1. RJ didn’t know what was in the envelope is like Benedict Arnold didn’t know the British were coming.

    1. Paul Revere knew the British was coming😂Benedict Arnold handed over U.S. attack plans

  2. These Republican senators are going to have heart attacks running away from reporter’s questions. They all pant like dogs on the run.

    1. I like when the dems run from the gun control questions! those videos are hilarious! whats an AR, define semi automatic, whats a bump stock? errr ahhmmm !? “I want to ban all semi automatics?” All handguns? “NO just semi automatics!”

    2. @john bower well maybe it’s time for you to go where you can use it in Ukrainian setting or join the police force they have been getting out gunned

  3. Ah the old “personal accountability and responsibility” champions come out swinging again with another “I do not recall ” or “I take no accountability” response.

  4. Surprised Ron didn’t pretend to take another fake phone call when Manu was questioning him.

  5. We got handed a briefcase at the airport with a timer, we tried to take it on the plane, Security stopped us, no one died. Therefore, it’s a none issue since the plane was not blown up.

    1. Right, it’s like saying Bob tried to rob a bank but he was stopped by a security guard so he’s not guilty of anything

  6. As a Registered Republican Voter never again speak to me about Republican Values, Family, Law or Parenting as well as supporting any Republican Candidate again as they only care about themselves and their own political views, opinions and careers and anyone to whom they can sell their loyalty to to protect themselves. Republicans have failed to protect and defend those who have elected them into Office.

    1. @Hung Lam 👈. biden draws power from eating ice cream cones. And what is amazing is, he can eat ice cream as fast as he wants and NEVER worries about brain freeze.

  7. What do these senators and representatives hope to gain by denying their involvement in what happened? At the rate things are going, they’ll only make things worse for themselves by denying their involvement and refusing to tell the truth and cooperate.

  8. Whenever I receive a mystery package from an unknown sender, I always hand deliver it to the Vice President of the United States…

    1. Shameful SMH he knows what he said didn’t make any sense with his old grown self.not what i wanted say but close enough.

    2. When in doubt, open it and pull it out. Seems like a good policy to me. Maybe it was Anthrax in that envelope, they weren’t very happen with Howdy Dowdy at that point. Can you imagine watching Pence open it and seeing a white puff come out? T-Bone would have probably blamed it on BLM or Pelosi. Maybe Hugo Chavez.

  9. So let’s get this straight. RJ got an envelope. Says he didn’t know what was in it,. Supposedly didn’t bother to look inside the envelope (could have been anthrax) but was told to bring it to Pence. Just doing his job? Guess we don’t need Fedex. RJ from Wisconsin is willing to deliver the mail.

    1. I hope Ron Johnson is feeling the walls of investigation, justice & prison closing in on him.👍

  10. How could a US Senator use the excuse “I know nothing!” , about something so suspicious in such a sensitive situation? He’s a joke in so many ways. I feel sorry for the voters in Wisconsin who never voted for the guy, NOT for the ones who did.

  11. So basically, “I let interns roll over on me and try to get info to the Vice President that I haven’t vetted.” 🙄

  12. When someone screams “non-story” or “fake news” odds are whatever they’re denying is probably true.

  13. Ron’s Johnson looked very embarrassed to get caught behaving so childishly, trying to walk super fast, to outrun the reporters.

  14. Getting called out for pretending to be on the phone then quietly giving up on the act a few seconds later is hilarious

    1. That was pretty. As was the look on the womans face next to him. Eyebrows up, separate a couple steps to help hide the smile.

  15. All of these Republican “leaders” suddenly coming down with the Sergeant Shultz syndrome – “I know NOTHING! NOTHING!”

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