Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 17 | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 17 | MSNBC


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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 17 | MSNBC


  1. Maybe it’s time to legislate against this level of greed, the richest man in the world, but you don’t take it with you Bezos.

    1. I’ve never seen a Brink’s truck follow a hearse yet and his wife sure isn’t going to let him take that money with him.

  2. Every once in a while Rubio shows his brain isn’t completely dead. He always undoes it later, though.

    1. Rubio’s brain waves are super low frequency; on the order of months. He occasionally exhibits what appears to be signs of life as the waves periodically crest in-phase. It’s possible, though, to misinterpret signs of life as intelligence, so I’d recommend further testing of this subject before a final determination.

    2. pfft don’t read too much into it. he’s just trying to spin it in a way to keep the base thinking he’s pro union somehow despite never really lobbying for them.

    1. its pretty hard I have been trying since the pandemic started and amazon was gouging everyone with the prices but the alternatives fall sooo short its not funny.
      IF possible I avoid but IF I got no choice I purchase from them!

  3. “The Atlanta shootings had nothing to do with race, so nothing to see here,” said fox news to its loyal base of racists.

    1. @Reason I know you didn’t. You started off telling people to EARN it, then proceeded to argue %population earning under 60k and median income crap without ever addressing the issues underlying the minimum wage increase. Idk where you live but my town raised minimum to 15 Jan 1st, because as a resort/college town it’s hella expensive to live. I couldn’t imagine living on that kind of money. With minimum so low, it’s an easy excuse for employers to pay say 12$-16 an hour for employees that aren’t bottom rung. Still not a wage to live on imo, and as a country we need to start dealing with the oncoming automation that is set to eliminate many low wage jobs. As a country the wealth is there, just being hoarded. A study done of a town in california that experimented with a universal base income, showed when not stressing bills etc, people were actually more productive and employment went up. It’s time to lift each other up and understand that we all do better when the least well off amongst us don’t have to suffer needlessly, and given the choice most people want to be productive. So arguing against raising the minimum and by default the lower/middle management and labor that do the heavy lifting is detrimental to us all

    2. @Don Bianconi: California’s minimum wage is already much higher than the federal minimum ($13-$14 dollars an hour). And I don’t have a problem with raising the federal minimum, just not by more than DOUBLE. Asking for a 105% raise at any job is ridiculous, especially if you didn’t do anything to earn it.

    3. @Reason I agree that maybe they could scale it for cost of living per state or something. As far as earning it, the minimum wage should never have stayed the same for over a decade. Since last increase cost of living up 20% homes 30%. Being such a wealthy nation, it seems to me every citizen has earned the right to be able to eat, have a roof over their head, and see a doctor when Ill. How much money do billionaires need sitting in their accounts doing nothing. Poor people will spend that money quick stimulating economic growth. Automation is real and it’s coming not that far off. What will we do then? Let millions starve and suffer and turn to crime? People aren’t always in the bottom tier economically because of any shortcoming of their own, sometimes merely circumstance. The wealthiest have reaped the benefits of capitalism, and it’s in all our interest if they start realizing that and taking steps to improve society as a whole, not be content with zeroes in their accounts. I’m more concerned for my son and any children he may have, because the mass unemployment that is coming won’t really be relevant to me, but will impact those coming after me. So let’s stop protecting the interests of the elites, and raise up our bottom end for the benefit of us all

    4. @Don Bianconi: I really don’t care about people getting or being rich. The more people who get rich the better (as long the middle class enjoys a reasonable standard of living). And I really don’t feel sorry for people over 30 who haven’t found a way to increase their value to the job market. Especially with all the free programs out there to take advantage of like free community college and child care if you’re enrolled. Americans enjoy a very nice standard of living compared to global averages.
      Now I have to go EARN my living so I can enjoy all the nice things in life. See ya later.

  4. When Reagan launched his union busting movement America was 39% union. We are now at 10%. Wages are stuck at 1980s levels while upper management’s have increased 400 percent. Full time workers that require public assistance to get by are an shameful part of American capitalism.

    1. @Rob Hoffman Until open his mouth and spoke, like, ketchup is a vegetable and trickle-down benefits everyone.

    2. I feel that way about the existence of billionaires.
      Reagan and his coterie may have touted some of Adam Smith’s economic philosophies – yet Smith was a strong proponent of the graduated income tax.

    3. One of the reasons for the “concern” over Bezos…because of his previous media exposure and the “tRump/Enquirer/divorce” thing.
      Otherwise, same-old same-old.
      The problem isn’t that standards are…anything. The problem is the playing field. For every company that goes by the “legal limit” in their treatment of non-union workers, they can EASILY point elsewhere at companies consistently “below-the line” and say “We’re legal, we can’t afford to do better and …stockholders!”.
      Go to Wyoming. If you’re not working directly or indirectly for the federal government the minimum wage is $0.00 dollars…work for tips…
      By the way, OSHA in red states is a “suggestion”. Montana WAS a max $1,500 fine, even if someone DIED.
      We should have a NATIONAL labour standard. Good luck with that.

    4. @J Barnhart wow, I didn’t realize standards were so low in western States. I was lucky enough to spend my career in a UAW represented company where things like health and safety bargaining were contractual.

    1. Just where is the sound Editor to be found? Even the floor director missed his/her shot at that one!!! Well, Chris should be wearing a Mask……..maybe~


  5. Hate crimes against Asian Americans are unacceptable and must be called out. About time that this was spotlighted. We will speak out against such ignorance and support March 26th

  6. As a College Professor of 30 years I think the term “woke” is imprecise (and just too trendy) for serious discussion.


  8. Workers are as much a needed commodity as customers and any company that doesn’t realize that should be boycotted!

  9. We need one of those sweet Racial Profiling Programs that Conservatives love so much to protect us from these violent “Types”!

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