1. “Where’s Mother!?!?! A man was mean to me!!” – Mike Pence, probably….

    I’m surprised the secret service didn’t rough the doctor up for questioning MP.

  2. When this administration has to answer to the people in person, not on a stage, they flounder.
    Exhibit A

    1. @Tundrella 68 But he didn’t. Either he didn’t know it happened or he did and bullshitted his way through it.

    2. @Tundrella 68 did you hear his response? “When I was governor”, well that’s irrelevant, now he’s vice president and he doesn’t know what his policies are?? He floundered, and he lied to the Doctor’s face. That’s known as a bold face lie. Are you going to pretend we don’t hear? Or is it you who can’t hear?

    3. @Jason C. nah, they’re real Christians. The problem is that Christianity isn’t as loving as Christians make it out to be.

  3. Now that is a tough ER doctor! .He needs a standing ovation from all the folks that have ever wondered what it takes to run one. Thank you Doctor.

    1. All while planning the next tax cut for the rich.🤬
      You know what happened in other countries when this sort of thing happened – Revolution. Just stating the facts.
      Maybe losing all their benefits might finally get the Trumptards thinking. But they’ll probably find a way to blame it on the black guy Obama and then they’ll settle back down again.

  4. “Well, being the Vice President of the United States I have NO idea about anything going on with policy that will affect the people of America today. But when I was Governor…….”

    1. Yeah , when he was Governor in Indiana
      he sucked then too!
      Glad he’s gone. He hates
      women, poor people, LGBTQ anything not conducive to his extreme
      Evangelical religion. We don’t want to be governed
      with hate.

  5. VP Pence—- holds a great deal of power and influence, however as an Evangelical in good standing, Pence (sadly) could not give a damn about the common person’s problems/issues.

    1. Jack In the Green I think he is trying to be more Christlike each and every day! The only trouble is, he’s been hypnotized my the devil.

    2. @Lizzard Breath You may be on to something my friend! There is a passage in that book he says he reverances: “a house divided against itself CANNOT stand” also: “no man can serve two Masters”!

    3. Hey! Haven’t you heard that if you’re poor and sick, it’s gods will and your own fault. Because you do not believe in the exact theology that you should. And because you don’t believe that the Constitution demands that the poor and the sick in gods name must be ruled by a fundamentalist shariaish interpretation of the old testament law.
      Amen Jesus! (=translates from Evengelic into hell satan).

    4. @Håkan Bråkan Kråkan I understand your anger and your discouragement—it is well founded given this world’s—it’s religious teachers that teach not according to ‘accurate knowledge’ of the Bible, who twist the Truth toward their own selfish interests. The Bible describes them as “false prophets” and “empty vessels”—because they are empty and their motives are of the Devil—the original serpent and deceiver. The fault lies not in the Truth—or the pure teachings but with the heart of Man that is full of deception.

  6. Peace’s critical-thinking has been so religiously polluted… I doubt if he’s even capable of formulating any complex rational thoughts… He always just looks and acts stunned…

    1. Pence doesn’t do critical thinking. He is an airhead, religious or not. Neither Pence nor Trump are capable of discussing policy in any level of detail.
      What I did find interesting is that he kept going back to when Obama was president when healthcare was expanded.

    2. The smartest thing thing he said was the very first thing he said: “Ahhh”

      If you don’t know anything you should say nothing. Just listen and you might learn something. It’s pretty obvious he’s following the model of his mentor and not reading anything. Even if he’s being kept our of the loop there would have been articles about this.

  7. Wow, a private citizen is more informed than the VICE PRESIDENT on what’s happening in GOVERNMENT… That’s SAD.

    1. Mark Dice So you believe it is the left? Statistics say that deeply Republican areas like Mississippi, Kentucky and Arkansas are the leaders in public assistance and poverty. There are many people who work many hours a week, multiple jobs who are not insured. Health insurance shouldn’t be a commodity. Everyone deserves medical care.

    2. @Tim J
      Truly painful to have a Front row seat to watch Trump ( I Can Not say the word President infront of that name. I can’t I can’t I can’t!!! Anyway when his Administration goes back to the White House, Trump has his “Older” children waiting at the door with their Dog Leaches to take his men to their rooms in the Basement!! It’s gonna be a shocker to those Fool’s when Trump throws everyone of them under the Bus.
      THAT’S when they’ll Regret ALL the LIES they told to keep his A** in “POWER” Yes…THIS is just the Beginning for them!!! JUST WAIT!!!

  8. I loved it when Pence was talking about the past and the Dr. Replied with ” I’m talking about now” Pences face lol. Thank you Dr. for caring.

  9. “My patients are losing their medicade and it’s a huge issue.”

    “*Actually* when I was governor of Indiana –”

    Avoiding the issue 101

  10. You know that doctor was full of anger but had the strength to conduct himself as calm as possible. Bless this man.

  11. Lmaooooo more Republicans “respectfully disagreeing” with straight facts😂😂 its damn shameful

    1. Pence is a born again Jesus loving Christian ✝️. Democrats slaughter babies & support the sin of homosexuality. If you read the Bible, that guarantees you a first class ticket to hell. According to God‘s word called the Bible

    2. Audi b : but, he sure LIES like every true xtian in the current administration and like EVERY xtian I have ever had the misfortune of taking with…

  12. Citizen: Mr. Pence, how do you plan to address climate change?
    Pence: The climate was fine when I was born. Next question?

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