1. @Somkit Marist poll 8/31/21:
      likely Democrat voters-
      4 in 10 now say they ‘regret’ voting for Joe Biden

      Biden approval among ‘Independant’ voters –
      APRIL- 52%
      TODAY- 36%

      (NPR/PBS newshour/Marist polling)

  1. I’m ashamed that people like Boebert even live in my state, let alone that they are elected Representatives.

    1. @Kathleen Pogue you wanna talk about cherry picking when you support Boebart but voted for Biden? Ok lunatic😂🤣

    2. @Mojo_Quid i don’t support her. I support her actions with the guns. I also didn’t vote for Biden. I voted against Trump. Just like in 2016 I didn’t vote for Trump I voted against Hillary. Things aren’t as black and white as you far left and far right lunatics think they’re. Most of the country is pretty moderate. You fools just have the loudest mouths.

      And clearly you don’t understand what cherry picking means. No wonder Trump got on tv and said he loves the uneducated.

    3. @Mojo_Quid aw whats wrong little guy? Did I not fit your narrative? You don’t have a rebuttal you memorized from fox? Lmfao

  2. Why are none of you taking this nut case as a threat?She absolutely had a hand in January 6th.What al horrible state of a country

    1. @Tom an actual patriot Ok, good. That’s why I said it could be very funny. Haha. And I’m glad you’re joking. I wasn’t sure though, as we know there are actually people who would wholeheartedly agree with what you said.

    1. Hearing THOUSANDS of kids in the student sections at football stadiums all across America this past weekend chant: “F~~K Joe Biden” gives me hope for the next generation.

  3. ?Free world? Were anyone in Texas can now ask for money to denounce anyone how do not think or act like they want or their imaginary entity in the sky wants?!

    1. @LilikoiJammin You served in Vietnam? Wow.. My dad did too…. How is your health? Thank you for your service!

    2. @E2772 MendoncaWow thank you for asking..I’m doing pretty good. I finally found a good VA therapist and am making great progress. Here’s a funny therapy story, I asked to be checked by the psychiatrist for bipolar rather than depression which I was being treated for. He rules out bipolar and asks what my symptoms are. I say singing, laughing and he said “it sounds like happiness “ ! My kids have met a happy mom, I’m just sorry they are all grown up.
      You dad must be awesome to raise such a caring emphatic being. Thank your dad for me.

    3. @Corey Tatro Ok, not sure where your from.. please…. It’s in the history books…. Your not fooling anyone.. unless you aren’t all there…. Impeached twice.. One term president is even worse.. longest government shutdown in history under his administration…. When is that healthcare package being released? Two weeks? Who paid for the two feet of wall he had built, Mexico? No, our military…. He lied, he failed, he got voted OUT.

  4. Sure thing,,it’s the ”we already did that” argument, it already happened and there’s nothing to see there. Total BS.

  5. Orange turd invited them, insited them, and then told them that he would walk with them to the capital. It will be wild. Then he ran and hid.

  6. She’s my prime suspect for panic button sabotage…her personal “tour” of Capital Building is suspicious….she’s rabies radicalized

    1. @Chris Albert
      nobody remembers the Grading revisions Ivy League schools put in, in the 70’s.
      Harvard ain’t what Harvard used to be, and Mr Thurston Howell III never had any more respect for “..ee’gads Luv’y, he’s a..a..a ‘Yale Man’ ..brrr..” than I’ll ever muster, Dr Tim Snyder, excluded, of course.( he’s fantastic).
      Roni Raygun destroyed higher education, by turning them into profit taking institutions..in defiance of California’s Constitution..(thank’s to the John Birchers who ate his brain)..then there was “No Child left behind” bullsh!t, of course.

    2. Unfortunately, the Yale and Harvard law school degreed representatives do not seem to know the Constitution any better than this high school drop out.

    3. @Gordon MacWilliam
      true.. but, always look at the underlying education.. for instance, Lin Wood and the Kraken Lady are both products of
      Liberty University..
      .. they only went to the Ivy League Harvard and Yale to get taught how to pass the Bar.
      (Honestly, I could spend a year in a good library and pass the Bar) .. but,
      that’s not their underlying education.
      Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University is a bizarro place.. makes abhorrent citizens.
      and that’s where they learned their
      alt- History ..
      .. make sense now?

  7. Refreshing. To listen to Rep Neguse speak, is refreshing. No cynicism in his voice, just accountability as to what he is going to do for his constituents in Colorado.

  8. Americans living today are getting a glimpse of what America must have been like in the time of President Lincoln. I hope the Secret Service are on their toes.

  9. Chris Hayes, I appreciate knowing that you will always find the whole truth and examine the data again to verify the facts. Thank You!

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