Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: May 26 | MSNBC

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: May 26 | MSNBC 1



    1. Trump is just dead weight, but he definitely should stand by the rocket when it’s launched.

    2. He would have, but Melania probably threatened to divorce him if he took off and left her alone with their kid. He really wanted an excuse to get out of sequestration in the WH.

    1. And thanks in no small part, Americans have been stuck with this creton, for the last four years.

    2. he’s america’s president. america owns his failures. he is disgrace on every american.

    3. @Nathan Grant you dems are the Disgrace. You just wanted to keep country shut down till you won oval office again… But it didn’t work!!!!! Cause we are now going to herd immunity like we should have from the beginning

  2. McConnell is inept tó lead the Senate be so glad when he is voted out of government, he doesn’t have a clue just serves himself

    1. @Faireachas Síoraí In their alternate universe they believe they are right but a man is right in his own eyes.

    2. Good luck with that. There are two people running against him. One says she’s more leftist than anyone in Kentucky and the other says he’s further left than her. If you think Kentucky is going to elect a far left socialist, think again.

    3. @Logical Psycho Never mind the *_TEN_* Democrats running against him, there are also *_SEVEN_* Republicans awaiting the June 23rd primary.

    4. @Tamie Miller We are the victims of men who believe they are right. Good Lord deliver us.

    5. @Faireachas Síoraí yeah, he’s gonna ace the primary. That’s not even a problem.
      The only democrats who are REALLY challenging him are so far left they make AOC look like a moderate.
      McGrath will probably win the dem primaries and she’s already lost in the house race last time around. You remember, the big blue wave. She dropped the ball.
      What makes you think she can achieve an even bigger goal this time around when the wind is no longer at her back?

  3. China has just tested 10 million people in 9 days in one province. We’re not even close to that. If you don’t know you have the virus you’re likely to be spreading it.

    1. And as America has some 350,000, do the math and at the rate that the Chinese Government has tested their people, we might have been able to do the American people in less than two months. Whose fault here was that Trumpsky: “Let me pick somebody I don`t like to take the blame.“

    2. @Maria Vasquez 22 Vasquez Lucky you. I know at least 2 people who were in contact with positive COVID-19 cases who couldn’t get a test

    3. @Maria Vasquez 22 Vasquez Oh good for, you have a doctor you can go to. many went to a doctor & were turned away…….no test available was one of the excuses for not attending to the patients in addition to other reasons based on race.

    1. @Gene Viève No – I agree its what he is doing, creating divide and everyone can see it for themselves. Some just wish it not to be true, alas.

    2. @Gene Viève Then you know a speaker of the house she has four times now denied tens of millions of Americans healthcare during a pandemic

    3. @Gene Viève And you know that she went home on vacation over Easter during a pandemic while millions of Americans are in dire need of relief

    4. @Gene Viève I could go on but you see where I’m going with this
      And I can assume that since you are a lawyer if you had any evidence to show that Nancy Pelosi has done anything good for anyone who doesn’t have six figures in their bank account you would have shown it to me
      They would have to be some pretty hefty receipts to balance all of the bad things that I can continue to bring up that she has done

    5. @Cheryl Taylor As much as I am not in love with CIA type intrigue, I do not know if I can agree with that line of thinking. Do you have any objective evidence you can offer for that point?

  4. Protect Veterans, elderly and children. No school without testing tracing tracking and personal protection

    1. “Frontline workers” should also be on that list. They deserve our best efforts to take some of the load off their shoulders.
      The number of health care workers, first responders, food chain workers and public transit workers killed by this disease is very disproportionate.

    2. My kids won’t go back if they dont get it together! 😏 I will homeschool and work full time!? 😒😳


  6. I wish Pelosi wouldve run for president! We need her bc she doesnt lie, very strong, and for the people!

    1. However Males in the U.S. ONLY vote for Females that look like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit or Vic.Secret Models. They don’t care if a candidate has knowledge, compassion, integrity or experience. Dumb Americans.

  7. Can you imagine if we had Donald as president during 9-11? I bet the only thing he would care about is having the tallest building…. oh wait

    1. @sara michelson He is getting sicker at least mentally speaking each day he is in the WH. He obviously is more concerned about his personal income as far as opening up the USA, as his hotels and bldgs are obviously generating no income for him which seems like the most important thing to him right now, rather than the fact that the Virus death situation has just reached 100K number of people.

    2. Michael Phillippi …. Mikey, pay attention… He had it blown down. It did not blow up.
      And what about Lincoln and Kennedy? They both clearly committed suicide.
      And how about when Kenya interfered with the 2008 elections and had one of their homeboys placed as President of the United States.
      Do you need some serious help mad dog.
      Seek it. Oh, sorry, I forgot you have no universal healthcare. I think it was Idi Amin and Uganda that interfered with that.

    3. bmon40 Excellent points. As a result of the corrupt central bankers elimination of our precious metals backed currency, I am unable to pay attention, my apologies

  8. Go! Go! Madame speaker can’t you stop this man child?? Please we are in deep sh-t. Aren’t you his boss,?? Thanks going nuts staying at home.

  9. Did he see what happened over the weekend? There are a lot of non hand washing, non cover your mouth when you cough and just plain crazy people who feel they are invincible who refuse to follow the rules. He is a big part of the problem withis ignorant theorizing.

    1. And kicking yur lame arses every single day. Hang on buckwheat cause its going to get ugly for you socialist swamp creatures

    2. @Ange Basso you are dumb as a rock if you still think Trump is doing a good job. He is a toxic failure.

  10. The GOP is going to leave a mess to be clean-up by the Democrats.
    the sick turtle is going to cause as much pain as possible.

    1. Thats how its always been — The GOP takes office and we have to wait 4-8 years so the DEMS can come in and clean it up. When are we going to learn.

    2. @Wallace Longstreet “ Cleanup in the Csa Blanco including Trumpsky`s“playpen“ in the Oval Office. Just another day…


    1. @Jelly Belly Is that your idea of logic? Comparing apples and oranges and wondering why your calculations keep failing? Troops were not deliberately sent into a war zone. There is no real evidence that any of his judgment calls were outrageous based on the information available at the time. It’s a new virus, China would barely admit to having the sniffles and none of the experts thought it was serious enough to restrict travel. They thought it was racist and their response was to virtue signal by gathering in large numbers. The health commissioner of New York (a doctor) held a presser encouraging people to ignore the warnings and gather for the Lunar New Year. Italy had “hug a Chinese” day. Cuomo waited until May to rescind the order forcing Nursing Homes to take back COVID patients (or as he calls it, the European Virus 😳) and disinfect the subway (great virus spreader).
      I don’t think there’s any hope for you. COVID is the least of your problems.

    2. @Jinx Mim closing and defunding the pandemic response team prior to this clusterfuck was not logical.

    3. @Dirty Glitter No. COVID is the problem. Democratic governors are destroying their states because they think Trump is a bigger problem then a global pandemic. Hate clouds reason. You can protest Trump without becoming unreasonable. You might even meet with some success instead of humiliating defeat after humiliating defeat. I’m trying to help you. The media isn’t.

    4. @Jinx Mim Biden is ahead in Fox polls, so I have no idea what you mean by humiliating defeat. Trump is an empty vessel. Trump did not support Democratic states during this pandemic due to a political agenda i.e. 2020 elections which is abhorrent in itself. He has blood on his hands no doubt.

    1. @Bernard Barnett I think for a lot of us. Moscow`s presence in Washinton won`t be missed by many of us.

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