because of their “Oath”. It makes me so sad.

    2. @Kryptonarie 63 You may be projecting. Your psychoanalysis is not accurate. Then again, if you’re one who follows the science, you know that psychology doesn’t meet any of the scientific community standards

    3. @Muddy Water ​”Illnesses caused by wearing a mask?” None have been reported by shop staff or transport workers, Muddy. Only foggy spectacles.

    4. @greg hill Has that been proven? During the Spanish flu, an experiment was conducted where 100 healthy subjects were sprayed in the face and injected with mucus and other excrement from 3 infected patients. They were also asked to sit in close proximity with each other and talk directly into each other’s face. None of the 100 subjects got sick. Since then it has been determined that aerosols are extremely difficult to work with in a test setting and probably unethical. They have still yet to prove how these diseases are spread.

    1. @DAVID LEAMAN … do what you want. I’m not a anti vaccine person but the government is pushing this vaccine like a high school drug dealer.

    2. @Muddy Water And you? What about your serious brain dysfunction? How’d that happen? You clearly have no knowledge whatsoever about how the mRNA vaccines were created. It wasn’t at warp speed, I’ll tell you that. As soon as scientists saw the genome they knew immediately what they were dealing with. They’d been researching it for decades. That’s how it happened at ‘warp speed.’ The vaccines work in the sense that they keep you from overwhelming disease and dying. They don’t keep you 100% from getting infected. That’s been said from the very beginning.

    3. @Muddy Water On that point you are terribly wrong and some people might be influenced by your biased view. You are probably a person who values the chance to make up your own mind about the vaccine. Why would you try to influence other people’s choices with your uninformed rhetoric? You are actually doing exactly what you rebel against, with your fake concerns (not grounded on any facts but grounded on fear) over the vaccines. Just let people make up their own minds without making up alternate facts.

    4. @Muddy Water Do you have a small, round scar on your upper arm or thigh,? Did you go to kindergarten? Elementary school? If so, news bulletin: You’ve been vaccinated.

  3. I am from Missouri and am so ashamed of these crazy people’s behavior. I don’t understand.

    1. @Jack of all Trades They also spreading the disease to people who do not deserve be sick or ended up dead.

      Talk about volunteering to depopulate the planet and cause other folk illness with no consequences, maybe next time name the next Wuhan variant HiV. They’ll all be running get their third booster shots.

  4. So be it, doctor.
    You tried and your voice wasn’t heard.
    As an RN of 24 yrs, I’m done with be understanding.
    Play stupid games.
    Win stupid prizes.

    1. Yup! CNA in Texas I can’t believe the irresponsible recklessness of these idiots…GOD know I got them in my state in droves and I’m just DONE! If it hits home…it might make a different, not not holding my breath

    2. @Jack of all Trades People say “we can’t fix stupid” COVID SAYS “I CAN FIX STUPID”

    3. @Charity C
      Did you get vaccinated?
      Just stay safe because some people prefer being reckless.

  5. How stupid do these people have to be???

    This isn’t a freedom issue it’s a public health issue!!

    1. @Mark Evans Sir.. It is great that you have been Vaccinated BUT these are dire times.. “IF” you knew in advance that by just continuing to wear the damned mask while among others it could save just “One Single Life” from COVID ..of someone who simply was not willing to get the Vaxxine because they have been gaslit into believing False it not worth it??? This is NOT a USA Problem it is Global…We are ALL Tired of COVID..but the Reality is not going away anytime soon..”IF” we all do our part…surely at least we can get things under better control than they are now.. The Doctors and Nurses that are begging that we listen up are NOT Crisis Actors ..they are overworked Medical Professionals that are exhausted and fed up with having to tell Folks that there is nothing more that can be done.. It is so damned tragic that so many refuse to believe, until it directly involves them or one of their loved ones.

    2. @Littleman I agree with you. And some people who have had Coronavirus are still suffering from the long-term effects.
      Over 600 thousand people has died so far. How in the world could anyone still believe it’s a hoax?

    3. @eveFlower101 I’m vaccinated and still wear a mask when out in public because I care about others as well.

  6. How long before refrigerated trucks start parking outside their hospitals to store the dead???

    1. What’s occurring in this country is the spectacle of uniquely American arrogance and entitlement to assume that what happens in less developed countries can’t and won’t happen here.

    2. We’re on the same page Angela, l live in the North Bronx near Montefiore hospital and l remember the 2 refrigerated trailers parked on the side walk that l had to pass every day on my way to work and seeing the bodies loaded in there all day and all night

  7. Crazy uneducated people will never listen to rational info and the science they only care for themselves and no others.

    1. @Psyence The uneducated CAN be tought. Its the willfully ignorant and radicaly indoctrinated you need to watch out for.

    2. I know that I am not in health care businesses, if I am then I will not treat
      Any anti vaccine whom got covid19.

    3. Adding crazy to uneducated is a terrible combo but I’d like to add that stupidity was quite prevalent in that room. A stupid person cannot know that they don’t know what they’re talking about. A crazy person doesn’t know that they are crazy that’s what makes them crazy

  8. When you are consumed with hatred, you yell, scream, and threatened people working to save your life.

    1. @Todd Jones maybe it is a collapse that needed to happen..the unabated racism and fear is now out in the open…it is to be expected but still very disappointing.

    2. @Todd Jones It doesn’t have to be this way if GOP leaders and Trump’s cult STOPPED ENABLING THE KING TROUBLEMAKER AND DISRUPTER OF OUR DEMOCRACY, WITH ALL OF ITS GREAT INSTITUTIONS – Donald J Trump!

  9. Let us hope that these folks who refuse the basic hygene precautions and obviously see that even the advice to wash their hands after they have been to the toilet, is an infringement of their rights… NEVER have the opportunity to be employed by a food outlet and never have a hand in making me a sandwich.

  10. If they want to risk getting sick and dying let them. I’m over it. You can’t fix stupid. There won’t be enough of them left after this pandemic is over to protest like this so let them have their “liberty”.

    1. Trump had a choice in 2016 of running as a Republican or Democrat. God love him, The Hitman can spot a sucker at 20 paces.

    2. It would be fine to let them get sick and die if their stupidity wasn’t putting others at risk.

  11. The only way they will get it is when they -or someone close to them – are on their death beds

    1. If that. I believe these people are beyond repair. They will blame the doctors or the nurses and keep being stupid.

  12. Unfortunately, people are paying more attention to unqualified corrupt politicians than science and medical professionals. And a price, in lives, will be paid.

    1. The real problem is called Adult Oppositional Defiant Disorder. They know right from wrong. It’s all about confirmation of their fragile little feelings. Do that and you can control them all like the GOP does.

    2. Hopefully the vast majority of that cost is their lives. If people have to die from this virus, may it be the people actively enabling the virus.

      Preferably before it mutates so far my vaccinations are worthless.

    3. @bombastic attitude – Scientific minds have brought us Tuskegee, thalidomide, toxic baby powder, genetically altered food, Fukushima, and more recently, the CDC-funded acceleration of SARS/Covid into bio weaponry for shitz & giggles. What’s not to trust?

  13. What a tragedy that the republicans have made people believe they can’t trust the government, when in reality – it’s the republicans in government that they can’t trust.

    1. Just imagine of how many republican left to go voting? When they are dead and demonstrates have no one left to run against.

  14. Remember what your parents told you kids?
    There is “NO reward” for bad behavior
    A lifetime rule…….learn it !!

  15. Oh my God…the Karen shrieking ‘we will not comply’ is nails on a blackboard. Imagine having to listen to her more than a couple of minutes.

    1. I know, I was listening to this broadcast and doing something else on computer and when that Karen came on I tried hitting the mute and missed several times. Imagine being married to that.

  16. I saw a meme recently where a woman says, “you can’t fix stupid.” Coronavirus replies, “I can fix stupid.” This is a reality I have come to accept.

  17. I think our “Karen” here needs to take a couple of unmasked tours through a Covid ward and let us know all about her rights in a couple of weeks.

    1. No because it’s America and everybody want to be treated like they’re king and queens.

    2. @Jetta I agree. They will never see the light. They will eventually get infected and infect other people in their circle. I stay away from crowds and have been wearing a mask since day one. I don’t care what these fools do. Let them commit suicide. We can’t fix stupid. That’s why the Neanderthals are all gone.

    3. Donald : “get on your knees and worship me, give me all your money”
      Karen: “We Will Comply…..”

    4. @Francesca we dont have the same genetics ijs some of us have very serious reactions to drugs and chemicals and I remember certain groups being subject to experimentation without compensation for decades subjecting thier loved ones to Untreated Syphilis unknowingly just like the vac that thig up song sounds like its a an advertisementstating after the vac your safe to sleep with whom ever smh agendas

    5. ​@Francesca not really certain people have small bits of Neanderthal dna walking around today its the ones that dont have that dna ijs different immune systems some really already have anti bodies and will never get sick

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