1. Praying for the Americans and our allies who were left behind to die. And praying for the innocent Afghan woman and girls. The fall out of us pulling our troops out should have never been this bad.

    1. @internet your remarks are childish and have no merit…you are better off listening to Metallica than trying to troll YouTube and be a victor of nonsense. Biden has failed our borders and our Americans overseas and needs to be removed immediately as commander in chief since he’s failed at being one.

    2. @Scarlet Begonias I figure you think its a cute response. It’s actually pretty sad to be honest. You folks can’t be objective in assessing accountability, and instead just double down on party loyalty. That gets us no where in the long run.

    1. @And M Because of states like Arizona, Maricopa Co. Just one county in this country. 74,000 mail in ballots with no address. Now throw in all the liberal states?

    2. @John Mwangi funny that when they go to western countries they usually bring their stone age beliefs with them, treating their women like cattle and making them wear curtains on their heads, they get a little homesick i guess

    3. you want those Afghan refugees slaughtered?!? You realize that those Afghans that would be accepted as refugees supported the US the entire time until they were deserted.

  2. It’s a shame when the secretary of defense says they don’t have the ability to get Americans to the airport to get out. This has been a disaster on the part of the US and this will haunt us forever

    1. @Andres Herrera hmmmm…and Democrats would rather house citizens from other countries than house our veterans. That is not a road you want to travel… Next….

    2. This will mark the end of the American empire, every worst case scenario is now possible. North Korea with nukes, Taiwan invasion. End of human rigths

    1. @Dawn Davis That ‘unstable idiot’ @N W doesn’t know what he’s/she’s talking about either regarding the Vietnam War, Watergate scandal, Afghanistan, or etc. He/she just posted nonsense comments without a brain

    2. water towers are emmiting 6G and giving everyone arm cancer!!!! Let’s stop the federal watertower commission now!!!

    3. @Blondie The fall of Saigon 1975. In the beginning the powers at the time didn’t even want to call it a war, it was called a conflict. Our soldiers suffered dearly durning, after and still today from that war. This is the second withdrawal of troops in my lifetime, sadly I don’t think it will be the last.

    4. @Blondie Differences are this is a Holy War to the taliban .Vietnam was/is a communist regime. To Americans it was/is Freedom(and oil interests)

    1. Proved by biden , is his preference to attend to Afghanistan refugees while ignoring 15 K American citizens stranded . Another mess done & seen in flunky Joe show.

  3. I can imagine it the happiness of the 48 Afghan people once they come to Costa Rica ! Such a beautiful country they I’ll love it

    1. Until the next disaster. Then they’ll realize the leaders will throw them under the bus for their own political ideas

  4. The poor average people will probably get extra torture from Taliban for being in bed with the country that flies the rainbow flag over it’s embassy.

    1. water towers are emmiting 6G and giving everyone arm cancer!!!! Let’s stop the federal watertower commission now!

    1. Hello coyy sorry for bothering you actually I’m Oscar williams,from North Carolina,if you don’t mind can you please kindly tell me where exactly are you from

    2. The enemy is the squirm , squinting Nov 3 selection thief joe biden. Kamala is biden’s side kick derelict that neglects assigned responsibility to tend border CRISIS .

  5. CNN is a joke. The Breaking News on CNN’s website is “Mike Richards has stepped down as the host of Jeopardy!”

    1. @Jehovah Witness Democrats 3rd world, racist, corrupt political party:
      1. The leadership of the Democrats children get the best private school education on their way to Harvard &
      guaranteed multimillion dollar jobs.
      Meanwhile the Progressives sentence minority children & poor whites to a crappy inner city public school systems because they are not allowed school choice or vouchers, most won’t make it through high school &
      are stuck at menial jobs the rest of their lives, at the bottom of the Dems. Caste system from hell. Average net worth of a minority family thanks to the Democrats: $5,000. This is less than what one of the “elitist pigs” like Biden, Obama, Gore & Sanders probably spend for 15 minutes on a private jet that usually cost twenty thousand dollars an hour!
      2. Leadership of the Dems. don’t oppose tax cuts because they are for the rich…….they don’t want anyone else joining them in becoming rich! It’s called I got my cookie so scr’w you!
      3. Leadership of the Dems. have private armed bodyguards VS.
      the rest of us they don’t want to own fire arms.
      4. The leadership of the Dems. have the best Cadillac health care coverage in the world VS. the rest of us on crapy Obamacare.
      5. The Dems. leadership has the best private retirement accounts available,
      VS. the rest of us who can’t even control our own Social Security dollars.
      6. The Dems. leadership fly on private jets every day pumping out all the CO2 in the world VS. the rest of us…carbon tax & Green New Steal insanity.
      7. The Dems leadership drives their big steel reinforced limos VS.
      the rest of us, second class citizens in our own country who the Dems.
      want driving little green friendly, toy, clown cars. If you are in a head on collision, you are probably road kill.
      8. Bernie Sanders (B.S.) Spends more on private jet travel (20k per hour they cost & Sanders spent $300k) in a month then the average American family makes in years all well pushing the Green New Steal to take America back to the stone age.
      Want more proof of Progressives are racists? No welfare moms at the Kennedy compound, well maybe cleaning their toilets. No people on section-8 housing on Biden & Bernie’s & the other Leerjet Leftists 20k an hour private jets. No homies from the hood at those Beverly Hills & upper west side Manhattan cocktail parties. Not in my backyard is what the Pathological Progressives are all about!
      Want additional proof of the Democrats racism? Israel & the Palestinians. Bill Mahr
      said it best, Progressives side with Palestinians over Jews because they see Jews as white, ( they mostly see European Jews in the U.S.) and Palestinians as brown. In other words progressives are filthy racists.
      Want additional proof progressives hate our European heritage, highest civilization n the world, highest women’s rights because they hate being white, progressives are minority su pr ma cists, they are filthy racists! Want additional proof? Israel is a Progressives wet dream!
      Voted the best country for women entrepreneurs in the world, national healthcare, full gay rights, Tel Aviv one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the world, women with full equal rights as men, women in combat. Now let’s check out the Palestinians/Islamists: gay people thrown off buildings, women with less rights than dogs in the U.S. completely male dominated society. So why do Progressives side with Palestinians over Jews. Progressives see Jews as white & Palestinians as brown. Progressives are minority su pr e ma cists, they are filthy racists!
      When leftists side with Palestinians or Islamists or Iran I end it permanently in one sentence: “Just remember one thing, the first thing the Islamists did in Iran when they took power was ha n ged all their progressive allies! I NEVER HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN!
      Please share this EVERYWHERE!

  6. I hope “That was four or five days ago” makes it into Bidens’s section of a future edition of Bartlet’s.

  7. This is the most embarrassing withdrawal, I’ve even seen. It makes the exit from Saigon look well planned.

    1. water towers are emmiting 6G and giving everyone arm cancer!!!! Let’s stop the federal watertower commission now!!!

    2. Thats only because everyone didn’t have a smartphone and wifi. I can assure you, it was far, far worse. What with the mass executions in the middle of the street and US forces in firefights to maintain a perimeter and whatnot.

    3. @Northern lights

      Must’ve been a nice afternoon drive home.

      Circumstances are slightly different, bruh.

  8. who says it better
    hilary: at this point what difference does it make!!
    biden: people falling from plane was 4, 5 days ago!!

    1. That was 4-5 days ago?? This coming from the democrat party who still brings up slavery from 200 years ago!

    2. water towers are emmiting 6G and giving everyone arm cancer!!!! Let’s stop the federal watertower commission now!!!

    3. Is Biden the Dem party and their voters gonna pay reparations? Reparations to the afghani people and their descendants years from now?

    1. the lady cnn reporter in her last report, said thats it, get to the car we out of here, not seen her since

    2. water towers are emmiting 6G and giving everyone arm cancer!!!! Let’s stop the federal watertower commission now!!!

  9. What should Biden’s consequence be for his internationally condemned -backward “plan”?
    1. Impeachment
    2. 25th Amendment
    3. War Crimes Tribunal
    4. “Clintonized”

  10. *18 세 이상 ONLYFANS* LIKEE.BABY

    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    Meat: beated
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

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