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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 2 | MSNBC


    1. @Julie. Good luck with that. GA gave it a good fight, TX was busy running Biden’s bus off the road. JS
      Doesn’t TX want to secede? I mean, then by that alone, they should reject all Federal aid.

    2. @Julie. While I agree that Texas should still get funds, I find it hard to believe that you are confused as to why they probably shouldn’t. I mean, your governor pretty much just announced that you no longer have a covid issue. That it is back to business as normal. And these funds, among other things, are meant to help offset the cost of those not able to get back to business as normal. They are also meant to help keep in regards to covid restrictions… which the governor just got rid of.
      Again, I still think Texas should get the funds. I’m just pointing out that there is a good chance a lot of those funds are just going to go down the toilet with state leadership like this. However, at least some of the citizens will still get the help they need, even if the governor apparently thinks everything is fine.

  1. Dear God in Heaven….they have gone completely insane!!! Just wait until the Death Toll for Texas comes out in the next six weeks…..

    1. @Sam Harris Yes. We have antivaxers since before Covid-19. We may even get sparodic reports of cases and deaths of covid-19 even after the vaccines have been fully distributed. Deaths or illness by those that didn’t believe. But the country will have moved on and their cases will be just a footnote on page 25. Good luck.

    2. @Frenchblue8 you mean like climate poppycock, one sided media, invalid impeachment 2020, globalists are next to Godliness

    3. @Sam Harris this could get a lot worse because of the new mutations of the virus. They are out there and they are spreading. We’re all trying to get vaccinated before that gets out of control.

    4. @AtTheRanch Nobody can say for sure the future course, but texas is just a political football like everything anymore, you know MSNBC is a cult, right?

  2. Abbot didn’t care about the El Paso Walmart shorting by a White supremacist. Because he needs white supremacist to stay in office.

  3. Both Trump and Abbott have committed gross negligence by playing down the pandemic, mixing people up on the use of masks and holding super spreader events in a cavalier manner. This is mass murder!

    1. @Terry Cunningham yes, only 136 people died from Covid in Florida yesterday alone. I’m sure their families are just fine.

    1. study virus statistics per capita per state say coronavirus worldometer, ditch climate cuckoo for cocoa puffs stuff

    2. no, that would be the dems…and their states..example..cuomo who put sick people in nursing home to die…and lied about it

    3. @viewome Your side says the Repubs is the party of death, scientific evidence of is weak, thus why do you claim scientific superiority

  4. Your leaders have spoken, you’re on your own Texans. Good luck if/when a more virulent variant hits your state, your Governor says “You got this”. No safety net, no help if you need it. I suggest going to Cancun until this industrial disease runs its course.

    1. @Carmen Nadel He wrote “the disastrous handling”, not the storm itself.. you clearly lack comprehension skills.

    2. @deb
      Wait until the three week lag numbers start to be collated and the next surge comes. The guy is a lunatic.

    3. @Carmen Nadel I bet you are not an expert on Texas fiasco, since you believe climate change poppycock and your side on virus is problematic, look at states stats on cornavirus worldometer

  5. They should not be allowed to cross to the other state then so to avoid spread 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


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