Watch Biden's speech as he closes in on 270 electoral votes 1

Watch Biden’s speech as he closes in on 270 electoral votes


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden addresses the nation as votes continue to be counted in several battleground states.

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    1. @Tetricus Says the person who consumed media that called the president racist for four years straight. Americ a is still divided, it’s just republicans don’t try to destroy the country when we lose an election.

  1. “We are not enemies. What brings us together as Americans is so much stronger than anything that can tear us apart”– well said

    1. @drright10 but I guarantee you Biden going to let the illegals flood the borders and come over here and take your job and then how you going to feel about that.

    1. @Jesus D. Fake account. Go figure all radical Biden supports on Youtube just made their account within the last 2 months. We aren’t fucking stupid.

    2. IF you voted for democrats, you voted for a civil war. They are taking away our guns so they cant take away our rights. They are giving illegal aliens amnesty so they will vote for democrats and they want to make it totally legal for everyone in the world to come here even if they intend to cause harm to america.

      IF you voted for democrats, you voted for the removal of democracy.

    3. @OverlandMD B “Doesn’t even know where he is most days”, need a citation for that claim. Don’t just show me one or two instances, you will not like the response I have prepared for that. Given the speech I just watched Biden give, I’m inclined to believe you’re a hyperbolic piece of crap. We’re talking facts, not feelings. But since we’re talking both racism and intelligence; it is a fact that your president Trump posted a white power video to his Twitter once and deleted it. Trump either did this because he is a moron (his Twitter password is Maga2020 by the way), or because he is racist. Choose one. There is no existing proof that anybody’s taxes will be raised other than the top 1% but I’d pay more taxes to get rid of Trump. The only war I’m currently worried about is China and that has a much bigger chance of happening if Trump gets another 4 years. I don’t know who you’re trying to intimidate but you’re more transparent than you think you are.

  2. Hello all American, Who else check the news every time they got up in the middle of the night for a pee pee?

    1. BIDEN WILL NOT BE PRESIDENT. Got to be certified to be verified. WHEN YOU SEEK TO SET A TRAP FOR OTHERS. You will fall into it yourself..
      Consider why the Lord took the Israelites to the red Sea. so that they can see God is the one who grants deliverance from the heavy hand of oppressors. so they could see that God is powerful enough to open up the waves to make a pass through and swallow up the enemy in the red Sea.

      You’ll see!!

      whining is not the way.! _start praying. THAT IS THE WAY OF WINNING_ *Hope in Jesus and pray for the president* THAT’S WHY THERE’S A lull RIGHT NOW. A waiting period. GOD IS GIVING AMERICANS TIME TO REPENT OF THEIR SINS OF THEIR UNGRATITUDE. FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE. Every breath and liberty is a gift from God. Every opportunity in the free market is a gift from God. God has blessed us in this moment in time to cry out to the throne room of the Lord in his grace. that He can give the victory to president Trump. If people do not humble themselves the Lord hand of Grace will be removed. wake up Americans!

      if people do not repent and cry out to Jesus Christ then God cannot help you. America will become Communists so turn to Jesus Christ well God has given you time people!!

      IT’S BECAUSE OF GOD THAT AMERICA HAS BEEN WHAT IT’S BEEN. Land of the free and the home of the brave. Is Jesus not man’s doing!


    2. Trump supporters are not checking news anymore we’ve made a plan.

      President Trump is not going to relinquish power anyone that tries to force him will be met with extreme violence. The 70 million people that voted for him will keep him in the office you don’t like it move to Mexico.

      The only way you’re taking our country is by Civil War.

    3. @Víolétta Chálamet Yeah, but now there’s twist. On the election day trump was leading. Suddenly over the night new ballots pops up from no where and Biden gets the leads. Trump in his conference. He will go to supreme court, over this issue.

  3. American people need a person who unite them together not a leader who divide them. American people need love, peace in their country as state of people in america

  4. The new President of the USA Biden. Now it is no longer a circus, now America has class .it was cheap before because of the clown .

  5. Joe Biden is like making his presidential speech already. He’s not like Donald Trump who celebrates early.

  6. pray that everyone and the Republicans and Democrats unite together, asking high-ranking parties to vote For Mr. Joe Biden for peace. I noticed that every other dynasty came up and invaded. I helped Mr. Joe Biden as president.
    He vowed not to invade other countries for long-lasting free peace.

  7. Joe Biden’s gonna win Nevada and Pa! That’s 290 electoral College votes! Trump loss, period! Like they say in NYC ‘It’s over!’ the Democrats won the Presidency in 2020!

  8. We need a President and a Vice President that will actually unite our country not divide us through racial commentaries or suggestive remarks **cough** **cough** Trump smh… #BidenHaris2020

  9. I think instead of how a president wins by electoral college, they should win by the popular vote, many countries if not all determined a leader by the popular vote, we are the only country that count for electoral college, although this would make dems to win the presidency every election due dems winning popular vote every time, I think that a president should be deceased victory by all votes counted, and wining the popular vote

    1. @lieven Van loo if you don’t like it you can move to Mexico because the only way Joe Biden is going to enter an office is if America has a civil war are you ready because I definitely am

    2. @lieven Van loo Donald Trump will remain your president and until a civil war happens he will be your president for the next four years which after that we will innominate a Republican president the Democrat party is over with you don’t get a choice in this without a civil war

    3. @lieven Van loo you wanted to call us racist and everything down the book do you think we’re on step your vote without a civil war

    4. @lieven Van loo no I’m sorry the only way you’re going to become president for the United States is by a civil war there’s 70 million people willing to fight to keep Donald Trump in the office

    5. @lieven Van loo hate to be the bearer of bad news for you but the only way you’re going to get the White House is by the Civil War you better get used to it

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