Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 3rd | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 3rd | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Friday's All In with Chris Hayes

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    1. And killed too.many kids to date for no mask mandates for kids. 6 kids died in my county alone in past 10 days. DeSatans desire.

    2. @Time ForChange – So, it’s not the parents responsibility to take care of their kids, it’s the government’s? Looney lefty logic.

    1. @Major Nelson lastly, if Porco did succeed in winning in 2024, who would be the 1st lady? MTG or Lindsay! Lol.

    2. @Major Nelson your point being what exactly? Every politician lies… the distinction is when the liar believes their own lies, and when they don’t… Trump vs. Biden (and most normal folks). Besides, don’t mix politics with religion… just don’t – or DO, and go live in Texas, or some other country…

    3. @Major Nelson “…43%…”? Oddly enough, Trump’s poll numbers were around 34% at this similar time during his presidency, according to 538. 🖖

  1. I like hearing President Biden answer questions with one word or a complete sentence. It’s a refreshing change from that con man grifter we had in the White House who (incoherently) talked so much and said so little

    1. We are all thrilled with President Biden. He knows what he is doing. Trump never has known what he’s doing in his life. He tried to destroy democracy and we still must be be vigilant.

    2. @N W he given more resources in the vaccinations, he has called upon congress to pass already laws to help the economy, given people that needed more money ( though yes Trump has also call upon congress to give money for the people in need) he has signed numerous executive laws to undo many of the terrible things trump did as executive laws, he has finally ended the pointless war and that Trump started the negotiations to end … but ultimately fail to fo it since Republicans love to keep military contractors happy … So Are you even an American or just wasting our time in the comments ?!?!

    3. @Dan Alexander Audio when Biden tells a black man you ain’t black! Means Biden is a racist! Therefore you are a racist! Sorry you have trump derangement syndrome.

    4. It is the beginning of a never-ending bad dream. President Joe Biden and the Pentagon have managed to birth a new terrorist haven, destroy much of U.S. strategic deterrence, and alienate our allies and much of the country.

    1. Border crisis, Afghanistan crisis, defunding law enforcement, inflation, virus tyranny, closing our pipelines, CRT, and you think men can menstruate. Good job, looney lefties.

    2. @JK F1 pro life until breathing outside of womb, then target recruitment by 14 in highschools to be shipped off to die in a rich man’s war, guns guns guns and more guns for emasculated little baby men who are too afraid of having a conversation with others, murdering 650k in Americans for your freedom, yet we can’t turn you sh**-f***s away from the hospital with a bible and tell you good luck with your viral Covid pregnancy you so desperately wanted over a vaccine. Mind your own business and keep to yourself Karen.

    3. @I make peace not war – Are you a crackhead, miss? I am not pro war. I am vaccinated. I never wanted kids, I have a vasectomy. I am not religious. Are you vaccinated?

    1. @Biden will get us all killed Neither BLM nor anti-fascists are guilty of domestic terrorism. Just ask the FBI. Some of the violence that has happened after BLM demonstrations was perpetrated by white supremecist groups. The reports of violence were extremely exaggerated beyond what really happened. Also, there is no way that Biden will do anything to get us all killed. I cannot say the same for Trump, who had no negotiating skills, was a lousy deal maker, who supported lawbreaking behavior on the part of his associates and employees, who insulted our allies and courted our adversaries, and who lied consistently and repeatedly since before his election in 2015.

    2. @Sandi Harris I suspect that the hospital workers on Florida have had more to do over the past three or four days than to update the website’s statistics. Why is it so difficult to simply trust the scientists? They are not politically motivated.

    3. @Biden will get us all killed BLM and ANTIFA haven’t been declared by the FBI as domestic terrorists, but guess who have? 😂

    1. Yet Hillary sold uranium to Russia for 130 million dollars to her crooked foundation. She sold stinger missiles to ISIS for 30 million dollars, which led to the death of Ambassador Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi. Joe Biden uses his son Hunter to sell influence to multiple world leaders in China, Russia, Iran, and others.
      Clearly the Democrats have consistently sold out this country.

    2. @Leslie Irving It’s a disgrace and the division of the people will eventually implode I don’t see a very good outcome

  2. Remember that Tucker claims that kids wearing a mask is child abuse, but he will eat dinner with Matt Gaetz 17 year old escort and doesn’t mention it to anyone..

    1. @Janet Keogh Over 100,000 rapes cant be solved from non identification issues, mostly in Democrat controlled cities

    1. @Geoffrey K Republitards, incudes the cheeto army that follow them, only care about an infant only before it’s born but once they come out of a woman’s body they are considered cannon fodder and no longer matter. You sir don’t really care about babies do you just FORCING a woman to stay pregnant. You have no qualms about giving new born babies covid-19 because you refuse to take any precautions yelling “muh, muh freedoms” and don’t forget this one “Murica!!!” Like Trump said “I love the poorly educated” so he must really really love you because you’re about the dumbest person on the planet! Event the intellectually challenged would consider you dumb. The intellectually challenged have an excuse for lack of intelligence, you don’t.

  3. Make no mistake, this new Texas law is ppl trying to impose their religious beliefs upon others.
    Religious groups have the right to believe what they want, but do not have the right to force others to their beliefs . Any religion.

    1. Of course Republicans (I’m not a democrat either) are the ultimate hypocrites. The fear monger and demonize Islam influencing law overseas but Christianity influencing laws here in the US is patriotism

    2. @RevolverOcelot2008 Christianity is a form of dictatorship that’s why they have separation of church and state Christopher church or religious organization such as the Catholics they become dictators and a textable organization

    Texas law makers made an illegal “law” – laws are made for peace, justice and order
    (always keeping in mind authority and hierarchy of laws, meaning constitutionality) –
    recent Texas legislators go directly contrary to all of those objectives – even they go further
    more radical by encouraging citizens to take the law in their own hands (BECAREFUL WHAT YOU WIS FOR!) – cultivating anarchy in place of legality and authority, peace and order!
    The Supreme Court, like Pilate, simply refrained even from interfering (tacitly approving the proceeding!)

    1. @i the love Lord you can’t string a coherent, grammatically correct sentence together! I highly doubt you can comprehend and make sense of the original comment! Get it together dude.

    1. Because money and voter bases. Same reason why wheelchair-man went out and basically gave a neo-nazi speech. It’s about votes.

    2. @crazybongo5 the one thing, I thought would matter to all Americans would be OUR CHILDREN, it’s just DISGUSTING!

    1. We should build a giant catapult, hold fake Trump rallies around the country, capture whoever shows up, make sure none of them have their passports, then catapult them all into Mexico!
      Then we show them that our border is not “open”.

  5. This law is unconstitutional in that it removes all anonymity of women. It is sexist, as there are zero laws on the books concerning men’s reproductive systems. It is also a clear violation of mixing church with state as it can only be seen as a religious point of view that science does not support. This is also clearly oppression of the female gender. My opinions, my point of view. If you plan on responding in a negative manner, dont waste your time or mine.

    1. I agree with every word you said. It’s despicable that they feel they can create this law oppressing women everywhere. Republicans are unbelievable and not in a good way. I feel for the women.

    2. I think there needs to be a universal tax on all men in Texas who are fertile. That tax will be used to support all children who liv under the poverty line. Since these are the children most impacted by this regressive criminal law as wealthy women can afford to leave the state for abortions.

    1. You mean dictates at least a ruler has morals and they’re not government they couldn’t give a rat’s patootie about the people that are supposed to be serving so dictator it is

    1. Look up Ben Shapiro video taliban in American military uniforms walking into Americas military base. Bid and the rest of these pos sold the American people out. We’re done if the American people do not do anything

    1. The thing I find most frightening is that 95% of the nation’s public school textbooks are written, reviewed, approved & published IN TEXAS! This means that school kids in NY, CA, & other liberal-minded states are learning “Texas history”, “Texas *values*,” such as they are, and “Texas patriotsm”. I do NOT want my granddaughters learning that the US has no racists or race-based policies; that America must always be right, with no room for growth or improvement; that we have no agency over our own bodies; or that te US is a White, Christian country.

      Vote in your school board elections…the future of our children, & therefore our Nation, are in real danger.

  6. Now that SCOTUS has ignored the vigilante anti-women law, when do they set up a menstrual database where all women must report their periods?

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