Watch DOJ, FBI briefing on pro-Trump Capitol riot 1

Watch DOJ, FBI briefing on pro-Trump Capitol riot


Officials at the FBI and Department of Justice give their first briefing on the pro-Trump rioters that stormed the Capitol.

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  1. Since George Washington’s election in 1789 our country has maintained a peaceful transfer of power. A presidential election was even held in 1864 during the Civil War. We will not allow our democracy to be disrupted by terrorists and conspiracy theorists. Stay safe.

    1. The Leftist Communist loons don’t allow you to talk about the forefathers. We all watched Leftist tear down statues,. Just like what happened in Venezuela…We all watched the Leftist Psychopaths change the names of schools, and streets,. Just like what happened in Venezuela. We are now being told what we can watch, and what we can watch, just like what happened in Venezuela. We are seeing a black out of truth in the News Media’s, just like what happened in Venezuela. We all watched an election stolen by a dictator, just like what happened in Venezuela. Now that this ship is sinking, we will watch you Leftist Rats be the first ones to jump ship running for your lives as full blown Cannabals, eating each other, and I will laugh. Reap what you sow

    2. @Raven R You seem to be completely disconnected from reality. Congratulations, you’re perfect cult material.

    1. @The One And Only!!! Don’t mind me, I’m not on any side, I just like poking the “Easily Disturbed.”
      Thanks for the help.

    2. @E M J I don’t care about the parties. They don’t look that much different…they each have their own way
      of getting us deeper in debt. But the soon to be ex Liar-in-chief has taken normal straight to
      full on batshit crazy. But when hysteria shows up, i can’t resist pointing that out.

    1. *John Sullivan of BLM* who filmed himself encouraging violence and breaking a window inside the capitol, is NOT under arrest. This is an obvious setup from every angle.

    2. @Necro Metal We really have to forward your comments to law enforcement. you sound like you were part of the treasonous act of insurrection in Washington. you have no right to call yourself a patriot.

    3. @sumnjim Yeah, most were a bunch of idiotic yahoos, but that guy and the other zip tie guy, they were there to to “BTK” for sure, I hope they get what they deserve…

    4. Or they had masks, but they brought their mothers with them who did not have masks… never make an insurrection into a family affair.

    1. That kind of rhetoric is why some people get so angry. Their is no evidence these people were involved in the rioting. It has been debunked. Impeaching Trump is a political maneuver by the Democrats in Congress, not a criminal one. If you read Trump’s transcript, he said “peaceful protest” and not to riot. Unless you are talking about 2016 where the FBI spied on Trump’s campaign, had a faked dossier and knew it, hid exculpatory evidence for the first impeachment, renewed 4 FISA warrants with false information and tried to get someone to bring a wiretap inside the White House.

      I’m wondering if the FBI can investigate properly when they delete evidence off of 40 phones, falsify documents in an ongoing investigation and coerce witnesses into giving false testimony? Maybe this isn’t the best agency for investigations.

    1. The most religious ‘developed’ (cough, cough) country on the planet, all praying their god will ‘save’ their country. Half of them are praying for insurrection to succeed, the other half, that it will fail. Heaven forbid any of them stand up and do what’s ‘right’, even if it means they lose their sway with the religious nutters that put them where they are. Seems to me their fear of being held to account in ‘Heaven’ is nothing compared to their fear of being held to account on earth. Christian Taliban is about the best description there is.

    2. I saw plenty of riots, destruction of property (over 1 billon dollars) and assaults in 2020 on government buildings and statues including the White House where 52 Secret Service were injured on TV and the Speaker of the House and Democrats were concerned about the use of teargas not the attack.

    3. @Vac Seen maybe if you didn’t watch it with one eye closed, you’d have understood the fundamental differences between the events.

    1. @gladiator3000 I guess you didn’t see all those riots, looting destroying, killing over 50 people the country of Chaz/chop that happen all year then.

    2. @Robert Juzefski 50? The cops really do kill a lot of people in the county. Why don’t we do something about that?

    1. @Mahendra Singh yes there are videos and photos of one police officer taking selfies with the rioters after they’d broken into the Capitol

  2. FBI: We don’t do easy.

    Also FBI: We waited until the last week of Trump’s term to really begin doing any kind of investigation.

  3. STOP CALLING IT A RIOT. It was an insurrection. A failed coup. Attempted sedition.

    What happens when a Philly sports team wins a championship game? Thats a riot. What happened on the 6th was a disgrace.

    1. @Rani Brikho no one was calling for the execution of the Vice President or Speaker of the House at any BLM rallies. No one built a gallows either. Kinda different, my guy.

    2. @Rani Brikho George Floyd protests were way more larger and there were many of them. Not just one riot. Sure, more people died at George Floyd Riots but thats only because more people participated and there were more of them. Its like comparing a country with more people vs a country with less and saying “Well, the smaller country has less deaths than the larger country, therefore its safer”. Its not safer there’s just less people to contribute to that statistic.

  4. Everyone that had a cell phone will have had their IMEI and IMSI numbers recorded on telco systems.
    Be prepared for that knock on the door MAGA…

    1. @Asheron Windspear You are absolutely right. To all the maggots… I’m sorry I compared you to rabid hateful zombies.

  5. Some of you good ‘ol boys are going to giving it up in prison long after President Double Asterisk has been forgotten… sux to be you!

    1. Nah, they’ll just run to the biggest AB gang they can find on day one & be one of their bitches!!
      That way they won’t get passed around.

  6. hell yes. if you stepped in the Capitol that day with a cellphone, you are screwed! that knock on the door is coming!

    1. Exactly. And they will never know when it comes. Next week. Next month or next year. These thing take time and needs to be strategic. We certainly don’t want pardons for these fools.

  7. Officer Sicknick didn’t pass away, he was murdered! Tell it like it is, damn it, we’re tired of the bullshit.

  8. One question: why would I trust any of the alphabets to bring justice, when they did NOTHING with the warning??

    1. @k333rl If hunter is found guilty then have at it. But trumps kids are not above the law either. They also must be investigated and dealt with by DOJ.

  9. They are “TERRORISTS” as well as the individuals who aided in their violent attack and should be labeled as such.

    1. I’m so glad I’m no longer a liberal. You’re all nasty hypocrites… So blinded by hate it’s pathetic

    2. @Youtube keeps shadowbanning me imagine declaring you are protecting the constitution while attacking on the capital building in an effort to hang the VP because he won’t break the law. Hypocrites is right!

    3. @Jew Dy it’s pretty simple to me. You’re tarnishing an entire group for the misdeeds of a few, the hypocrisy being you liberals are constantly preaching equality…
      Well done blue!

    4. @Youtube keeps shadowbanning me wait, didn’t you “tarnish an entire group” in your first comment that also mentioned hypocrisy? Ironic! I don’t believe you were ever a liberal…

  10. Everyone involved in the Capitol Attack on January 6, 2021 must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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