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  1. Isn’t he kind of rigging the mail-in ballots by making it so difficult to do so? Maybe that’s what he meant when he said the mail-in elections will be rigged.

    1. HIs job as pres. is to protect Constitution, including right to vote, so… isn’t he admitting incompetence when he says it will be a “failure”? That manufactured “failure” is all of his own. doing!!

  2. A curse put on America. Disaster after disaster. Another disaster is on his way. Remove Trump from the White House and the blessings will be overwhelming.

    1. @Kaleb1057 … in order to make the judiciary and the dept of justice “independent” is to remove them from executive influence. which would mean removing the justice dept from being a cabinet agency and to disallow the “president’ from making judicial appointments. also restricting judgeships to 15 years as opposed to life-time appointments is also a requirement. also, the “electoral” college must be abolished. and the dictatorial powers of BOTH the house speaker and senate majority leader must also be REMOVED!
      NONE of this will ever happen. REFORM DOESN’T WORK! you wanna fix these problems? – you MUST tear down and replace the system that promotes and encourages this corruption. history has proven this time and again over the last 6000 years!
      you want democracy? abolish capitalism! as long as there’s an elite – there’ll be corruption. they’ll just continue to BUY every politician necessary to accomplish the elite’s agenda. MONEY CORRUPTS! and sense the elite have ALL the money, they’re ones doing the corrupting.

      its so simple it ain’t funny. you END corruption by removing the INCENTIVE to be corrupt! the elite WILL NEVER do this. – WE MUST DOI T!

    2. @c. j. macq In Russia and China and many other countries, they removed the one elite and another elite is born.

    3. @Kaleb1057 …that’s true. that’s what’s happened time and again over 6000 years. the french and american revolutions suffered the same result. the idea is to stop that cycle. one thing for sure, apathy towards and acceptance of corruption WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING!
      equalism says – you wanna change the world? FIRST – change yourself. stop falling for the lies we’ve been continuously told by the elite over 1000’s of years. WAKE-UP. stop playing the game designed to divide and enslave us and start living as we know we should be living.
      this is what equalism stresses. BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK! equalism calls it – a “revolution of thought!” i’ve done it. if i can do it – anyone can!

    4. @c. j. macq I am a believer in the Creator. Everything in nature is by design. Evolution is mathematical impossible. There was a moment in time that a very complicated program was run by DNA molecules and the end result is you “c . j . macq ” in the whole universe there is no other you. You are unique.

      I don’t want to change the political system. I am 62 years old. I fought my fights and I worked hard. God blessed me. I don’t need much but what I need I have. I don’t have to work for my daily bread anymore.

      I believe that there are coming very difficult times for everybody in the whole world. I believe if Trump stays, these times will come sooner. If he can be stopped, we get a 4 years relief. I follow Trump 5 years now. He is a wicked man. That’s why I follow the news so closely. After those 4 years relief the decaying of time is unstoppable.

      I try to awaken people but it looks like a drip of water on a hot plate. So now you know my motivation and my limitations. For now this is what I wanted to tell you. You can write me anytime, I’ll try to answer you always.

      May the Eternal God YHVH give you wisdom and bless thee and give you peace in your heart.

  3. If in this country we can do taxes by mail without problem, we can properly vote by mail, too. Time to adult, everybody!

    1. I wish we could all have the right to “impeach!” by mail. I think we should’ve had a say, in the corrupt senates’ decision!

  4. t’rump: “I’m heading to my resort for some golf.”
    America: “The economy is tanked, 1,400 people died yesterday, and another 1.4 million need unemployment.”
    t’rump: “Whatever, it’ll still be like that on Monday.”
    America: “FML. 🤷 “

    1. @Jelly Belly it wasnt Chinas job to keep us safe it was trumps And him shutting down china didnt do nothing it came in through Europe

    2. @Mike Mckibbon – you should try reading my entire comment and get the point. “Donny has done nothing.”

    3. @Tim P haha what about Trump owing China money and his daughter getting many China patents out of nowhere? Trump have been in China pocket for decades

    4. @Qi W Its Coming !!! People Like You are Clueless as to what has been going on in this Country for years and thats just what they want my friend !! Q !

  5. Donald Trump head is spinning in circles just like Linda Blair’s did in the Movie the Exorcist.

    1. i want to know whats making it spin when even the devil wouldnt touch Trump with a 10 foot pole.

  6. Have an extra mail-in voting day BEFORE the scheduled voting date! What are they suppose to do? Trump is the most idiotic person to be power. Please tell me that trump has no reason to see ballots #’s and will have no opportunity to cheat in that way! He is a natural-born cheat!

    1. DT knows he will lose 😆
      Best of luck from Ireland, I lived in America for a few years and you’re some of the kindest, funniest, coolest people I ever met in my life with a work ethic second to none. you just need to get your government squared away and youll be grand 😉

    1. Mail is actually in the United States Constitution, why WOULDN’T he be ignoring it? He ignores everything past the 2nd Amendment.

    2. the problem is Trump’s base doesn’t know this or are ignoring the facts. Trump in the press conference is basically tipping off his base what to do. Going to be ugly…

  7. Oregon has had mail in voting for over 20 years. The reality is that most people do not actually mail in the ballots and instead use the drop off boxes, which are collected daily and pre processed by the County Elections offices. Generally results are available with an hour or so after each election. P.S. I live in Oregon.

    1. Such an easy and convenient process, all states should adapt to Oregon’s mail in voting.


    3. @patricia lafountain Then we going to vote online, and he’s going to cancel the internet! The problem here is not that trump is worried about losing an election. Trump is afraid of going to prison. He knows his day is coming and he will take many people down with him. Including the victims of COVID-19.

  8. The Republicans are trying every trick in the book to block DEM voting, either closing polling
    stations to Trump claiming “fraudulent” mail in voting. HE KNOWS HE’S LOSING! so he’s setting
    up an out. Lets not rely on mail in. Mask up, stay 6 feet,drive to one of those
    “hidden polling stations thats probably miles away and WALK IN THE VOTE on Nov 3rd.
    Don’t give THAT MAN an out! Please! Let’s make it clear even without the mail-in.
    Its about getting THAT MAN out for our country’s sake!

    1. Fortunately, outdoors the risk of being contaminated is far less than indoors.
      If you expect to have to stay in line for a long time: Bring some music. Bring your guitar or violin and have fun with the other voters. Even with social distancing you can sing and dance together and have fun while celebrating your right to vote.
      Go together, bring some popcorn or other things you can share. Some folding chairs for people who cannot stand for a long time. Take some handsanitizer with you.

  9. Name something he hasn’t attacked since being in office!!!!!!

    Now count how many times he has gone against our normal rules of law!!!!!

    EXACTLY!!!!! Lost the counts!!! Too many!!!

    1. You must be referring to Joe Obama Biden, he doesn’t know where he is and could possibly end up in jail when the Duhram report comes out 🤣🤣🤣 and perhaps his son Hunter after receiving money from the Chinese Communist China 🤣

  10. When I first moved from Texas to Colorado, I was impressed with the voter registration process. It was facilitated when I applied for my Colorado drivers license. I voted by mail which was wonderful. I received a letter that they could not match my signature on the ballot with the computer image they had from my drivers license. I went to the County government building and proved my identity. It was easy. I thanked the election officials for their diligence. They do check the mailed ballots!

  11. It’s called the Hegelian Dialect. Problem Action Solution. Trump creates the PROBLEM, then brings about an ACTION to make a SOLUTION that suits him. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

    1. Hi Michael in Australia. As you know, things are disgustingly bad here. Honestly, if, God forbid, Trump wins, I’m moving out of the country. Joann. A progressive in the middle of conservative Indiana.

    2. @steeltown girl My heart goes out to you and your country men and women. From here, looking in from the out side, we are horrified to see our American Brothers and Sisters under such Duress. We have come to know you through movies and TV sound bites. The Jarring Reality is quite different. You deserve better treatment from your Government. The best thing to come out of Trump’s Presidency, is, when he is gone, America will Rise from the Ashes like the Great Phoenix and will again be the Leader of the Free World, looked up to and respected. As you come out bigger, better and stronger, your new Administration will look at the fatal flaws Trump’s Presidency exposed, and bring forth laws that will make sure no one as Inept and Feckless ever sneaks into the Presidency through the back door again. Be strong mate😁 vote Trump and his Sycaphantic Collaborators out. I hope you are safe from the Pandemic, be kind to yourself, family and friends. They are the most important. Know this, the world is watching and praying for you. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  12. America’s most stupidest are currently in a position of power and influence, and America (‘s democracy) is being destroyed

    1. I have voted by mail in Oregon most of my adult life. It is easier and more secure. But that doesn’t fit Trumps agenda to cheat to win again. Illigitament President.

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