Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 7th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 7th | MSNBC


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  1. Just when is New York going to actually Charge Trump.? Or is he still above the Law. Why hasn’t the IRS gone after the trump crime gang?

    1. If the FBI had Don Jr’s laptop, with the stuff Hunter had on his, it would’ve been leaked every day and there would’ve been NON STOP coverage right up until the election The FBI is a Democrat weapon

      1.) Google “Hunter Biden laptop.
      2.) Click on images.
      3.) Scroll through until you see pictures of emails and text messages.
      4.) READ THEM.
      There’s plenty of proof of Biden’s corruption.
      There are nude photos and videos.

      Instead of blindly believing whatever msm tells you, perhaps you should start researching for yourself.
      While your at Google’s search look up project mockingbird.
      You are proof that it’s a tremendous success.

    2. @TruthSeeker08 The FBI has had the supposed Hunter Biden laptop since December, 2019. Don’t you know that if there was plausible evidence of crimes on that laptop, Barr’s weaponized DOJ would have indicted someone in the whole year they had the computer?
      The press does not have access to the supposed Biden laptop. Rudy Colludie gave hard drive copies to Fox News (sic) and the WSJ. Neither has felt what’s on the hard drives as newsworthy and both can’t know if it is really Biden’s or not.

    3. @TruthSeeker08 We already know that Hunter has problems. He told us himself. Time to move on. And I will look up what you mention but I will be judging the credibility. It already sounds like it has an agenda.

    4. @TruthSeeker08 Oh I see. Project mocking bird is an excuse you use to advance your own beliefs. I get it.

    5. @TruthSeeker08 The narrative that is being pushed is weird. Hunter was paid millions by corrupt officials that wanted Joe to push the Ukraine authorities to prosecute themselves? Bribing the prosecutor to prosecute yourself is a new one on me. Or, have you all forgotten that Russia wanted an outlet for its oil and bribed officials and Joe helped with an international effort to stop it. The then prosecutor was corrupt and not prosecuting.

  2. The irony of “Fox News” telling their cult not to get vaccinated will come to fruition when enough of their voting base dies from Covid-19 Delta to ensure they can’t win an election.

    1. @Yanski Arbuckle studies also show that Democrats are smarter and more educated than Republicans.

      Studies show 3 out of 5 Republicans don’t believe basic science.

    2. @Cantaloupe Virus no, studies show That Democrats THINK they are smarter and they always refer to themselves as “highly educated” but when you ask them what that means they can never answer it🤷‍♂️

    3. @Yanski Arbuckle lmfao. Where’d you hear that? FOX? Most Republicans are hardly literate, yet rely on an ancient scripture to base their lives off of. Don’t try making the Right out to be intelligent, when they are still stuck believing in fairytales. Come back when the majority of the party believes the world is more that 10,000 years old.

    4. @Yanski Arbuckle if you have to ask what that means… then you just proved your fake story 🤔🤪

  3. Mom: “Don’t touch the stove honey, you will burn yourself”
    Dumb kid: “How dare you tell me not to touch the… aaaaaaaah!”

    1. Lifeguard: NO RUNNING around the pool!
      Kid running around the pool: You’re not my MOM! You can’t tell ME what to do!!!…..(slips, falls on cement, sprains knee) WHAAAAA!!!! MOM!!!
      Lifeguard: (Looks at the mom with stank eye) I told him CRYSTAL CLEAR, NO…RUNNING…around the pool because this is what happens when you don’t LISTEN

  4. My dream job: prying trump name off of buildings with crowbars. A guy in Brazil has job doing it.

    1. Ikr? Saw a pic of someone doing it and I thought then that it looked like an extremely satisfying job. I’d do it for free, lol.

  5. It is also a cheaper form of compensation. It doesn’t cost Trump a dime if the compensation is to cheat the IRS. Get it ? If he paid the compensation in salary (money) he also has to pay Social Security on that, and other state/local taxes. Trump’s standard mode of operation. Be a cheap sob.

  6. “If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.”. This is from the Republicans playbook.

  7. “Anger is invoked deliberately by political figures for its motivating effect. In this sense, it is a brainwashing tool used to create a following.”

  8. 100% of deaths from Covid are from non-vaccinated people? Fantastic! Can we finance more trump rallies without masks?

  9. The strategy of “killing” Blacks, Latinos, and the poor has been around in the GOP for a very long time. This time it may backfire on them greatly.

  10. If we didn’t take back our country in November, we never would be hearing of this.
    Let’s not let them overthrow our democracy on August 13. Be ready America.

  11. If you’ve lost somebody to this virus, or if someone in your life is sick, or if you’re one of the millions suffering economic hardship, please know that you are in our prayers. Please know that you’re not alone. Because now is the time for all of us to help where we can, to be there for each other as neighbors, as co-workers and as fellow citizens.” – Barack Obama

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