1. Ok this is making my people look real bad. I understand you’re hurting but shouting won’t solve the problem.

    1. As a white person, I don’t think they make black people look bad, but I certainly understand what you mean because I feel like these hate-mongers in the White House make us other (non-bigoted) white people look bad.

    2. @Curtis Thorn, I said the police department is infested with white supremacists and thats all you got? Your racism is on full display. So according to you ppl that committed misdemeanors should be killed, okay Looney Toon?

    3. Ronnett Norfleet you never see other races publicly talking about their people in that manner. You’re off code sista.

    4. @Say What and if you think saying death to criminals is racist then you’re racist, because not all criminals are black

  2. Way to go Pete! Takes a big person to hold a Town Hall, listen and understand the problem that the people have. Then try to correct problem with a good outcome for everyone!!! Thanks Pete for being calm and cordial and staying above the ignorant screaming fools in the audience! Go Mayor Pete 2020!!!!!!!

    1. Bolby Ballinger I didn’t ask you what would you do if you were South Bends mayor, i asked what did Pete say he will do?
      And Have you read about the questionable white police chief hes appointed after firing the black police chief who was exposing racial issues within his force?

    2. Ok seriously, why are ppl going Pete 2020? I’m not trying to be smug or anything but the guy really lacks a tremendous amount of detail in his policy proposals, which btw are only a few. Plus if Hillary voters are intellectually consistent in this case, he lacks ALOT of the experience that she had.

    3. @Morenito Moreno As I recall that black sheriff was the one who set the black community back.
      He would have had actual evidence that could have led to legitimate change but acquired it illegally.
      As a result it couldn’t be used in a court of law, couldn’t be legally released to the public, and couldn’t be used to change policy. It also set the police force more against the black community which is the opposite of the goal.
      As for what Pete would do.
      What can he do?
      He’s out of there soon and everyone in the police force and D.A knows it. He is no threat to them. So long as the DA investigates these things while being best buddies with the department, something the mayor can’t control, the problem will persist.

    4. Bolby Ballinger

      Petes version of the events is bogus https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/04/19/us/politics/buttigieg-black-police-chief-fired.amp.html


      So nothing he could do for black people uh? Well it only makes sense he has close to no support from the black community, this guy is a joke a platitude spewing machine, no substance, can’t wait for him to drop out and stop wasting people’s time

    5. @Bolby Ballinger city council subpoenaed the release of those tapes and he defied the subpoena to delay it in court even though he didnt even listen to the tapes himself. That’s irresponsible. And you’re just making sad pathetic and lame excuses for him. Do some actual digging 😂

  3. I admire Mayor Buttigieg for staying in South Bend instead of going to the Fish Fry. It shows he cares about local problems and isn’t deserting his constituents.

    1. @Jim P I don’t know how you missed this Jim… Buttplug Pete is HOMOSEXUAL. He’s admitted to this!

  4. I wanted to hear members of the community question members of the local government. Instead, it’s endless CNN reporters enjoying the sounds of their own voices. Why am I not surprised???

    1. tmhwriter : They HAVE the ENTIRE footage, if you, “want,” to follow it, instead of justifying your FAKE OUTRAGE, looking for lame excuses to criticise the News station that YOU CHOSE to come to

    2. ejodoin0704 : Exactly. There’s available footage of the WHOLE Town Hall, on CNN. This is the OTHER video, discussing it, which people ALSO WANT. Why do they COME here, if they don’t like it? Oh, yeah. Because they get PAID TO . . . Smh 👍✌️

    3. @Ash Roskell Wish I got paid. I came here and after reading your comments, lost a few IQ points. Typical; par for the course. Why did I bother….

    4. @Ash Roskell Did you ever watch a grotesquely fat woman eat a piece of cake?
      You don’t want to, but you just can’t stop yourself somehow, but you’re thoroughly disgusted with yourself all the while…..

  5. Every city has the exact same problems with their police force. Mayor Pete is no different than most mayors trying to deal with this type of problem. Kudos for him standing up and talking with these people.

    1. @Ash Roskell Go google it (whites killed by cops)….Its true! In regards to your equally disadvantaged comment, what’s the difference between crime statistics for the two races. SINGLE FAMILY upbringing. Blacks have a higher rate of single parents vs. Whites. Asians have even a lesser than whites (Don’t ever hear about that one) and whose the most successful by percentage (AISANS). Also, did you know that Asian score higher than all other races on test score. Certainly, the family unit plays a huge role, but unfortunately is such a sensitive topic and nobody wants to be honest. If you’re wanting to find real answers to the problems this country has they’re in the statistics and easy to figure out. Democrat Politicians know that yet they continue with the whole identity politics to divide.

    2. Tommy Thompson : And, there are predominantly white areas that do have high crime stats, because they’re poor, don’t have access to education or healthcare, etc. The Asian statistics show the SAME THING, where the income levels have been generationally the same. And, they are NOT targeted, as black people are, so that doesn’t wash. At all. But, it’s always a mistake to use stats for propaganda, son. Especially when you’re talking to a political historian. Someone will always have a better figure than yours (in this case, me) and no one will be convinced of anything. Hearts and minds are where it’s at, with Propaganda, son. Yours are just talking points. You were trained, right?

    3. @Ash Roskell you’re kidding right? No access to health, or education? Are you telling me a poor person can’t get on medicaid? Are you telling me a poor person doesn’t have access to public education, student loans, or grants? What about EBT, or perhaps government subsides for food and housing. What about the Earned income credit? Sorry, even though it’s popular propaganda for the time, the whole “income inequality” narrative is surely been outlived. Here you go….Don Lemon a black man on statistics of children born out of wedlock.  Sorry, only takes a little logic to figure out crime and the correlation between single parent homes NOT income inequality. (NOT Popular point of view for FEMINIST)


      Statistics on crime and single family homes


      So, If African Americans make up the majority of single parent homes, would it not make sense that crimes committed from that group be higher? Would it not make sense that higher crime rates = more interaction with law enforcement? That blows your “TARGETED” theory out the water…SON

    1. @Bobby Hendricks – How would you respond to someone saying,
      “… and he’s a black person that this democrat will never support” or
      “… and she’s a woman that this democrat will never support”?!

    2. @Cory If you don’t like black people, then you are a racist, not just someone who doesn’t like black people. Not liking all gay people is – irrational.

    1. IKR, once they exit their department cameras should automatically switch on, like a sensor triggers it to turn on.

    2. @Touringcarton42 How TF can CNN tamper with body cam footage if they arent the police department and dont own the footage? *Jeez you’re very stupid.*

  6. Pete is doing what no other candidate would ever do. He is allowing himself to be yelled at, cursed, and remaining calm. He is saying, I failed you. You deserve better; let’s make it better. I am in awe of him surrounded by furious people calling him a racist and worse and still not losing it. This is exactly the person we need in the White House.

    1. @Dragonice Lakeoffire The Washington Post, a credible news source, interviewed people in South Bend who know Mayor Pete best, including persons of color, young people, and seniors.
      “How does South Bend feel about ‘Mayor Pete’ for President?”
      When Buttigieg took office in January 2012, the unemployment rate in South Bend and neighboring Mishawaka — the closest region for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the unemployment rate — was 9.6 percent. Today, it’s 3.8 percent. That’s a drop of more than half. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2019/apr/10/pete-buttigieg/did-south-bend-unemployment-fall-half-under-mayor-/

    2. He is not going to do better, or else he would have done it already. He probably knows a whole bunch of his voters are closet racist white trashes and he can’t go 100% social justice or else it will incur the wraith of the white racists.

  7. Screaming at someone and yelling at them no matter what they say is no way it have a constructive conversation.

    1. Outrage is not only understandable, it is called for. Especially in that type of forum. You have to demonstrate rage over injustice before more rational and constructive discussion can occur. Because without publicized outrage, you’ll never even get those in power to pay attention and invite you to a more formal discussion to address the rampant injustice and how to stop it.

    2. Progressive Humanist, yes but rage must give way to outrage and dialogue, rather than just feeding more rage.

    3. Iris Peoples you are insanely ignorant. A few minuscule amount of police shootings are blatantly wrongful. Most are tense situations where ignorant thugs, bred by ignorant people like this, don’t respect authority and make moves and decisions in a millisecond based situation and get shot. Use your heads. You’ve clumped everything into a few instances and now everyone’s being rebellious and more are being killed out of stupidity (even though it’s insanely rare anyway). I see white hicks shot all the time too for making stupid decisions. Very rarely raced based. Use logic and not just screaming nonsense and getting nowhere. But hey, the Dems bred this and now are eating their actions haha

  8. Face the fire Mayor Pete. What does not kill you will only make you stronger. I got your back.

  9. title says “watch heated moment” instead I have to listen to a CNN report for god knows how long… Do you have an actual clip of the town hall? that’s why I clicked. CNN really does suck.

    1. Now you know that this is real life right now this is not a fantasy well anymore because many people are tired of it that repeat ourselves a promise it all this time in the past to the present and what’s going to happen in the future so this is for a wake-up call from everyone voices need to come out the truth

    2. Pete Buttigieg 2020 channel might release a full video. They did so for the confrontations at the march the other day.

    1. Well.. that’s usually how it goes when a substantial part of the audience in this kind of event is Afro-American. And no, this is not meant to be racist, just talking out of a lot of experience.
      Still, my credit goes to mayor Buttigieg. He did very well with this agitated sometime even hostile crowd

    2. @Antonio A. Are you an adult? Do you realize how stereotypes are perceived? What stereotypes are? What was your purpose in commenting?

    3. @Antonio A. When your heart is ripped out, you’re scared for your children, I’m sure you’ll be in a positive state of mind

  10. CNN: Watch this edgy video of heated moments from the town hall meeting!
    [5 minutes of CNN people blabbing]

    1. Not to mention the reporter around 6:10 quotes not what Ford said to NYC, but how the Post interpreted what Ford said.

    1. @reset button No, he’s just a corporate stooge. He won’t do anything for this country. But don’t literally demonize the guy.

    2. There was pressure and demand for the town hall . Mayor Pete was expected to do this and courage was not the deciding factor .

  11. Police have body camera on from the moment they clock in, if they go off….. Suspension with NO PAY, 2ND time terminated problem solved

    1. Privacy reasons like active investigations and toilet breaks would be a problem as well as purchases at stores in lunch break. In addition the department can only have so much storage to keep footage on it’s basically impossible to do on shift 24/7 bodycam monitoring.

    2. @LucyWithAGun actually acquiring server space for storage isnt all that difficult. It can be costly. But I’d rather spend the cost than have lives lost. Yes privacy matters. And THE ONLY time a police cam should be off is when they’re in a bathroom or not on the clock. They’re public servants. Everything they do and say are subject to public scrutiny. So what you’re saying is more of an excuse than anything. We have the means to run our bodycams for every officer for the entirety of their shifts. We arent doing it because this nations law enforcement still despises accountability. And they dont want to change a system that as far as it matters to them. Has worked exactly the way it was designed to work.

  12. These problems are in every city, but I don’t think many candidates running for president will go back home to address the issue.

    1. Yes, but Mayor Pete has been assisting in a police corruption cover-up. He demoted the last Police Chief and fired a City Attorney that was investigating the matter.

    2. @Nathan Mathews just proves age doesn’t matter. A politician is lying garbage in all colors and ages.

  13. Of course, all the other Democratic candidates can escape all of this, because they are not on the ground at all.

  14. Damn it guys, Ms. Cabrera, I am holding you accountable for this poor segment being either handled the way it was/ or the way this clip was uploaded.
    You guys are CNN, I know not CNN International, do a better job.

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