Watch For Republicans To Use Trump Vote Fraud Lies To Push Vote Suppression Rules | Rachel Maddow 1

Watch For Republicans To Use Trump Vote Fraud Lies To Push Vote Suppression Rules | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Nicolle Wallace discuss how Republicans will react to the growing power of Black Democratic voters, and how the manufactured crisis that Donald Trump created with his vote fraud lies will be used as to justify new vote suppression tactics that serve Republican ends. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Watch For Republicans To Use Trump Vote Fraud Lies To Push Vote Suppression Rules | Rachel Maddow


  1. That’s exactly right! Voter suppression is going to be ramped up. Even though there has been NO VOTER fraud, They’re going to spin it!

    1. @William H And reorganizing the police so they can become the peace makers like they used to be instead of a soldier trying to control hostiles .

    1. purdue has already said he will go to the courts, republicans are sore losers, but the democrats, in future, need to be just as ruthless as republicans

    2. Lololol! I was saying, “They didn’t get the candy/their seat (and that’s when the TANTRUM STARTED coupled with Bullying)! Epic in American History”!

  2. Trump could wear two pubescent boys as “puppets” and supporters would insists his hands were just cold.

  3. Commit sedition, go straight to prison. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $600. Or was it $200? Or was it millions?

    1. @outdoor fun
      You do realize you just called yourself a liberal, right? By your own standards. Because people like you have been running from the facts and the truth for decades.

    1. They don’t want voter suppression, they want clean, legitimate elections with strict laws that only allow citizens the right to vote. This China controlled media is misconstruing the truth and so many Americans are falling for it.

    1. @outdoor fun Right, no American would disagree with you that Democrats are American Patriots.

      But to your point, Trump is beholden to Russia and China, and Trump supporters are communists.

    2. @outdoor fun It must be a very sad life to always be on the wrong side, to discover you’ve been standing against America, to discover you’ve been mislead and you are just now starting to dip your toes into reality and fact. I will pray for you my friend.

    3. @William Springer … yeah, complaining online about it and not voting is better for the country. My eye roll is not strong enough for your comment.

    1. @Harry Trente Tell Georgia that. You don’t know anything about black people why they vote the way they do.

    1. MSL I imagine Trump’s stress level is painfully high, his blood pressure must be through the roof. MORE! MORE!

    1. You’re so right and it’s so tragic. I don’t know how these people managed to be brainwashed. I suspect it began with willing misunderstanding however, it’s standard Cult Operating Procedures and I don’t know how we’ll get them back.

    1. @Cindy Pomerleau Regretably the DNC, et al, are with the repubs. They are more OK with republicans than they are with progressives.

    2. @honora lovall
      Huh. Don’t see it that way. That would be a shame bc the entire country is moving toward progressive…or maybe it’s just me. Anywhoo, got alot better chance to see progressive reforms with the Dems than the Reps any day.
      Stay safe, be well.
      Wear a mask.

    1. @carol 1 It’s simple- things that are “over and done with” directly affect what happens afterwards. McConnell blocked legislation because Harry Reid did the exact same thing for several years against the Republicans. Hundreds of pieces of legislation that just sat on Reid’s desk. It’s called cause and effect. If Democrats actually objected to Reid’s actions then there would have been no McConnell issue. But instead you literally ignored him and you got what you got. See how that works?

    1. What a good idea. That’s the kind of thinking that can _Make America Great Again_ . . . . . . . er, do you mind if I rephrase that?

    2. @Luca YOU LOST, Karen. Do you know how to act like an adult, or is a snowflake crybaby tantrum all you got? Don’t answer, go cry on your mama’s shoulder, you infantile twunt. Click your heels and make a wish, Dorothy. We’re not in Kansas any more. And change your diaper, your stank is peeling the paint. _”Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often, and for the same reason.”_ ~~ Mark Twain

  4. The whole world is watching. Praying for Democracy to survive. God bless the people of Georgia Lots of love from Nepal

    1. Thank you Georgia, Thank you Nepal.

      And my apologies to Nepal, for our
      Stupid president called your country nipples
      Trump is an embarrassment to us.

    2. I do hope now: Justice Matters! Blessings to Georgia, to the New Senate members, to the Nation. Love from Germany.

    3. @GauchoNic Don’t follow your nincompoop of a president He is already on his way to get some of his supporters killed.

    4. Democracy is thriving in many places outside America. Is America truly a democracy when Americans don’t even have a right to fair elections?

  5. God Bless Georgia and the African American voters that came out and made the difference. Much love from Colorado.

  6. If Republicans can’t pursue their agenda through democratic means, they won’t give up their agenda, they’ll give up democracy. Someone else said that.

    1. No, Glori, you just said that. No one else. Stand by it at the gates of Heaven, Glori from NJ!!
      I am an Independent, I believe for Integrity and Truth.
      You are wrong about Republicans.
      What is your Agenda???

    2. @Tessa – Republicans are criminals that corral power by whatever means necessary. That’s why they embraced life long criminal Donald Trump. If you believe in integrity and truth you can NOT support the GOP.

    3. Gloria fron NJ
      Sounds exactly correct. Seems the only good Republican is an Ex-republican.
      The Lincoln Project comes to mind.
      Stay safe, be well.
      Wear a mask.

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