1. Tell us about the man who beat up a woman in an MMA match, all in the name of “equality.”
    Remember when a man beating up a woman was considered a crime?

    1. The News in ASL, who is talking about what you mentioned? I was listening to a beautiful song by Brad Paisley.

    2. @Diane Bannister
      No one. That is the point. The left is obsessed with so-called “equality,” and letting transgender, “women” beat up real women in the name of “equality,” when formerly, that was considered a crime.

    1. ” The press is the enemy , the press is the enemy, write that down on a chalkboard 100 times” 1972 Dec Nixon to Kissinger , made public in Aug 1974 Watergates tapes . Move to North Korea , you will love their State run TV, praising 1 man , kinda like u do

  2. As a country, we need to start investigations into corporate media outlets who participate in dividing with stories with misinformation on race and gender.

  3. I go to a “news” channel for news. I go to a sport’s channel for sports. I try to be done with Leftists but they just won’t let me.

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  5. CNN, we just want to know what the heck is happening with our American citizens still stranded in Afghanistan. Give us coverage of that!!!!!!!!!

  6. Everybody should look at the pretty baloons and forget our nation abandoned AMERICAN CITIZENS in a hostile foreign nation. Keep looking at the balloons and Kardashians, Britney Spears, or whoever the distraction of the day is.

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