1. I’ve eaten at Miya’s a billion times. Can confirm that he can make bugs taste pretty good.

    1. @David Ashton
      You mean Dajjal were Anti Christ because he found out, religion were created by science?
      And why he is the bad guy because of the statement that exist in all holy book (good return good, bad return bad)

      And why his words were all lies, based on what stated in Al quran because human were created with sense that could different right from wrong, true or false, good or evil so do should or not.

      That mean human not needed, what stated in holy book before could justify, what said by Dajjal were true or false.
      Just the problem, were what stated in al quran included planet and star follow Dajjal instruction even he is the bad guy.
      Cos how to see that could happen, if Dajjal cannot communicate with their kind?

      That is how someone found out, who is Dajjjal after bumped into a forum about him more than a month ago since only him knew, where is 2nd moon following mother nature guide and proven moon, planet and star were living creature that one come from another (moonbirth theory or refer what pinned in my vk profile)

      What? Only those that have strong faith could not be controlled or would go against Dajjal?
      You mean those that behave like devil since they keep ignoring, what they could understand and play dumb, hoping other could be influenced by their sick behaviour. .
      No worries cos we will meet again for Bad vs Bad and see, who is the last one standing, winner takes all.

      #What? Sure someone need something before could melt Israel like what hit Japan Sea before the largest tsunami sweep thru Japan.
      The sun said her stuff could come down like machine gun or why you need to watch the show.. Yeahhh.

      #What? The sun only follow Jews instruction and would not destroy the promised land?
      Even promises cannot expand like my penis or how Israel become so huge today occupying almost the whole palestine.

    2. @Danny chong You’re on the wrong type of video to post this. I’m not sure what you were trying to say — the English translation didn’t work well. Just know that many Americans stand with both Palestine and Israel reaching a FAIR agreement that is FAIR to Palestine. Netanyahu has become an authoritarian -dictator who has delayed Israel’s elections for 11 years in order for him to stay in power. Israeli government should not be giving financial incentives for Israelis to move to the West Bank. This was land that was supposed to be for Palestinians per a peace treaty.

    1. @Parslow Pongbert Yes I totally agree. In fact, I believe we should not eat plants either and should all starve ourselves to death. What gives us the right to kill other “less advanced” life forms like plants just because we are hungry? Trillions and trillions of plants, bacteria, and other life forms are being murder each year by us humans, and we must stop this injustice against other life forms!

    2. @Parslow Pongbert I understand where you are coming from but shut up man, like that other guy said, what gives you the right to eat plants. Living organisms have to eat and eating involves the death of other organisms and thats how life evolved

    3. @Parslow Pongbert You should tell that to all the obligate carnivores and force them into extinction. It’s the only moral choice.

    1. People stop sleeping around. That’s selfish, disgusting and sinful. Fornication should never be encouraged. It’s the child who suffers. Why discourage marriage? Why deprive children of a mom and dad? That’s abuse. Stop it! Sheesh! What’s wrong with some people? If you really love to have children and want a stable and loving family, get married!

    2. @Benjamin Levine She got paid so I wonder if she is still stripping? And is she the one he sent out to buy an adult toy for her to use on him? Inquiring minds are just curious

    3. @Morvicks Silly to blame “extremist” for negative Gaetz vibe. You’re apparently unaware that BetOnline AG, a Vegas site, has multiple plays on your hero. Nothing extremist. about posting odds Miss Morvicks, it’s just business that could pay off well if you “play your cards” right. Of course, that would mean putting $ on innocent Gaetz.

  2. I’ve eaten Mopane worms and deep-fried locusts during my time in Africa, but never Cicadas! Well done Brianna

    1. I liked her a lot more until seeing her eat insects. Come on, people. It isn’t necessary.

    1. “I belieeeeve cicadas are the future, roast them well and let them lead the plate…”

  3. Good God Brianna !! I couldn’t eat anything that looks like a fly . Gross … But I see you are quite the Trooper!!CNN ought to give you a raise for eating bugs on live television , just a thought

  4. I remember growing up in Thailand, living in the county side, we caught those cicadas and fried it up with oil and seasoning. It was nutritious and delicious snacks. The crunch was actually the seaweed wrap. If you think about it, it’s minimal processing, unlike our cows, pigs and chicken in our convenience grocery stores. I’ve learned from my students, all the chemicals added to their feed, which gets passed on to our bodies as consumers and the cruel life these animals live prior to being processed made me rethink about where my food comes from.

  5. Brianna, you have a great laugh, and who knew? Your segments are wonderful, thought-provoking and bang on, but rarely are they funny. This segment has brought out your other side, and it rounds you out. Hope to hear that laughter more in the future.

    1. I just started the cable news shows last March at the beginning of the pandemic. She has been hands down the best. I can’t even think of a close 2nd.

    1. @john lerner the fact that your “evidence” redirects you to some nefarious site that has to be downloaded, and has virus warnings, is evidence that you don’t know how to tell the difference between fake and authentic. Or you’re purposely spreading disinformation, because Trump can’t win without cheating.

    2. @private bubba do we get to pick what part she starts with? Cause I could die a happy man.

    1. What I don’t understand is I see cicadas every single year in the summer….why is everyone paying attention to them THIS year? Why not every year? What makes them so special now?

    2. @JASON VARGAS What? You haven’t been paying attention. Annual cicadas are routine and not plague proportion. The 13 and 17 year periodical cicadas we definitely news.

    3. @Tosh T so there are annual cicadas AND 13-year and -17-year cycle cicadas? Meaning this year we have the normal annual ones…along WITH the 17-year cycle emerging? So double the cicadas?

  6. “What does it remind you of?”
    _’I’ll let you know when I get the taste of bile out of my mouth…’_

  7. and this is why we love Brianna so much, only an service man’s wife, would do this, LOve watching her show. she’s amazing

  8. “What does it remind you of?”
    -Cliffhanger that will never be resolved.

    1. @Harry Skywalker; I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. But you sound more like a keyboard simp.

    2. @Chris Martinez Im not. I am in fact the defender in this situation. You called a woman overweight and a pig, when in fact she is neither. Thats what a keybo warrior does: rant on the internet because they have nothing better to do. And most of the time they are wrong, as you are in this case. Good day, sir.

    3. @Gorilla-Q-Nutz i think they should make all CNN followers eat ” roaches and bugs ” like that fat lady just did ..hahahaha

    1. I’ve always wanted a bug eater. To bad that’s not the only thing she’s had I her mouth.

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