Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 8th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 8th | MSNBC


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  1. You cannot authorize anyone to act unconstitutionally when you don’t have the right to do so yourself. SCOTUS will overturn this sordid tale

    1. @Censorship Is real It’s not a law, it’s a ruling of the Supreme Court about what follows directly from the constitution.

    2. @Censorship Is real There wasn’t a law. The Supreme Court ruled abortion was a right covered under the Right to Privacy. Reading is fundamental.

    3. @Censorship Is real Since you repeated it, apparently, you really think Roe v Wade is a law. Also, Constitutional Amendments weren’t written when the Constitution was, yet they are the source of ALL of our Rights. The original Constitution did not contain individual rights. None. Not any. Only states’ rights. Do you read? Do you understand what words mean?

    1. And it’s born-again Christian men leading the charge for this cruel Texas law. Those kinds of men believe women are nothing more than the vessel to carry their seed and to bear children for them. Women are second class citizens in this kind of culture which is predominate throughout the Bible Belt.

    2. @Jean Griffith so what about those future women your aborting ? Do they matter ?
      If you abort women in the womb you might be aborting the future woman president. You might be aborting the future woman to cure cancer.
      And more importantly your just aborting a woman period.

    3. Because women, who have a significant majority of the vote, voted those men into office. Don’t blame men for getting elected by women.

  2. Remember the letter written by MLK, Jr. from a Birmingham, Alabama jail, *”FOR THE APPALLING SILENCE OF GOOD PEOPLE.”* The *GQP* actions are deplorable. VOTE out all *GQP!*

    1. We sure will, my WHOLE county is sick of Abbott and his gang of grifters, my county alone lost 12 people during the electric grid collapse and 2 were kids. 2022 we will be voting 💙

    1. @Mauser AOC? She was a bar tender in the Bronx in 2016. Yea…quite the career political opportunist. Right again genius 🤣

    2. @MrJameslascko
      We were United…but along came fake news & TDS

      But 2021, Americans are realizing what a Failure the Democrats have been in last 8 months.

    3. @Mauser The REAL TDS is what happens to people that are hypnotized into thinking he is some sort of Magical Man that is competent and will fix everything in spite of a 50 year long criminal snail trail he’s left screwing things up, bankrupting businesses, and cheating people out of their money! America’s Greatest Con Man since P.T. Barnum who said “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”. Glad to meet you! 😉 America had its problems, but a goofy reality show host wasn’t the man to fix them. He just made things worse…

  3. About “Getting r_pists off the street”. 4 out of 5 perpetrators knew their victim. 93% of juvenile victims knew the perpetrator. R_pe isn’t a problem of scary strangers. “The street” is a red herring here.

    1. @Mauser Afghanistan has people upset with Biden. It’ll pass. Then they’ll remember that Trump was one of the worst presidents in history.

  4. Chris Hayes…you are a magnificent, heroic reporter. Your clear history lessons should be part of every school year plan. You are a bulwark against the horrifying trajectory of US politics. Please stay well, and never stop educating us.

  5. “It provides at least 6 weeks for a ‘person’ to be able to get an abortion”. Person??? 1st, he can’t bring himself to say the word WOMAN. 2nd, is he aware of how the woman’s menstrual cycle works? Has he ever had relations with a ‘PERSON’? You may enlighten this ‘person’ observing from a distant place that is NOT America!

    1. Republicans do that all the time, get the facts wrong so they can later say, “I just didn’t know.” His ignorance is wilful.

  6. If you want to get creative, find someone to charge someone that they suspect like the governor of Texas and make him defend himself without the ability to recover legal fees from the plaintiff. He might have a different perspective then. If the accuser was mistaken, then my bad.

  7. Oh! So to fix this they are going to stop all the rapes. Well, why didn’t we think of this before. What a brilliant idea! You guys are heroes!

  8. With Abbotts logic, he should be going to prison for raping his citizens finances during the Texas failed grid last winter.

    1. Republicans will probably redefine those deaths as “energy cost savings” and future rapes as “necessary incest baby generation”.

    2. Maybe Texas should put out a $10,000 Payment for any citizen that reports Cancun Cruz running back to Cancun this winter while his constituents freeze to death!

  9. Where is Texas keeping the Precognition tank? Why is Abbott keeping his ESP a secret? Why aren’t sexual predators being arrested left and right since Abbott knows who they all are? Could Abbott just be full of it? I think so

  10. Men in government – call it what it is – it isn’t “a person wants an abortion” it’s always a woman who needs the abortion and not you, never you, so leave ‘person’ out of it. Let me know when a man gets pregnant – see how quickly they’d be allowed.

  11. What happens if a woman miscarries and someone turns her in because they assume she has had an abortion? She has to go through losing a baby and then has to prove her innocence too? Wow Texas. Just wow.

    1. Some states have tried to criminalize miscarriage. There are women in prison because they had illegal drugs in their system when they miscarried.

    2. It will more likely provide protections and legal standing for religious zealots protesting every sunday outside planned parenthood. It will be legal to go after any licence plate that pulls up to a clinic. Any women who go in to get birth control, prenatal or postnatal care, cancer screenings, or STD checks will now be subject to possible scrutiny for abortion litigation. Planned parenthood is the one of only national OBGYN clinics. Abortion services are only a small fraction of what they do. But the religious minority is loud and they have an very misinformed & active base. We must out vote them, to get them out of office. Liberals and “the Left” must unite and stay active.

    3. How about a woman who would die because of an ectopic pregnancy? Couple I know found out at 20 weeks…and had they waited 24 hours more, his wife would have died.

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