Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: June 22nd | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: June 22nd | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Tuesday's All In with Chris Hayes featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci's vaccine advice, Chris Hayes also looks at the devastating legacy of Donald Trump in the places that supported him the most.

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About All In with Chris Hayes:
Chris Hayes delivers the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold the nation's leaders accountable for their actions. Drawing from his background as a reporter, Hayes at times reports directly from the scene of a news event as it occurs to provide a firsthand account, digging deep and speaking with people who represent different points of view. Hayes brings the nation's officials, legislators, policymakers, and local activists to the table to address key issues affecting communities across America.

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  1. How do we define evil?
    It’s been said in the simplest of terms this way, “Evil is the absence of empathy.”

    1. …and the relentless pursuit of personal wants and gains, above all else; even if it means others lose out / suffer.

    2. ….. absence of empathy
      ….. Treating people like things
      ….. relentless pursuit of personal wants and gains, above all else; even if it means others lose out / suffer

      I will add; excessive need for admiration, inability to handle criticism, and a sense of entitlement

      Comments are describing symptoms of a mental illness… NPD Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    3. I’m really just waiting for the media and democrats to finally acknowledge that the gop is the party of evil. They are anti American they literally attacked the capital and got hundreds of thousands of Americans killed that didn’t have to die. Yet they still coddle them and incompetently give them the benefit of the doubt. Every. Single. Time.

    4. Richard Darlington
      “Evil is the absence of empathy.”
      So, the purest form of evil, would be the pretense of empathy?

    5. @Harlan Moochie
      I like to think of evil as a binary value, like pregnancy.
      Either you are, or you are not.
      “Evil is the absence of empathy.” Once that is established, everything else becomes possible.
      It’s a simple concept, just six words. If one is incapable of understanding the pain of others, he is left unencumbered by the societal norms usually found in a civilized world.
      So much can be said with just six words.

    1. @jerry jerry
      Too funny! After almost a decade you have the most extensive investigation of a U.S. President in the history of this country and….Nothing! Zip! Zilch! Nada! Hey how’s that BS Steele Dossier doing for you Mooks? How’s that Putin-Trump Russian Collusion to throw the 2016 election doing for ya? You guys took it in the shorts on those two! Ouch! Hey and that Mueller Probe was something huh? Kavanaugh Hearings? Yikes! Impeachment No.1? Wow! Impeachment No.2? Weeeee! Thanks Jerry for those gas prices you tried to blame on the Texas Winter Storm and the Colonial debacle! Hey and we can’t forget that 7% inflation that Americans are having to deal with! Joe Biden isn’t stupid. He has dementia. The people that voted for him are stupid.

    2. @Juan Fortharoad okay racist. Keep illiterately rambling about the time trump colluded with Russia like it didn’t happen.

    3. @Juan Fortharoad or how #45 tried to get a foreign country to affect our election by withholding military aid?
      #45 is the one with dementia, believing he will magically be “reinstated” as POTUS.

  2. Thank you, Chris and Fauci, for discussing the children. I’m waiting on pins and needles for my preschoolers to get vaccinated.

  3. TrumpF’s character flaws:

    TrumpF’s character flaws (narcissism, sociopath, etc.) dictate that he try to manipulate election results, coronavirus numbers, cheat on his taxes, etc. rather than be honest and tackle a problem head on. People of his psychological makeup try to find “illegal” or “irrational” solutions in all situations whether it be to lie, degrade an individual, make wild accusations, or rewrite history.

  4. Trump’s businesses failed one after the other and he found loopholes to avoid taxes, yet he’s the most patriotic American ever………to his cultists!

    1. And here we are not talking about a business but about democracy in America. What to do if he bankrupts that?

    2. Avoiding paying taxes and living off other peoples free labor is the most American thing you can do. Trump is everything they symbolize.

  5. Yeah, we own an island…….Jekyll Island…….. <3
    We remember the smallpox infected blankets blatantly given to native americans!

  6. You knew he was a snake when you took him in, remember his little story about the snake, he’s the snake, he tried to tell us.

    1. Yes, he tried to tell those who had no eyes to see, nor any ability to discern.
      Although it was very well known, southern swamps provide excellent habitat, conducive to the poisonous Water Moccasin.

      We are living in a time when deception, is rapidly becoming the norm.
      I would much rather walk barefoot, where the honest rattlesnakes reside.
      Than to walk wearing hip boots, among those who without warning,
      ‘lie in wait.

      I am certain; If those who have fallen prey, had not been bitten/injected with the mind altering venom, they too would have received their sight by now.

      Watch your step, be safe, and be well,

    2. @cherrish roseberry-cornell Thanks, I appreciate your reply.

      I prefer birds, they are beautiful, and they flock together.

      as a retired trucker,
      i have seen snakes of every kind
      i have seen lizards as well
      ; )

  7. For something that “was just going to go away” that “was going to go down to zero” why would you need to put sick people on an island?

    1. tRUMP “thought” (hah!)
      “Out of sight, out of mind”. His plan was to isolate and ignore the Diamond Princess’s ill passengers, leaving them to DIE PAINFULLY, as he surely deserves to do!

  8. To say or call Republican states conservative indicates that they would have the forethought to save or conserve something ,which is totally without merit,unless saving up idiocy is conservative….

  9. I just got my 2nd vaccine last week, I’m doing well. It hurt my arm a little, hurt less than flu shot. Trying to talk my family into it, I personally don’t understand why people are resistant to getting it done. But I get a flu shot every year. What people are saying is they want to see what will happen, well we know what happens if you don’t, that’s what I say

  10. Trump acted as though controlling the numbers would control the disease…. Maybe if he bleached the numbers, they’d look better…

  11. Trump is just concerned about Trump. Everyone else are just people to be manipulated and used for his personal goals.

  12. “Don’t we have an island?” – seriously, id DOES know that Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba, right?

    Just asking…

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