Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 6th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 6th | MSNBC


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  1. The wealthiest Americans bought themselves a government that for decades took care of their financial interests ahead of everyone else’s.

    1. This happens when you do not regulate capitalism. Guess who is not willing to regulate capitalism? Republicans. They want America to fail. For what? Just for racism, simply as that.

    2. Every American who is perplexed by what is happening in this country (and in the world) should read Pete Buttigieg’s book, “Trust” and the book by a Calvin University professor called, “Jesus and John Wayne” to get a very clear historic view of the purposeful erosion of peoples’ trust in unions,, banks and governments by the far right extreme Evangelical Christian Nationalist movement. These enormously wealthy organizations( who do not pay taxes) contribute to all the ultra conservative Republican congress members and those right wing Republicans follow their bidding to erode our democracy and turn this country into a White Supremist theocracy.

    1. Ones that work for them = portrait of greed and manipulation
      People who listen to them – portrait of stupidity

  2. Props to Richardson. She is showing great maturity in the face of a ridiculous decision!!!

    1. +Slows me down to a crawl! Brain goes on a holiday with film clips of my life! And I’m very happy!!

  3. On a visit to Europe to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, Donald J. Trump reportedly insisted to his then chief of staff, John Kelly: “Well, Hitler did a lot of good things.” Not really surprising from a guy who is on record praising so many other dictators.

    1. Might consider that your side is evil, side note too bad Trump did not have the judgement to resign after electoral college voted

  4. Lol… he’s a little scared to say that weed is less harmful than alcohol. In 2021. 🤦‍♀️

    1. It’s actually good for your health and there’s research to prove it! Her Mom just Died give her a break.

  5. It’s about time the media started pointing to the real culprit.
    The Pitchforks should be aimed at Murdoch.

    1. I dont know about the implied threat of violence but its time to hold infotainment vultures responsible. They saw a quick buck in sensationalizing the news and america is paying the price. I don’t want msnbc to do it either. Even if im the guy searching ‘jan 6’ looking for footage of the coming race war, deep down i know its like the popeyes sandwich. I want it but deep down i know i probably shouldn’t have it.

  6. Like it or not, rules are rules. The IOC has its own version of what should be done. Ms. Richardson knew the risks and she chose to toke up anyway. She owned up to it and props to her for doing so.

    I agree that MJ doesn’t enhance performance. I agree it’s an outdated rule that should be done away with. But it is what it is. Once you start making exceptions for one person, you’ll have to bend or break the rules for everyone. As for bringing in compassion to the argument, I think a lot of athletes have problems–health, family troubles, deaths of relatives, etc. Making Ms. Richardson the poster child for all this does a disservice to other athletes who may be going through something similar.

    I hope they can and will change the rule, but as it stands, this is the IOC’s decision and also the US track-and-field assoc. decision.

    1. Or just change the rules for everyone. If a rule is outdated don’t say ‘bending the rules for one person’ say that the outdated rule needs updating.

  7. If you can win in track and field with THC in your system, you’re an amazing athlete.

  8. I can’t believe Sha’Carri Richardson had to apologize. I feel like WE owe HER the apology.

    1. Wasn’t there an Olympic swimmer maybe 8 years ago that was found to be smoking weed. Bet he had THC in his blood at the time he won all those gold medals.

    2. I thought “doping” had to do with performance enhancing? I don’t think pot improves running…

  9. According to most religions Murdoch will spend eternity in a place much much warmer than this world he leaves behind.

  10. Alcoholics make the rules for tokers! Maybe those alchies need to ‘smoke a lil’ dubee and RELAX!🤯🥳🇺🇲✌🇺🇲

  11. The dude has more money you can shake a stick at, yet he’s ballin for stopping or trying to stop climate change. FF

  12. Let’s not forget murdoch wouldnt have his sphere of influence if he didn’t have an audience. we should focus on education so folks aren’t so easily deceived by carpet baggers.

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