Watch: Florida Building Collapse Caught On Surveillance Video | MSNBC 1

Watch: Florida Building Collapse Caught On Surveillance Video | MSNBC


Surveillance video appears to show the moment a 12-story apartment building collapses in Surfside, Florida. Officials say 35 people have been rescued from the building as emergency responders search for survivors. 

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Watch: Florida Building Collapse Caught On Surveillance Video | MSNBC


    1. Julio-I’m still hopeful they will find more survivors but they will have to step up the pace a bit more. Or bring in more engineers and rescue teams. Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of them there at the moment.

    2. @appnp Yeah, I do hope they find more survivors. Rescue teams are doing the best they can in that situation. There was fallen debris at one time and they all had to leave the scene for a little while. It’s a very difficult task.

    3. @Looking for Wyatte Earp they have saved 35 people so far. Looks like your expert opinion was trash…

    1. @Daniel Nixon The Surveillance video seems to be moving like a smart phone as well, no footage but the instant in starts going down, not like 5 seconds before or whatever.

    2. @gelroose Yep, that was how it was to watch the WTC Twin Towers collapse on live TV 20years ago. Same as back then, its unfathomable to watch a large building demolish before your very eyes, with people still trapped inside.

    3. Seriously. I went to Google Maps to see the original building and was shocked what it used to look like. “Partial” is an understatement.

    4. I agree. Before we just saw what was left but didn’t really know how much was there before.

    1. @My Bad The construction was probably fine. The problem was that it was built on unstable ground.

  1. “We’re only gonna show this once” – and the internet will take care of the infinite repeats…

    1. @MtGox it’s all about race and hate. And we as a population let it happen. Meanwhile in labs new diseases are leaked yearly. I’m talking about corona and Zika virus. Especially Zika. Think about this….let it soak in for a min… Mosquitos have been around since b4 the dinosaurs. And yes they carry diseases,but c’mon now all of a sudden there is a new disease that affects only pregnant woman? Making babies heads tiny?? Corona? It’s population control at it’s nastiest. But we only hear about black and white. It’s so sad we allow this

    2. @Sleeping Hill why would that matter? Most likely it’s not. It’s a tradegy and ur bringing politics into it? Why?

    3. I was going to say that but I thought it might be in bad taste. Imagine standing there and your kitchen falls and you can now see the outside then its your turn .

  2. “were only going to show this once”
    **Uploads to YouTube**
    Yah you don’t get any points for “only showing it once”

    1. When it’s online, only the people who want to will watch it more than once. That’s a lot better than when a news channel has horrific footage on repeat, and it’s up on screens in restaurants and gyms and barbershops, where it can jump out and surprise people who want to avoid it.

  3. This looks exactly like the SK hotel collapse. I’d be evacuating the rest of the buildings and inspecting these things IMMEDIATELY

  4. The building to the south of the collapsed building was recently built. I’d look into how that might have affected the collapse.

  5. Alot worse than I had imagined I though just a few balconies and a tiny side broke down, thats a massive structure failure.

  6. Living in a high rise on the beach now has a new reason to avoid it. Hurricanes, price, collapse.

    1. I used to live in an apartment building and it always dwelled on the back of your mind how high up you actually are.

    2. @Antonio Garcia When I used to live in my old apartment. I would have terrible nightmares of it collapsing on me. It became so bad I had to move out of there.

  7. This is exactly why I would never live in a high rise on the top floor or any floor during something like this. If a fire happened or collapse you’d be fkd. This is a nightmare

    1. Who knows what they really drilled into?? When a building starts to sink!!! Take it DOWN!!!! if the construction wasnt done correctly or possibly ANY shortcuts taken… just take it down and rebuild!! Do not take chances…. with peoples lives!!

    2. It is Ok, if house is structurally sound and doesn’t skip checks and maintenance. I live in 12 story building for 45 years. Still alive 🙂

  8. That wasn’t a “partial” collapse! Nearly the whole building. God be with the victims of this horrific accident.

    1. @Anatoliania Deco yes of course have you met people? This is so obvious and it’s clear your denial is evident of which way you lean.

    2. @Materva You’re a pretty dark and hateful person. No most people don’t feel the way you do, if you feel that way you’re a sociopath or psychopath. I recommend seeing a doctor.

    3. @Bestryful HD Sorry, but I have to disagree. No god in their omnipotent might would ever contemplate twitch hot tub shows, tik tok thots, instagram celebrities, fox news, and a million other insults to intelligence. Such worthless wastes of resources could only ever come from the greed infected minds of mankind. And the most likely cause of this horrendous loss of life was a business not wanting to hurt their bottom line and follow strict safety guidelines. Because what are the chances. Let’s leave God out of our creation, please.

  9. This is the definition of Horror imagine being at home at peace sleeping and next thing you know your home and yourself is gone instantly. Sending my condolences to everyone impacted. If there’s a gofund me for these families do tell.

    1. “Your home and yourself is gone instantly”? Well, I guess they won’t dwell on it much, since they is gone

  10. IF this building was determined to be unstable over a year ago, why wasn’t it evacuated? Somebody needs to be held responsible if it was massive structural failure.

    1. Not sure if its only here in Florida or its also in other states, but buildings of that nature need to be inspected every 40 years to make sure its still safe and stable, and from what I’ve heard this building was in the middle of going through that inspection. A terrible coincidence and timing if that’s true

    2. Florida doesn’t want government regulation so when something that said regulations would of done more condemned the property or forced them to fix the issues but it’s a red state so freedumbs are more important

  11. and this was at night too. i can’t imagine how many people were asleep in their beds with absolutely no time to react. this is terrible.

    1. @L1BT4RDSB3D4MN3D nope alot people not like you and that’s a good thing . We all are made different. We can’t really say much unless you actually experience this.

    2. Having absolutely no time to react is a good thing. Why would you want to react to this? What do you expect to accomplish in 5 seconds?

    3. Probably for the best. No reaction would have meant anything here. They were probably spared some level of terror

    4. @Prince Prince I bet The Real Prince was a lot like me. Especially at tax time. Most of the lights that came on. Were because of the electrical equipment popping. So think about that. MSNBC made sure you saw those light’s and thought it was people. That’s like borrowing a tragedy for the purposes of terror. If they were like me. They wouldn’t ever do something like that.

    5. In a way it’d be better if it happened that way- there wasn’t enough time to react anyway. They would’ve been woken to know an emergency was happening and then feel the floor drop out from under them and be crushed by god knows how much weight. At least if they were sleeping, hopefully they were unaware of their pending doom.

  12. I wanna see 10 seconds before the collapse, they start showing the exact moment it begins to fall

    1. Yeah totally suspect, looks controlled to me. I’ve yet to see footage prior to the collapse, but then again I’ve never seen footage of the jet that flew into the pentagon either…

    2. Me too plus there is a flash in the middle of the whole thing in the frames leading up and in the right a orange flash before it falls. Odd how it just jumps into the fall with no lead in

    3. @Damien B do you have any idea how many random lightning strikes happen off the coast of Florida?

  13. Holy cow that’s like 3/4 of the whole building omg my heart aches for them and their families

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