Watch Exclusive Videos Leading To Officer’s Murder Charge In Floyd Death | MSNBC

Watch Exclusive Videos Leading To Officer's Murder Charge In Floyd Death | MSNBC 1


  1. It’s one law for them and another one for us. Felony murder is what they should get just like anyone else.

    1. Why the black cop who shot an unarmed woman in Minneapolis a couple of years ago got 12.5 years and it took months to charge him. There were no riots. I wonder why

    2. Also I thought pre-meditation had a “should have known better” rule…someone who plays a prank that “backfires”. Hardly used and difficult to prove..unless the suspect had been trained in how to and NOT to… and chose the later to KNOWING the consequences.
      Like these guys.
      Black guy robs a liquor store…owner dies of a heart attack…
      Prosecutor goes to the mat pressing first degree murder charges AND his girlfriend driving the car. Why not here?
      If they don’t bump the charges or he doesn’t get the max (8-25 with parole)…
      Wait and see, I guess.

    3. @Rich Burgess chauvin knew his victim. They worked clubs and restaurants security together. Maybe George found out he was a dirty cop

    1. Nope. Not these news idiots. They won’t show you any part of the struggle and what put Floyd in that position… until it is leaked to a reputable news source. Main Stream Media wants to keep up the frenzy. They will be responsible for the fall of our nation.

    2. @Chris Zerkel dude you’ve lost what little mind you had… proof? Oh yeah, none. All lies as usual

    3. @A Tatterson
      According to withnesses on the scene, they said,there was no struggles. Only that when Mr. Floyd fell near the police vehicle, he sat there next to it and wouldn’t stand or get up when they asked him to do it a couple of times. After that the dirty cops got angry and fustrated, and pushed him flat on the ground face down as we all seen in the video. And that’s when the racist cop begin to place his knee on Mr. Floyd neck, punishing him, saying, are you gonna get up now? And he would put more pressure on the poor victim Mr. Floyd neck until he died.

  2. Apparently a knee in the back of the neck helps you when there is a medical emergency……..

    1. @//jjj //
      It doesn’t matter if he was or wasn’t. The officer was acting against training and procedures, in either a state of complete retardation or malevolence. The officer didn’t do his job, and failed spectacularly in a way that very very few officers ever will.

    2. @Sir Tinnley Crushing a man’s neck with a knee is not justified, especially when he is laying still and begging for his life as the video captured for minute after minute after minute after minute.

    3. @Jay Garcia
      Standard procedure is to put the knee on the detainee’s shoulder or back, never the neck because of how dangerous that is. Usually the detainee is turned onto their side anyways when they have control of them or they’re screaming about not being able to breathe. Even though the rule of “If they can speak they can breathe fine” is usually true, especially when it comes to strangulating someone, it’s important for them to check and make sure anyways, which is what they are supposed to do, and what they usually do.

  3. The officers said the noticed he was having a medical emergency.

    Oh did they? Is that why he put his knee into his neck

    1. Seriously, he was already cuffed and on his stomach. Where was he gonna go? No excuse for the knee, he’s going down.

    2. Problem is, there is still missing footage here. Did Floyd try to run? Did he start kicking and resisting? Because he resisted getting out.But the cops just cuffed him and took him to the sidewalk. Then they helped him up and just walked him to the other police car. But then there is like 5 minutes we don’t see and all of a sudden these cops are piled on. If they were looking for an excuse to pile on that was when he resisted the first time.
      I am not justifying the whole knee to the throat thing. Just saying that something happened that we haven’t seen.

    3. @thecrazylooser7 If you read my comment it clearly states, “I am not justifying the whole knee to the throat thing. “

    1. maybe he is practicing his MMA moves- He will need a job when he get out in.a year in chino.

    2. Right.they already helped him up, and crossed the street with help..then having 3 adult officers on top of him!!! All the officers seen should be punished!

    3. @Steve Smith Doesn’t explain why the officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for 3 minutes after he went unresponsive.

    4. @Steve Smith Meth heads & PCP freaks do not have the smell of cheap bourbon on their breath – they do not bother with that.

  4. First of all, I have seen a YouTube video were a white guy was pulled over, arrested, by a white officer, and his truck towed, over a bumper sticker on his back window, which featured a single word of profanity. I gather this driver was transported into jail, processed, and booked. So, in this country, police don’t need any good reason or legal probable cause to perform an arrest.

    Secondly, the law states, if one member of a gang is charged with a crime, then all members can be held equally responsible for said crime. Clearly, in this case, the county attorney is reluctant to charge the remaining three officers. However, I can point to many , many other cases when the other gang members who were civilians, not police officers, were instantly arrested and booked with the same charges as the actual attacker.

    1. It will be interesting to see the autopsy report. Was there vertebrae damage from the application of the knee.

    1. @Bobot that’s exactly how it works

      “Redacted body cam footage” means it’s been edited by the cops, and has bits missing before releasing it. 1:01

  5. We need to see the part from when Floyd said he was having a medical emergency to when the officer is seen with his knee in Floyd’s neck. That stretch of time should determine if the charges should be more severe than 3rd degree murder.

    1. @Charles Perkins He died because he had a knee in his neck blocking off his breathing. The issue is if there was a struggle before that and if any of the four first responders(police officers) rendered any sort of aid.

    2. @Lee Lucas You can’t jump to that right away. Have to let the legal system work. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s what we have.

    3. If these were citizens, then they would have almost certainly been given 1st degree murder charges. A total of 8 minutes of restraining and 2 minutes of unconsciousness is clear evidence of premeditation.

  6. Three officers kneeling on him. No camera, no Justice. It took videos that cops couldnt control to even reveal what happened.

    1. Chester Copperpot so true.. even though I feel this is being used intentionally for some George soros agenda I stand by this… cops need to start treating civilians as human beings. and by that I mean everyone because I honestly believe that if the guy was white driving the same car dressed the same and behaving the same I feel the same outcome would had happened. Cops with issues act like this with everyone who falls in low income category whether they are white black or brown

    2. Repent Forgive and Love

      The guy would have just been cuffed and booked unless he got violent, which I don’t think is the case here. I haven’t seen the clips of his resisting

    1. That’s what I thought too. They conveniently moved him to an area where the camera could not caption them. And then the cop car blocking the camera’s view. On top of that, we have Tou Thao tried to block people from seeing what the other 2 cops were doing while Chauvin murdered Floyd. That’s a lot of coincidences.

  7. we all know how this goes down,  takes up all the news for an entire year, politicians and media exploit the tragedy and then the cop goes free

    1. And you would have gotten shot. Bystanders were distressed and did what they could. They filmed and drew attention to the situation to try to stop it. If not for them, we wouldn’t know what happened and how horrific it was.

  8. So the police said they saw medical distress so 3 officers decided to sit on him till he suffocates to death.

    1. Basically what happens when a large snake strangles it’s prey. The more you breathe out the tighter it’s hold gets. I don’t get it and don’t see the need to detain someone like that unless you’re waiting for him to fight for his life so you have a reason to discharge your weapon. Aka “resisting arrest”.

    2. Does anyone remember the name of the man who died when police sat on him and cracked jokes with the paramedics as he died?
      The man who was having an episode and the police were there for “his safety”.

      Or the name of the man who was shot and killed at his car by police after he left the gym?

      Just more deaths to be forgotten.

  9. They notice he was in medical distress, and so the cop plants his knee in his neck to help…!

  10. Someone called the police over a fake 20 dollar bill. Body cam was only one reason the cop was charged with 3rd degree murder

  11. Wow just wow! The officer should have the same things that were done to that poor man! Bless his family!

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