Watch Doug Ford’s full statement | COVID-19 lockdowns extended in Toronto, other hotspots in Ontario

Ont. Premier Doug Ford says he's listened to local health officials and extended lockdowns in Toronto and several other areas until March.


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  1. Ford the Fraud’s days are numbered. Don’t get too attached to being premier, Mr. Ford. Elections are coming.

  2. Don’t worry about keeping me or my family safe. That’s my job not yours and we are definitely not your friends.

    1. It’s hard to take care of your family when they(the politicians) take away your ability to make money. Give me suggestions on how to conduct myself, that’s fine. Tell me to do it or jail time…wtf

    2. @TCB72 you’re a troll clearly. I still have my job. I’m an essential worker. You’re just a terrible human being.

  3. Dougie.. we know we’re NOT your friends so just stop saying it and stick to your rich friends in York region whom you promised the opening already to help their business.. you’re one and done!

    1. @Tim M kids aren’t as vulnerable. It’s not factually correct to say they’re not vulnerable. Also, the risk is…if there’s a big spread and if families are not doing social distancing, that very rapidly within households, the virus, if it does spread rapidly from children to others, could make it up the chain in terms of ages and reach high-risk populations. hundreds of thousand of immune compromised Canadians can’t do anything to build their immune system.

    2. @Danny Fisher that’s one of the biggest issues that continues to occur, everybody weighing in like they know wtf they’re talking about.

  4. We’re going to be lifting the lockdown restrictions now. Ok guys, time to ramp up the restrictions. In certain areas, we’re going to be lifting the restrictions – but stay home. MmmMmMm kayyy deeerrrrpppp.

    1. @CodCats Probably do a better job that Ford. Considering all Ford does is pick up the phone and does what Trudeau tells him to do.

  5. Why Doctors cancelled important appointment such as glaucoma you can’t get appointment to get your blood test all because of covet know one died from anything else? Just asking.

  6. “unwavering when it comes to supporting our local health officals” but didn’t he make cuts to both medical and school systems

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