Watch: Amber Heard resumes testimony in Johnny Depp libel trial | USA TODAY

Depp is suing Heard for libel in Virginia's Fairfax County Circuit Court, saying a 2018 Washington Post op-ed she wrote defamed him.

The trial of Johnny Depp versus ex-wife Amber Heard, which has been full of high emotions and explosive accusations, – and it isn't over yet. The trial will resume Monday. Depp is suing Heard for libel in Virginia's Fairfax County Circuit Court, saying a 2018 Washington Post op-ed she wrote defamed him when she described herself as "a public figure representing domestic abuse." Since the trial began April 11, both actors as well as witnesses and experts have been called to the stand to back up each side. More well-known celebrities and key witnesses are still scheduled to testify in the coming weeks. Most recently, Heard took the stand for two days to testify against Depp, alleging he physically and sexually assaulted her, and detailed her experiences with Depp's past drug and alcohol use. When Depp took the stand, he maintained he "never struck Ms. Heard in any way, nor have I ever struck any women in my life."

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  1. Amber’s lawyers: CUT! CUT! CUT! NO! NO! NO!  This was terrible!  Change her outfit to a Doctor Evil or Imperial Guard or something.  Let’s pick it up from the beginning, this time no crying Amber!!!!.. and ACTION!

    1. This def is reminiscent of Pineapple Express mixed with….hold on that’s all I remember…LOL

  2. I’ve had my nose broken twice and both times my EYES were swollen and black as a result and no amount of ice and makeup would’ve covered it up. Just my experience of course

    1. No amount of makeup can coverup bruises that she allegedly had from punches with big rings! Seriously now.

    2. Even if ones nose is not broken but sustained any impact like that, would swell and bruise both eyes.

  3. NO photo evidence of alleged incidents, NO police reports, NO hospital visits- yet, as Camille V. stated, “You like taking pictures of Johnny sleeping, right?”😂

    1. Exactly! If I got abused with a bottle, I would be going to the doctor and the marriage would’ve been over THEN

  4. I didn’t talk to dr kipper…. But his signature is there. Also if a medical nurse or dr sees bruising or any type of injury that could be from DV they have to report it …..

    1. Kipper didn’t report that she cut off his finger even though he testified JD told him that right after it happened so I don’t think this doctor follows those rules exactly. I’m not saying I believe her. I haven’t even gotten to that point yet. I’m just saying he, and the nurse, didn’t report his finger. And in the recording Amber did right after the incident that’s on another channel on YouTube if you haven’t heard it, Kipper actually says he’s going to cover if the police investigate.

    2. @into the mystic I agree with what you’ve stated. I’m sure there’s some type of agreement to keep things private between doctors and celebrities but we don’t know how JD told him or downplayed it. Seems like he didn’t want to get AH In trouble

    3. The signature appears to be an electronic one. The report is also erroneous and incomplete, stating that she’s a healthy, nourished male.

  5. It’s quite clear that if anyone was hit over and over with rings like Johnny’s that there would be significant damage to ones face. No pictures and statements by witnesses prove she’s full of shite. Tomorrow she better take extra Xanax cause the pressure will be on. Even the judge is sick of Amber and her laywers lackluster performance

  6. And there is no way you had concussions and have been assaulted with a bottle and have NO medical evidence

  7. Sounds like she’s reading on the audio i can’t anymore I pray they get this right and give Johnny hope because nothing can make up the losses he’s endured

  8. this is how you know shes a liar shes constantly contradicting or changing the story in mid telling for example in the beginning “he pushed me up against the wall” a few seconds later, “I was on the bed half kneeling half standing up” I really hope johnny wins this case and gets his life back and reputation and that this woman is buried within life itself no career no job no home no wealth not anything the things she put him through hell no she doesn’t deserve any type of life.

  9. She is manipulating his addictions. This is SO Sad! You use a blemish as evidence of battery

  10. So before the week off, that was the exact makeup she used to cover her bruises the entire relationship with JD, suddenly she has a week off where she’s not allowed to research the court case and then comes back to suggest thats actually not the exact one she used. She blatantly did research and found the Milani release date tiktoks.

  11. Notice how the entire crowd waved at Johnny when he walked out. He won in the court that matters in 2022.

  12. What doesn’t this little girl understand pledging and donating actually paying the money totally different things

  13. And notice she is projecting J.D. being a victim and projecting his life story onto herself / reversing the roles! This is typical of an abuser ect.not credible and just out for revenge I could say more but won’t !🤮🤮

  14. Amber: I did not NEED to get medical attention at that time…. that’s the first time she’s spoken the truth, she slipped up there and tried to cover it over straight away

  15. Her asking to read the previous text messages for “context” so she could come up a narrative that didn’t contradict them had me WILDIN

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