Watch Donald Trump Implode On Fox News Over COVID Falsehoods | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. “We’re the envy of the world when it comes to the incredible job we’ve done with testing”, yea that’s why the rest of the world is shutting us out til we get our crap together. Mexico’s thinking “thanks for that wall, now stay over there”.

    1. @Shawn Nac I’m a kiwi Shawn,,, our wall is the Pacific Ocean….cant wait to visit your beautiful country again…

  2. “Welcome to Bunker King, may i take your freedom?”
    “Yes, I’ll have the Putin Pie and the Fascist Fries. Oh and supersize the Big Bad Vlad Unhappy Meal”
    “proceed to the Urine Soaked Clown window”

    1. @Solzeye Jewels It’s the second time I know of that Trump has tried to move the US into martial law. The first was when he threatened to use the US military to control the protests, looting and riots, about the time he hid in his bunker. Now he’s using people in unmarked uniforms and unmarked vans to either attack protestors or to snatch them off the streets. Trump is threatening to do the same in Chicago and no one is stopping him.

      The funny thing is that his supporters are so fanatical about the First and Second Amendments. I wonder what they think happens if martial law is declared? Groups are not allowed to congregate nor express their opinions openly. Then the military goes door to door confiscating weapons and ammunition. No more First or Second Amendments from the Dictator in Chief. And they want to keep this guy in office.

    2. @Vien LaCrose After he loses reelection nobody wants to be his security guard. When he goes to prison like Epstine he really needs security guard. He will get killed like a rat.

  3. I can tell another thing that is “flame-like” our tiny hands Mussolini’s pants…. Liar liar pants on fire

  4. Why won’t you call them what they are: LIES. Stop calling them “Falsehoods” they’re LIES

    1. @Taryn Tots To use misleading or falsehood is to give one plausible denibility to an extent but the fact is is that Trump’s lies are deliberate, with harm intended as shown time and again by his own words and actions and his fervent approval and defense of those just like him who defend him…

    2. Taryn Tots I think this as well
      If I believe X , either through misunderstanding or someone giving me bad info, and say it.
      That’s not the same as me saying something I know is false.
      It’s hard to prove if someone is misinformed or lying
      Then again I don’t n ow if that’s a valid / legal distinction

  5. Trump: “I’ll be right eventually”???
    I can do that too! “Trump is going to rot away!… I’ll be right eventually!”

  6. I love how Chris Wallace laughs as Trump says he will eventually be right with his assertion it will “eventually” go away! That’s rich!

  7. During the Chris Wallace interview, Trump was sweating like his taxes had just been released to Congress. 😓😓

    1. Jason Russell
      Going to the hospital is for sheep, too – so if you get sick, stay away from the hospital.

  8. “Envy of the world?” Not here in New Zealand. I pity poor decent Americans with this imbecile in charge,

    1. Thank you! We feel like we’re in a hostile territory in our own country! This orange bunker boy is just dumb and we’re trying to hang on until we can get this moron out of office. Please continue to pray for us.

    1. Well it’s China’s fault and Obama’s fault. It seems that Republican presidents blame someone else when things go wrong

    2. This thing playing President said to a room full of reporter’s that “He is the smartest person that HE has ever meant” Enough SAID😢

  9. He is ill. Stop interviewing him and get him out of WH. It is just inhumane to consider anything of/about him. He is a sick being.

    1. Getting him out of WH will be America’s greatest undoing. If you doubt, just watch and see.

    2. “He is ill. Stop interviewing him and get him out of WH. It is just inhumane to consider anything of/about him. He is a sick being.” Yes spot on. he is ill. But like a nasty multi car crash, he draws attention, sadly, morbidly.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s half, but at some point there won’t be enough Americans to pass it around. We need action now!!!!!

  10. “We have the best mortality rate!” –Donald Trump

    Tell that to the family of those 140,000+ American people who has died because of his incompetency!

  11. t’rump: “We are the envy of the world.”
    World: “You have 141,000 deaths.”
    t’rump: “The envy of the world!”
    World: ” Sigh. 🤷🤦”

  12. It’s pathetic when a man of this age just keeps talking even long after he has anything of substance to say.

    1. So true.
      Words,albeit dumb ones, come out of that mouth and yet the content a d as you say substance is rubbish.

    1. @Shin “Falsehood” is a method of softening the message like when your parents called you special. Maybe learn etiquette at some point?

    2. @Ethan Rain Falsehood Definition: 1: an untrue statement: 2: absence of truth or accuracy 3: the practice of lying

    3. @Carl Miller Trump keeps telling conradicting information and he still has loyal supporters. Its why I call it basphemy.

  13. “I’m going to be right eventually” Coming from the President of the country, isn’t that a scary statement?

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