Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 31 | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 31 | MSNBC


Mehdi Hasan guest hosts for Hayes. Get the latest news and commentary from Chris Hayes weekdays at 8 p.m. ET on MSNBC.
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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 31 | MSNBC


    1. @NikolasCage FreeEEGS draw them out and expose their prejudices! _not that you can tarnish the lying right’s reputation any more than they already have_

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck Is your mother still turning tricks in order to pay the rent on your tiny apartment? I know that you russians have often turned to such things in order to make ends meet,

    2. @Stev Raznick why? You still cruzing for a good time? I know a homeless guy that may be more to your liking.

  1. I bet if you take away all his money and his daddies money and make him life like a poor person he will commit suicide the first week because he don’t know the first thing on how to live like a poor person.

    1. Trump will never commit suicide. He and Epstein are/were so full of themselves that they would never acknowledge they could be held accountable. 
      Suicide is horrid, committed by people in complete despair thinking they have no way out.
      Trump and Epstein always think/thougt they can buy themselves out.
      Trump does’t have the conscience to face his turpitude.

  2. Oh dear Tucker. What on Earth is he suggesting you and your wife were involved in that night?

  3. Remember Matt Gaetz said he will resign from Congress to represent Trump as his attorney.

    1. This would be a great time. But let him keep telling on himself how he child trafficking with a 17 year old child.

    2. @RurouniStarchild To call tRump “Trump” is a stretch… his REAL last name is DRUMPF.

      Get “The Drumpfinator”… the GOOGLE Extension that turns Donald J. Trump’s last name to his REAL last name … on every web-link, website and advertisement in your GOOGLE browser.

    1. @robert caldwell OH I didn’t realize that was a look, of excitement!… I can’t read faces.

    2. @Anonymous can you not come up with a better idiotic strawman in desperate deflection of reality

  4. From now on, he will be referred to as GEETZ. He doesn’t deserve to have his name corrected. Anyhoo, GEETZ’s career should be shown as a case study of what NOT to become. Because you lose your soul along the way.

    1. @Anonymous IE: you can’t say a thing about the actual subject so it’s time for idiotic deflection

  5. Merrick Garland should pick up and prosecute this tea kettle call the pot black .

  6. Gaetz to Tucker: You recall our double dates.
    Tucker: I…I…I don’t remember. I’m sorry (read: speak for yourself)

  7. Matt won’t be able to buy himself out of this scandal. Daddy won’t be able to help him either.

    1. @Chris Davis this wasn’t a problem three months ago it’ wasn’t a problem six months ago. It became a problem one month ago. And it’s a problem Biden created.

  8. When the Rats are eating each ; You know the ship is sinking.
    But I’m only a little military major!

    1. I think the rats are supposed to flee the sinking ship. Maybe if the ship gets lost they’d eventually eat each others. Personally, if I were a rat on a sinking ship, I’d steal as much food as possible, murder the cat, and build myself a tiny boat with an empty milk box to escape to a deserted island and try to reproduce with small monkeys. But that’s just me.

  9. Remember that time in 2017 when the only vote against a Human Trafficking Law was Matt Gaetz?
    Didn’t make sense then….makes a lot more sense now.

  10. My dad the big judge is going to make this go away just like my D.U.I. You have no idea how many times my daddy made these things go away for me.

  11. Matt, “Hi Tucker I just dropped by to break up your marriage and put you under federal investigation, what’s for dessert?” Make sure his orange jumpsuit comes with a trap in the back.

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