1. @Anders Úlfkunna she wasn’t disabled . If she was then she’s kinda stupid to be in a spot that she couldn’t get out of in a hurry. Lol they aren’t draft horses. Google a draft horse. You’re welcome

    2. @Jumbo Me She was on a mobility scooter and I’ve lived on two horse ranches, they are probably quarter horse / Belgian cross. You’re welcome.

    3. @Anders Úlfkunna lol as I said she shouldn’t have been there if she didn’t have mobility . Also definitely draft horse by any means or any cross Your welcome .

    4. @Jumbo Me Could be Thoroughbred, if so, they are pretty fat. I guessed Draft cross because they were taller than the protesters at the shoulder so probably 17 hands and have the nose shape you often see on Friesians, thought one had feathers. She had every right to be there, it’s the police endangering citizens with this reckless maneuver that shouldn’t have been there. And I still fail to see the humor in a lady with mobility issues getting stepped on by 1200lb animals. Best of luck to you Mini Me.

    5. @Anders Úlfkunna well you try to use fancy words just proves no you didn’t work on a ranch. Yes protesting is allowed. They were all given pamphlets explaining what was gonna happen. At the time it was deemed illegal so there’s that. I’d suggest you stay in Alberta

  1. At least he had some integrity in saying he didn’t think there was a policing way out.
    To me that meant he knew they had a right to protest.

    1. The lack of Response from a Leader ended up in the only Response Canadians received which was a Negative Response to a Positive Stance , it was mishandled and inhumane and when the Police threatened to have the Truckers dogs Euthanized if they didn’t leave Ottawa , that was one of the most disgusting responses of all to the situation along with the Violence live streaming caught.

  2. Right ! and they want to send these yahoos to Police Haiti ??? Send them to Police Africa and Ukraine LOL when they can’t Police Downtown Ottawa. WOW. The arrogance.

    1. @Chris Coyle nope. Not a liberal. Long time conservative. Just call out stupidity when I see it. That’s exactly what those fools got for being stupid

  3. Were they doing their best when the constable on horse back put a elder in the hospital ? This was in a video .. every one saw and could not believe this .. this unarmed elder was no threat .. ! give me a break .. !

    1. How about the guy crying who got his face smashed with the rifle barrel,not much mention of that in his phoney testimony

    2. So you are the disinformation spreader of the day I see. Thoroughly debunked, bro. Your feelings don’t replace facts.

  4. Some of the convoy spent a week driving 2/3rds of the way across Canada to Ottawa. Was it plausible to believe intel that the protesters were spending such time and expense just to come for a weekend? Based merely on news info as the convoy came, even I knew Ottawa was really in for it and appalled at the namby-pamby dithering of all three levels of government with their police and armed forces. Sloly’s slow comprehension is culpable, but he shouldn’t be hung out to dry for the tardy, inadequate response of all three governments.

  5. A.C.A.B…. That’s rite prove me different. Alway think before you move, consequences last longer then your actions.
    Jeeeeezez Christ he’s talking like he is a survivor of coming home from Vietnam.. why don’t we all turn our heads and look at TRUDEAU for all this mess. Trudeau you cashed all this countries chaos and disruption. Get MAD AT TRUDEAU FOR OUR UNHAPPY LIVING CONDITIONS.

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