Watch Boris Johnson’s first full speech as returning Prime Minister

Watch Boris Johnson's first full speech as returning Prime Minister 1


Boris Johnson urged a message of unity for the UK in his first speech as Prime Minister since securing a majority in the UK's 2019 election. Watch the full address at 10 Downing Street. #CNNi #CNN #News #UKPolitics

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  1. Sovereign equals ? ??

  2. Did he just tell people to give up their humanity?
    Was his speech really only four minutes ?

  3. Labour learned the hard way what we all knew:
    Get woke, go broke.

  4. “I want you all to drop a subject you hate ( Brexit), and embrace a subject you really hate ( Christmas).

  5. Vicious cycle between monarchy & plebeians…are you a plebeian??
    I’m not !!

  6. Alright! Now we have a country with a common language(English) to trade with. Boris is a dog lover.

    • @Fred Rogers too bad you can apparently speak neither very well …

    • We’ve been trading partners, lol, since before the USA was a country, and more seriously, uninterrupted since after the war of 1812.

    • @AllenSymonds if you live near the border, then most likely the name of your state, and many of its cities are derived from the Spanish place names of those places before it was America. The Spanish, as well as the French languages, have had a large evolutionary effect on American English, and is a big part of why you don’t speak with a British accent ūüôā English is, and always has been, like all human languages, a growing and evolving thing, and is generally not the result of political motivation, but rather convenience.

    • @us citizen im going out on a limb to say u are a butt hurt hispanic

    • @Fred Rogers nope. Limb snapped, no Hispanic blood in my lineage, I’m afraid, not that I would mind, cuz I’d still lol, be me! But I’ll double down on my assertion that you live in a state with a name that was derived from spanish, as are many of the words in all american English, but particularly in that part of the country, since its inception.

  7. Is this a joke ??
    On another note tho imagine if he actually changed england and gave the PROMISED TAX CUT he said he would implement.

  8. A huge victory for the true democracy & terrible defeat for the socialism and socialists in UK .Congrats PM Boris Johnson ….Brexit on Jan 31 2020 !

  9. gee, looks like libotards are getting curb stomped around the world.

    about time…………….))

    • Ben Liu Wtf, u do know the people don’t impeach a president right?

    • Not in Canada.

    • @Ben Liu lol impeachment….hahahahah

    • Carlos Martinez | December 13, 2019 at 8:50 PM | Reply

      If you love that take your wood ship and go back there!! Get all the white haters and make one country in europe!! Leave all other people land alone and their lenguages but please… GTFOH!!

    • @Ben Liu if you respond to these kinds of posts, you only waste your energy. My opinion: Work with like minded groups and candidates to effect actual change. You’re never going to have a meaningful dialog with the likes of @Akela DeWolf. She? Made that plain and simply obvious from her? Initial post. All you can do with her? Is go down to her level, and its not worth it, sir.

  10. sylvia carmichael | December 13, 2019 at 5:40 PM | Reply

    He isn’t prime minster yet and he’s already echoing trump. The thing is he’s not as good of a liar as him.

  11. Your Conscience | December 13, 2019 at 6:02 PM | Reply

    Stop torturing Assange!!!!

  12. This screaming performer ruins the future of young people. Why are people so shortsighted to vote for a fairytale nonsense storyteller. Keep this video to get reminded in future of all the promises he will not be able to keep.

  13. Johnson led Corbyn by 12 points in the most recent pre-election poll and Bernie leads Trump by 12 points in the head to head polls. The writing’s on the wall Trump.

  14. Rudy Giuliani Can Barely Contain Himself Over His Ukraine Findings

    According to the¬†Journal, Giuliani will present findings from his self-described “secret assignment” in a¬†20-page report.

    Trump and Giuliani say then-Vice President Biden engaged in corruption when he called for the ouster of a Ukrainian prosecutor who had investigated a Ukrainian gas company where Hunter Biden served on the board. The Bidens deny wrongdoing, and ousting the prosecutor was a goal at the time of the U.S. and several European countries. -Wall Street Journal

    (Note the Wall Street Journal’s use of a straw man¬†when they write: “The allegations of Ukrainian election interference are at odds with findings by the U.S. intelligence community¬†that Russia was behind the election interference.”

    Apparently the¬†three¬†journalists who collaborated on the article didn’t get the memo that two countries can meddle at the same time, nor did any of them read the January, 2017¬†Politico¬†article:¬†Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire¬†– which outlines how Ukrainian government officials conspired with a DNC operative to hurt the Trump campaign during the 2016 election – a move which led to the disruptive ouster of campaign chairman Paul Manafort).

  15. Steve Quayle Podcast | December 13, 2019 at 7:59 PM | Reply

    Delusions of grandeur by an inpoverished nation

  16. Always nice to see German capitalists take a loss. All the REAL socialists hate the EU.

  17. Emilio Escamilla | December 13, 2019 at 9:28 PM | Reply


  18. This is going to be so good for real people of good common sense. Liberal left socialist corrupt everything they touch

  19. Robert Geilfuss | December 13, 2019 at 10:32 PM | Reply

    Congratulations, Boris, now please you must #FreeAssange, if you wish not to destroy permanently Britain’s historic reputation as one of the leading countries committed to free speech.

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